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Index 17 reviews in total 

14 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

Terrible... absolutely terrible...

Author: arkadi-ka from United States
1 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reasons why this sh1t is retarded: 1.) The zombies are intelligent enough to run a farm for humans, and they can execute planned and organized attacks, but they haven't figured out how to use guns or other weapons.

2.) The slave humans are raised in conditions where they never learn to even speak, yet the zombies were thoughtful enough to provide them with bra and pantie sets from Vicky Secrets.

3.) The human anti-zombie defenses consist of a simple, waist-high gate... but no fence.

4.) The "soldiers" guarding this awesome barrier can't tell the difference between a human and a zombie. Hmm, let's see, he's not rotting or even blood-stained, he's wearing our uniform and is carrying a gun, and he is a well-known soldier among the regiments. I know, let's shoot him in the head!

5.) The city of the "bad" humans who masterminded this whole zombie farm plot is populated by 5 old guys protected by a total of two soldiers (also guarding a gate with no fence). Actually, it was 4 old guys and some bewildered fat dude that looked like he was part of the camera crew, but they needed another extra.

6.) The female "general" is not attractive by any stretch of imagination, which makes their attempts to sex her up all the more painful. Also, what kind of commanding officer constantly hugs her troops?

7... oh forget it, i don't even want to write anymore about this stupid, POS movie. It might be slightly enjoyable if you're high and have company to laugh at it with, and there's nothing else on at 3 am.

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14 out of 23 people found the following review useful:

This movie is a factor of 2000 off.

Author: imdb1 from Amsterdam
7 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie has B-film written all over it. The acting isn't extremely bad, just not too good. I'm still amazed that I kept looking actually, and, believe it or not, that had to do with the plot. I DID want to know what was going on. Spoiler follows: What really breaks this movie however is the ending; the final explanation of why humans support this farm is off by a factor of 2000. Somewhere in the movie they say that about 5 humans were killed for food per day... And judging from the age of those who I saw, they certainly weren't killed before an average of 25. Thus, lets assume that 25 IS the average age, then the farm should contain 45625 humans... Sorry, but I only saw a hand full. It simply makes no sense whatsoever. Also, given that by far most of the population of the Earth are supposed to be zombies, and since they only eat people, there is no reason why this very small farm would ever keep zombies from attacking that "village" in great numbers anyway. The very pillars that this movie is based upon make no sense, and therefore the motivation of the zombies, nor that of the people in the village makes any sense. And where were the children? In a human-farm where people are grown for food, there should have been the same number of people of every age, even MORE of the young ones. But you see no child whatsoever?! Yet another "plot" that is nothing more than an insult to the spectator.

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

a war to get trough this flick

Author: trashgang from Midian
15 December 2011

David A. Prior, I will respond with Sledgehammer from 1983. From there on it's downhill with flicks from prior but still he kept making movies and still sell them. When you are in Germany as a horror geek you will always be attracted to the sleeves of DVD's and Blu Ray's. But Germany also has a speciality to change names from flicks towards more attractive names, this is called Zombie Wars but in Germany it came out as War Of The Living Dead. Admit, nice title, and that's the best thing of this stinker.

The acting isn't really good, as was the script, zombies capturing humans, really. the zombies really are looking cheap. The flick starts pretty well, but after a while you get it, zombies being shot in the head, next zombie being shot in the head, next zombie....and it goes on and on with nothing happening at all. Really, it was a war to get through this.

Gore 2/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5

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7 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

A Good B class Zombie Flick

Author: Blue_Martian from Canada
10 July 2008

As usual I checked this site before watching this movie and from the rating and some of the comments I was pretty skeptical going in. If you check the break down of the votes on this movie a bunch of people actually gave this a 1 star out of 10 which now after watching the movie I can't explain, maybe they've only ever seen the 'Romero' Zombie flicks and compared this to those or something.

Granted, this movie doesn't do itself many favors at the beginning, the acting is really cheesy and strained and there's an early character development scene that's like watching paint dry, and the makeup on the zombies... well it is a B movie.

However, after the first 20 minutes or so this flick really changes, it's like everyone involved in the movie got warmed up and things seems to come together. The acting, directing, editing.. everything but the makeup seemed to go up a few notches and make this movie worth watching.

There's a few holes in the plot, as pointed out in the comments earlier by imdb1 but if you're watching a movie called Zombie Wars you can probably get past those without too much trouble.

All in all if you like Zombie flicks I'd add this one to the list to watch, there's definitely many (much) worse zombie movies out there.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Mediocre, but has a few moments.

