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High Levels of Stupidity From "Yeti"
kiawa778 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Hmmm, a sports team is in a plane crash, gets stranded on a snowy mountain, and is faced with the difficult decision to eat the flesh of their dead companions in order to survive. Sound familiar anyone? I refer to "Alive" from 1993. The only major difference here, of course, is that a big, white, drunken scare crow of a Yeti shows up a few times to drag off the dead. I guess humans taste better than yaks.

Stupid: The man in the first scene does not have a reliable firearm when hunting the Yeti, nor does he have a backup.

The plane crash is completely bogus. It would have either exploded in the air, exploded when it hit the ground, or become obliterated. The people would not have survived, but hey, it's sci-fi.

Stupid: They survived, and they are cold. It might be a good idea to harness some of the burning debris nearby so as not to freeze to death. Fire being warm as it is...

WTF: The pilot has frost formed all over his face while he's alive and talking, but oddly enough, no one else does.

Stupid: One of the guys tells the others to look for matches and lighters, but there are scattered parts of the plane ON FIRE all around them.

Stupid: They find coats and hoodies, and yet there in the cold of the Himalayas, they fail to use the hoods!

Stupid: They're staring at a pile of sticks when, I reiterate, there are pieces of the plane ALREADY BURNING.

Stupid: The Himalayas are notorious for its storms. It would be common sense for them to collect the debris in order to reinforce their structure rather than sitting outside bickering. There are a lot of pine trees around, the branches of which make excellent insulation.

WTF: When in doubt, use a dead man's arm as a splint.

WTF: If the one guy knows so much about the hibernation habits of squirrels, bears, and leopards in the Himalayas, then why doesn't he know enough to make shelter and set traps right from the start?

Stupid: When attempting to trap wild animals, mindless conversation in the vicinity of said trap always helps.

WTF: Do you know how hard it would be to cut a frozen corpse with a shard of glass?!

WTF: The group was ready and armed to fight the Yeti while the other two were standing there defenseless. The Yeti ripped out the guy's heart and stomped the girl's head, and the gang did nothing. There's love.

So two Yetis and a convenient avalanche to bury the evidence forever.... or so we think. Mwuhahahaa! The story continues into more idiocy but the most action occurs in the last 15 minutes, as usual. Nice thinking with the javelin and the chain, although this is some ingenuity (with the magically-appearing chain) that they lacked in the beginning of the movie when they couldn't even make fire despite the fact that it was all around them.

As is typical for the Sci-Fi Originals, the loving couple kisses at the end like nothing horrible has just happened to them (not to mention they ate human flesh and haven't brushed their teeth in several days).

The very end, however, is quote lame.
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Rubbish but sort of entertaining rubbish.
Paul Andrews19 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon starts aboard a plane full of American high school teens who are on their way to play a football game in Japan, unfortunately during a fierce thunder storm their plane crashes in the Himalayas. Unlucky really. With some dead & some alive the survivors have to think about themselves & decide to wait it out until help comes. However just when they think their luck couldn't get any worse they soon discover that a huge, hairy Yeti type Abominable Snowman creature wants to kill & eat them all. Trapped, cold, starving & fighting for survival will help reach the stranded teens in time?

Yeah, with a title like Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon it can only mean one thing & that is that someone at the Sci-Fi Channel has made yet another 'Creature Feature' although to give these things a bit of variety the Sci-Fi Channel here in the UK are now dubbing them as a 'Beast Feast'! As if that will make any difference. Directed by Paul Ziller one has to say that Yeti: Curse of the Snow Deamon is a terrible film but a somewhat entertaining one at the same time, sure it's bad but it's sort of fun at times too. The basic premise is alright actually, it's a sort of cross between Alive (1993) with it's plane crash & the survivors having to turn cannibal to survive & the excellent gory killer Bigfoot (another legendary hairy monster) exploitation flick Night of the Demon (1980) which I would defend with my last breath & I have to say it's not exactly a marriage made in heaven but as I said it's fun at times if not exactly gripping or well written. The character's are mostly annoying American teens, there's the expected arguing, there's the macho hero, the strong female & the coward who thinks only of himself so there's no prizes for originality. There are some plot holes too, if a plane load of people crash why only send two rangers on foot to search for them? How are you going to dig a large hole & line it with sharpened sticks in the space of ten minutes? Why did the Yeti not kill that bird at the end? It had killed everyone else up to that point so why not her? The 'there are actually two Yeti's running around' twist isn't used to any effect at all either. At least there's a good pace about the film, it certainly moves along at a fair old pace & I never found myself becoming bored with it. There's some moderately gory action & the film does have some fascination in seeing whether the kids are going to survive or not & if they are going to eat their dead mates or not.

The one thing you can always say about these Sci-Fi Channel 'Creature Features' or 'Beast Feasts' is that the CGI computer effects will be laugh out loud hilarious & so that proves to be the case yet again. The plane crash at the start looks awful & the Yeti when it's CGI looks simply embarrassing jumping all over the place like it's on a pogo stick. There one or two nice gore scenes including a ripped off arm, a squashed head, a ripped out heart, some dead bodies, some blood splatter & the best bit when the Yeti rips a guy in half & beats him with his own ripped-off legs before biting a big chunk out of them. According to the IMDb the actor playing the Yeti took three & a half hours to get into the suit & the make-up which seems like a long time since it's actually a pretty tatty looking creation. Apparently the original title was Raksha: Curse of the Snow Demon with Raksha meaning demon in Tibetan Sanskrit, so now you know.

