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Heartwrenching drama filled with charming love and witty humor
iva dj14 November 2006
Josh Schwartz is really on to something. Too bad my sources say that the OC got the call about being canceled yesterday.

Summer struggles with her emotions which she avoids and by doing so avoids Seth, creating him pain and many awkward silences. One of the saddest episodes in the history of the OC. Julie and Ryan start dealing with pain. Summer starts facing it. Her father on the other hand is moving to Seatle Grace (sounds familiar? it should Grey's Anatomy). Volchek is finally giving him self up and closing a painful chapter of Misha Barton's presence in one of my favorite shows.

Beware more powerful scenes coming up as Summer tries to return to her old self and Seth visits Brown.

Tune in and WATCH THE OC, you won't regret it.
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The Cold Turkey (#4.3)
ComedyFan201028 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It is time for Thanksgiving. Volchok surrenders and Sandy is his lawyer. Ryan still wants to find him. Sandy brings Ryan to the hotel where Volchok stays and they talk. Kirsten has a dinner at home where Taylor comes out. Julie and Neil break up. Summer comes for thanksgiving but leaves early s she has to deal with losing Marissa.

Wow, Sandy is usually not such a lousy lawyer. Here it seemed like he doesn't want to really be helping Volchok in his case because of personal reasons. And how could he bring that douche Ryan to Volchok's hotel? No responsible person in crime work would ever do it. Disgusting.

And yes, Summer and Julie's "dealing" with it is just as annoying as Ryan, I said it in previous reviews.
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