Author: Prolox from Canada
10 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A group of survivors/soldiers must enter a farm run by zombies in order to free captive slaves who within a matter of days will become lunch for these ugly dudes. When a soldier is captured himself & kept in a cell, he must mastermind a plan to help get him, the woman he loves & others out, only to find a shocking secret about the camp's real owners. I saw this one under the title of WAR OF THE LIVING DEAD recognizing the producers names on the box art (Ted & David Prior) who seem to have a thing for movies about the military, this one isn't to bad as it regards to coming up with fresh idea's, I liked the fact that the zombies did more than just kill & eat people, but rather were learning about how to operate & conduct certain things, they were smart, fought back if need be. However like most zombie movies this doesn't do to much to hold your interest & falls back on a few old & tiresome cliché's like, how many times do we need to see the old "shot to the head is the only way to stop these zombies" rule? the film also has many slow spots, along with some mediocre to bad acting, most of the action was well done & gore hounds will no doubt be satisfied at the amount of flesh eating that goes on in the movie. As a whole, this movie is far from great, but it isn't terrible & is worth a look for non discriminating zombie fans.

**1/2 stars

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9 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

Anyone who rated this above 3 is obviously cast or crew.

Author: Lex Fulgore (Naturezrevenge) from Canada
16 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Abysmal, awful, terrible garbage from beginning to end.

The acting, the actors, the direction, the wardrobe, the script, the camera work, the dialog, the story, the continuity, suspension of disbelief, the effects...everything about this movie fails. Everything about this "movie" was laughably poor, clumsy, amateurish and a downright stupid, that I'm 100% sure that anyone who rated it above a 3 worked on it. One of the "plants" even told me as much. Not even the "plants" remain loyal to this waste of film.

This "movie" makes Troma films look like Oscar pieces. I've never actually seen a film as bad as this...and I've seen "Death Tunnel." My friend uses his camcorder to make movie shorts and they're more well executed than this.

There was not a single thing I thought to be skilled or well done in this film at all. Everything right down to the core was worst than some of the feeblest first year film school attempts at film making I've seen over the years.

I've seen better acting in teenage "Live action role playing", actually scratch that... It was on par with a teenage "Live action role playing" because that's what it came off as. A bunch of amateurs overacting and making up the story as they went along whilst being directed by a pimply faced virgin who lives in his mother's basement. "Raawr! I'm a zombie!" "Grawr! I'm the HEAD zombie!' "Oh wow you brought stage blood? Awesome!" "Yeah I know right?" On that note, I've seen better makeup at our annual,local zombie walk.

Then there's story. Oh god the story was so abysmal I don't even know where to start! The script in it's entirety was so shockingly stupid, trite and just plain embarrassing from the dialog right down to the characters, that I'm not sure where to start save saying that it was just total garbage and had no merit whatsoever. I've read fanfics written by randy pre-teens that were more cohesive, polished, believable and well crafted. The script was agonizing. Simply every single element of this "film" was so terrible that words escape me.


- Mentally challenged slave women (who managed to find bleach and support garments during their "lives of captivity" as "zombie slaves".) Words cannot express how unfathomably bad the lead love interest "Star" is a she smacks her lips, stares into space, struggles with hard words such as "food" and exudes about as much charisma as a blow up doll.

- "Zombies" in scissor shredded clothes, stage blood and clown makeup... who care about hygiene...and seem to have sex drives.

- Zombies that "attack" by groaning and brushing heroes with outstretched but don't bite even when a heroes flesh is millimeters away from their mouths.

- Zombies that stop "attacking" and stand perfectly still to be shot, even when there are many of them crowding on person with a gun.

- Cages that have bars wide enough that even a fat person could slip between the bars.

- Male actors trying to look macho/pull a Bruce Campbell...but coming off more like gay porn actors fumbling through their dialog before the "action".

- Female roles (beyond the retarded slave women mentioned above) are butchy and resemble the female high school gym teacher some of us had.

- "Survivors" with clean clothes, fussy haircuts and 2 day stubble.

- Sets that a heavy rain fall would destroy

- Headache inducing oversaturated colors

- Dialog so strained and awkward the actors even look embarrassed.

...Oh god make it stop!! The list goes on and on!!

I watched the credits roll after and laughed that it so anyone in my film family wouldn't accidentally hire anyone who worked on this film.

Not even bad enough to be good. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!

Was the above review useful to you?

11 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

among the worst of the zombie sub-genre has to offer

Author: movieman_kev from United States
1 February 2009

50 years after a zombie infiltration a small group of nomadic survivors are still fighting the undead ghouls who've gotten smarter and kidnap nubile young women to feed off of. Two brothers save some girls from the ghouls, and one of the guys falls in love with one of them who he nicknames Star. Trouble ensues when the zombies follow them back to their camp.

