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Great look into the Future
PoisonKeyblade16 September 2007
'Conor McNamara, 2026' shared many parallels to the excellent season 2 episode, 'Julia McNamara'; it's like a 'what if' look into the future, with some surprisingly accurate depictions of what life really could be like twenty years into the future. The young twenty-something person that played Conor McNamara (sorry, I can't be bothered to look up his name) was spectacular, as was all of the makeup and other things that made some of the other cast members look much older. Throughout the episode are random occurrences in the present, such as a hurricane that is separating Sean even further from Julia and an emotional moment between Sean and Matt. The deleted scenes from this episode are simply heartbreaking, including one with Kimber and Matt in which Kimber essentially tells Matt that he's 'boring' in bed. Overall, this episode is incredibly creative and just a fun break from all of the intensity of Season 4.
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andee_oneill25 November 2006
great acting, cracking show, this is one of the best episodes ever. very sentimental and very emotional. will give you a lump in your throat. it has been a while since i have seen a TV show which had an impact like this episode gave me. the projection in to the future, whether real or just fantasy was brilliantly portrayed and entirely believable, i wasted no time doubting the plausibility. the make up perfectly done, the only giggling was at the plausibility not incredulousness. (dr Troy / flavio briatore anyone?) as usual the casting was brilliant the person who played connor mcnamara was an excellent choice. both for his acting ability and appearance. the side story of annie being a failure was a momentary break from the emotion of the main story.
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An unnecessary episode, the storyline doesn't progress. A pause from the real show.
macorlay4 April 2013
I first started watching Nip/Tuck from the beginning on the 17th of March, it's now the 4th of April and I'm coming to the end of season 4. Nip/Tuck is an amazing, smartly written drama that stands out from the crowd from all of its rivals.

The story of season 4 so far has been OK. It hasn't been my favourite season so far but still highly watchable and enjoyable. However this episode for me didn't really make a lot of sense. Reading the other reviews I was confused as whether I had watched the same episode to them. The episode didn't really seem necessary to the storyline and I don't think it gave me a good insight to the future life of Connor.

I understand that the producers may of tried to do something different or to show the reader another side to the future story, but for me it didn't work well.

I love Nip/Tuck and cannot wait to finish it.
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Interesting Look into the Future!
Syl27 November 2006
Joely Richardson had to leave the show for family reasons. Her daughter Daisy was having surgery so she had to be with her in London. Anyway, the show's producer who I think is wonderful because he planned the season to accommodate her. The episode is powerful with Dylan Walsh giving his finest performance yet this season as Sean McNamara. Of course, the season is not finished yet. A few more episodes to go and then we will inherit Dirt for the spring season. Anyway the episode takes place 20 years into the future, Sean and Julia have split up and divorced again. Annie is a complete wreck and brother Matthew is now a surgeon. Christian is in a polygamous marriage but gays and lesbians cannot get married. Liz is nowhere in this episode. I guess she doesn't make it to 2026. The episode has a hurricane named Lenore devastating Florida as Julia takes Conor and Annie to New York to visit Grandma. We have not seen the wonderful Vanessa Redgrave this season. Anyway, the future looks bright literally and bloodless procedures are the norm. Conor grows up to be a beautiful man. It's nice that Marlowe met and married a woman named Sally and they have a son, Zach, who is star baseball player.
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