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Post-"Hello Larry" McLean Stevenson. Enough said.
kpod13 October 2008
American adaptations of British comedies invariably lose something in the cultural translation. So, when the source material was nothing special to begin with, you've got a real loser on your hands.

My recollection of the plot goes like this: you have three co-ed astronauts in for a long-term space mission. The catch is that they agreed to the mission only on the condition that they go unmonitored for several hours every day. Why NASA couldn't just go find some astronauts that didn't have so many privacy hangups I couldn't tell you.

At any rate, given that they're up in space and all and anything could happen, NASA rather sensibly decides to covertly monitor them anyway, but then dopey Col. Booker (McLean Stevenson) spills the beans and outrage ensues. Comedy, alas, does not.
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