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Episode #10.11

Amy's desire to have an intimate night with Sheldon on her birthday is interrupted by Bernadette going into labor.

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The Property Division Collision

Dividing up their possessions becomes an all-out war between Leonard and Sheldon. Stuart asks to live with Howard and Bernadette and tries to supplant Raj's efforts to help with the new baby.


12 Jan. 2012
The Shiny Trinket Maneuver
Penny helps Sheldon work on his relationship with Amy when he trivializes one of her accomplishments. Howard is irked by Bernadette's dislike of children.
19 Jan. 2012
The Recombination Hypothesis
Leonard and Penny contemplate reviving their romantic relationship.
26 Jan. 2012
The Beta Test Initiation
Leonard and Penny develop a system to ensure their dates go smoothly. Raj finally finds a woman he can talk to - the virtual assistant on his mobile phone.
2 Feb. 2012
The Friendship Contraction
Leonard signs out of his roommate agreement, reducing himself and Sheldon to mere acquaintances, while Howard tries to think of a cool astronaut nickname for himself.
9 Feb. 2012
The Vacation Solution
When the university forces Sheldon to use vacation days, he decides to hang out in Amy's lab. Howard becomes upset when he hears Bernadette wants him to sign a prenuptial agreement.
16 Feb. 2012
The Rothman Disintegration
Sheldon battles Kripke for a coveted office at the university. Penny receives a very unusual gift from Amy.
23 Feb. 2012
The Werewolf Transformation
Sheldon wreaks havoc when he tries to get a haircut from his regular barber, who is ill. Howard runs into a few problems with astronaut training.
8 Mar. 2012
The Weekend Vortex
Sheldon has to choose between joining Amy at her aunt's birthday party or playing videogames all weekend with the guys.
29 Mar. 2012
The Transporter Malfunction
Raj gets quite a surprise when he asks his parents to set him up on a date. Penny buys Leonard and Sheldon a pair of Star Trek keepsake collectibles.
5 Apr. 2012
The Hawking Excitation
Sheldon uses any and all means to meet his hero, Dr. Stephen Hawking.
26 Apr. 2012
The Stag Convergence
The guys throw Howard a bachelor party, and some embarrassing details about his life get posted on the Internet.
3 May 2012
The Launch Acceleration
NASA cancel, and later reinstate Howard's mission into space, coinciding with his wedding. Leonard inadvertently jeopardizes his relationship with Penny.
10 May 2012
The Countdown Reflection
As Howard prepares for his mission into space, flashbacks show the recent events leading up to his and Bernadette's wedding.
27 Sep. 2012
The Date Night Variable
Raj crashes Sheldon and Amy's second anniversary and interferes in Leonard and Penny's relationship. Howard gets caught in the middle of an argument between Bernadette and his mother.
4 Oct. 2012
The Decoupling Fluctuation
Penny continues to have doubts about her relationship with Leonard. Meanwhile, Howard becomes the target of practical jokes on the space station.
11 Oct. 2012
The Higgs Boson Observation
When Sheldon hires a female grad student to assist him, a jealous Amy asks Penny to help her spy on them. On the space station, Howard begins behaving erratically.
18 Oct. 2012
The Re-Entry Minimization
Howard is offended when his return from space is met with little fanfare. Penny and Amy take on Sheldon and Leonard during game night.
25 Oct. 2012
The Holographic Excitation
While Raj plans Stuart's Halloween party at the comic book store, Howard annoys the rest of the gang by constantly talking about space, and Penny tries to take more of an interest in Leonard's work.
1 Nov. 2012
The Extract Obliteration
Penny enrolls in a college class and keeps it a secret from Leonard. Sheldon causes conflict with Dr. Stephen Hawking over an online game.
8 Nov. 2012
The Habitation Configuration
Howard makes a decision whether or not to move out of his mother's house, while Sheldon is caught in the middle of an argument between Amy and Wil Wheaton.
15 Nov. 2012
The 43 Peculiarity
Leonard feels threatened after hearing about Penny's study partner at school, while Howard and Raj become determined to find out one of Sheldon's secrets.
29 Nov. 2012
The Parking Spot Escalation
The gang are drawn into a fight between Howard and Sheldon over Sheldon's vacant parking spot at the university.
6 Dec. 2012
The Fish Guts Displacement
Howard tries to bond with Bernadette's father during a fishing trip. When Sheldon is obligated to take care of a sick Amy, she finds ways to take advantage of the situation.
13 Dec. 2012
The Santa Simulation
The girls take Raj out to a nightclub to find him a date. A game of Dungeons and Dragons rekindle old memories of Santa for Sheldon.

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