It's been awhile since I've seen a David Prior film (1986's Killer Workout) So it was time to put my prejudice of that film aside, perhaps he took a turn for the better within the intervening two decades. I always give people the benefit of the doubt. After watching this movie,he good knew is he did take a turn, the bad news is it's definitely not for the better. This film is amateur hour from start to finish. Grade school special effects, combines with hideously stunted dialog, terrible acting & shoddy camera work. This makes his previous Killer Workout look like a masterpiece by comparison.

My Grade: F

DVD Extra: trailer for this film

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Not even zombie bargain bucket material.

Author: amesmonde from Novelist of The Final Version
31 October 2011

Set fifty years after a zombie epidemic, a group of soldiers learn that intelligent zombies have begun breeding humans for food.

"They just came out of the ground..." Opening with some very bad effects of the earth it looks ambitious and bites off more than it can chew. It's simply a cheese feast. Although it has some heart felt voice over ala Alice Resident Evil narration the production tries to be larger than it is.

It's low budget with awful acting. That said, there is only so much that the actors could have done with the script. If they'd hammed it up more and took more care with the editing and sound it may have it may have come off a whole lot better. Possibly and 80's comedy B-film homage. But its badly edited, awful swipes and transitions, poor sound and distracting piano music. It oddly borrows from The Planet of the Apes and one actor does his whole role as Jack Nicholson for no reason.

To it's credit some of Diana Diaz and Justin Pine's special makeup effects are good.

The effort is there but it's rushed and very slap dash. Not even the array of pretty faces can save Zombie Wars. It sadly does't qualify as bargain bucket material either.

Was the above review useful to you?

Much more entertaining than expected

Author: GL84 from Los Angeles, Ca
30 January 2017

Following a worldwide zombie epidemic, a small band of survivors that fight back against the creatures manage to free a group of women being used as breeding fodder but are taken back to their compound, and learning of their capabilities launch a full-on assault to destroy the zombies.

There was some really good stuff to this one. One of the greatest aspects of this one is the film's incredibly interesting and original story which is insanely clever and actually believable. This is mostly brought about by the concept of the zombie's farm since it's portrayed as not coming from them but are conditioned to accept it, which is a new touch and figures to include some new elements into the film based on its sheer integration. The scenes showing the early workings of the facility are great fun, where the zombies' lives are shown in different levels of interaction and a social order is clearly established. That it's done in the middle of a war is really great as it allows for a spectacular series of scenes that carry on the action from the beginning. The big shootout which takes place in the fields is really good, the big battle at the campground is pretty exciting and manages to get really chaotic in what's going on and a great series of encounters in the woods around the camp as they come up with their rescue plans that makes it all the better. There's also the big scenes at the compound which is where it gets really enjoyable, with the first escape attempt making for a rather enjoyable sequence, while the big assault is a lot of fun mixing in everything from gore to action to a little bit of humor as well. These, mixed with a really nice amount of gore and really nice looking zombies with a ton of scars and facial wounds and even missing or burnt away skin create impressive-looking creatures, make for a highly enjoyable effort. There wasn't a whole lot of stuff wrong with this one. One of the biggest flaws is the films' few storyline instances that don't make a lot of sense. Despite being told that the camp was a rehabilitation effort, nothing is shown of teaching the captives anything, and the only one that has any sort of contact is the one who has a name. When the place is attacked and the captives are taken out for protection, they are said to escape and no one goes after them, despite being told tons of times about the importance of keeping them away from the zombies. Another one is the revelation at the very end about what kind of compound it actually is, which is a missed opportunity and really should've been told earlier. The only other part that becomes much of a flaw is the apparent shying away from using a lot of variety with its gore. Most of the blood tends to come from head- shots of varying degrees of blood-splatter, which isn't all that unique or impressive. Usually, the genre tends to come up with a few inventive gags with each entry, but this one doesn't do that and doesn't tend to give a lot of options. As it also rips off a famous ending from another film with it's ending here being another minor problem, these here are all that's really wrong with the film.

Rated UR/R: Graphic Violence and Language.

Was the above review useful to you?

Cast seems to having fun and that counts for something

Author: McQualude from North Carolina
29 May 2015

Fifty years after the zombie apocalypse, humans exist either in zombie run slave camps or in small bands of militarized, nomadic tribes. Two brothers, Brian & David, rescue a group of attractive women slaves from the zombies but the zombies retaliate and David is captured. As David plans his escape he learns some disturbing secrets behind the zombie camps. Yes, the acting and directing are bad; and yes, the makeup is inconsistent. But I've seen a lot of bad zombie movies and this is far from the worst. Many of the actors are charismatic and are obviously having fun in their roles. The plot has some holes and there are a few silly parts but it does make sense if you pay attention. If you have any tolerance or love for B movies, especially B - Z movies then you could do a lot worse.

Was the above review useful to you?

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