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clflynn-883-25105716 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
PROS: 1) There's a plot twist I didn't see coming. 2) Lt. Van Buren has a nice scene where she gives Milena Govich's character the stink eye for being overly critical of a woman who is a demanding boss. 3) It's always a hoot when you get to see McCoy wearing mom jeans at the end.

CONS: 1) The plot twist isn't well executed--the writers and relevant actors didn't let themselves have any fun with it. 2) Milena Govich's acting is embarrassingly bad. And there is absolutely zero chemistry between her and Jesse L. Martin, who plays the other detective. This kind of wrecks the police investigation part of the story--I found myself greatly relieved when the district attorney's office took over to handle prosecuting the case.

RECOMMENDATION: If you like the theme of a woman in a position of authority who purports to be a cool- headed pragmatist but turns out to be otherwise, check out Navy Blues from season 8. Netflix has it. It's a much more compelling episode.
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Cornor Office = Glass Ceiling
machieba8 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The police investigate a company who's female CEO is accused of spying on employees. When the whistle-blower is found dead in a company hotel room. An investigation leads the cops to the lead suspect's girlfriend. There is little to no evidence that she actually did it, but Jack uses her Martha Stewart like personality against her to get the conviction.

I thought this episode made Jack look like a prick, there was basically no evidence against the girl, but he thought she was too power hungry to be innocent. He put some guy on the stand that basically said she fired him when his wife had cancer, which had absolutely nothing to do with the case. After that the jury lost any sympathy for her and sent her away for life.
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Pretty woman's pretty woman
bkoganbing27 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
In the cut throat world of big business it gets dirty close to the top. Quite frankly the guy who is shot to death in the corporate apartments of a big company is no real loss to the world, he was blackmailing his female CEO to out her about her lesbian relationship.

Susan Misner is the Martha Stewart type CEO who has learned to play it rough. She even has her offices bugged the way Harry Cohn used to have Columbia Pictures wired for sound in order to catch subversive remarks against his person. It's what leads the police to Misner's arrest.

The woman she's in a relationship with is a high end call girl from Brazil, the kind to die for. Mercedes Renard is one statuesque beauty who if Misner didn't have she might have parlayed her assets into becoming Donald Trump's latest bimbo.

Other reviewers are right. There is no real evidence that Misner was in on the deed. But she trips herself up on the stand and allows Sam Waterston to go in for the kill.

Not the first or the last time juries convicted someone because they didn't like them.
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