This has reasonable production values considering the usual Sci-Fi Channel stuff they churn out although the mountain location looks nothing like the harsh, bleak Himalayas & was probably situated near some ski resort somewhere & during a lot of the daytime scenes it actually looks pleasantly warm. The acting isn't that good & I didn't think any of the girls looked that good either which didn't help.

Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon is another terrible Sc-Fi Channel 'Creature Feature' if I am honest that any sane person will not like but if your looking for a bit of horror themed fun then this isn't too bad & there are one or two entertaining moments that make it somewhat watchable even if it's not very good.
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Do the small things better
Ray Humphries1 February 2009
Ah yez, the Sci Fi Channel produces Yeti another abominable movie. I was particularly taken by the scenes immediately following the crash where, as the survivors desperately searched for matches, at least a half dozen fires burned – with no apparent reason – at various points of the wreckage. Fire seemed to be a predominate theme throughout. They searched corpses for lighters and matches, and finally finding a box built a fire every day for, apparently, 12, but no one ever gathered wood. Then when the vegan (hah) burned the bodies, what did she use for an accelerant? I mean these guys were frozen – well maybe not. Despite the apparent low temperature everything the yeti ate, bled. Maybe it's just me, but even in a totally unbelievable tale (none of the survivors had ever heard of a yeti, or an abominable snowman, until the very end), if you take care of the little things the bigger deals become more acceptable. Oh, what did the prologue (1972) have to do with the remainder of the movie? And the revolver, warm enough to hold in his hand, froze up and wouldn't fire. Gimme a break. Well, at least we have Carly Pope, another eminently lovely Canadian lass. And, with little irony, Ed Marinaro as the coach.

Well I might as well add, the rabbit they ate (despite it looking like chicken) is not a rodent, but a lagomorph. Now if it had been a squirrel (or a rat) it would have been a rodent, but it still looked like chicken. And the writers missed a real chance to have someone note "It tastes just like..."
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Imbeciles survive a plane crash to meet up with evil snowmen.
maharkamus8 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Having watched this movie on the SciFi channel, I can only conclude that this film was made by a bunch of amateurs who have never seen a movie in their lives. The film is an endless sequence of bizarre occurrences, or "delights" as the friend reading over my shoulder is telling me. The plot isn't really worth commenting as, but basically a plane carrying football players crashes into Yeti territory. Before the movie is over, we are treated to yetis ripping hearts out, yetis waddling in an effort to run before jumping 50 meters, yetis ripping a man's legs off and beating him with them, a woman killing a rabbit at 30 meters with a javelin, a yeti surviving several bullets and being set on fire with no apparent harm, a yeti dangling off a cliff by holding to a man's shoe, yet then jumps off, and a whole collection of further, bizarre occurrences. Basically, if you aren't staying up on a Saturday for the expressed purpose of watching the worst of SciFi channel original movies, avoid this film like the plague. Or as my friend reading over my shoulder says: "It's the best movie I have ever seen." To which the friend on my right says: "Only battle techno music could have made it better."
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The Sci Fi Channel Gives Us Another Maneater Film
gavin694212 January 2009
A football team is flying over the Himalayan Mountains when their plane crashes in desolate territory. Bodies are searched for food and lighters in order to survive. But the team has bigger problems than the cold: they have landed in the vicinity of the legendary yeti, and he's plenty hungry.

This made-for-TV movie directed by Paul Ziller and written by Rafael Jordan, neither of whom have offered anything noteworthy thus far in their careers. I'm not sure that this will really boost either of their careers, as it, too, is nothing noteworthy. In fact, it's a largely pointless endeavor. Even the cast is pretty much a group of unknowns, with the minor exception of Crystal Lowe, whom you're unlikely to have heard of unless you follow movies closely.

What makes me curious is whether this film is intended to be bad, or is just plain bad. That makes a difference, as I can forgive a film's badness if the intent was self-deprecation. For example, the star quarterback's name is Peyton Elway. Now, I'm not a fan of the NFL -- I don't even know the names of my local team's starting lineup, but I do know who Peyton Manning and John Elway are. So the reference was about as obvious as can be. Please tell me this was intended as a bad joke and not as a poor attempt to be clever.

I have to say the airplane animation was not needed, and the same with the yeti. The airplane looks especially cheesy while crashing, and I felt the point was made adequately from just the interior shots. The yeti, which required an elaborate costume, repeatedly is shown jumping and running as a cartoon. Why? Did the crew have no faith in the costume? If they can show it close up, surely it would look fine at a distance -- I mean, it's not as bad as "Raptor Island", but still.

The one thing this film has going for it, besides a decent survival narrative (which, ironically, is ruined rather than strengthened by the yeti), is a brief limb-beating scene. It's close to the end, so you'll have to sit through plenty of bull first. And, sadly, despite a football team -- with women -- on a plane, no mile high club (see "Snakes on a Plane", or better yet, don't).

Conclusion: The Maneater series has some decent entries ("Croc") and some not-so-decent entries ("Blood Monkey"). This one falls somewhere in the middle. Interesting enough to hold your attention, but not interesting enough to recommend to friends or watch a second time. And since the disc comes with no special features, there's no good reason to spend more time on this one than the 87 minutes of running time.
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We have hunted a rabbit, lets cook a chicken
emphedokles30 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
*** This comment contains spoilers ***

Well, its the only yeti flick i have ever seen.

I give this movie a 6 because it made me laugh so hard.

Normally i do not care to much about that a Fantasy/Horror movie is not realistic in every detail. But Yeti:Curse of the Snow Demon is unrealistic and unlogical in every detail. Do not understand me wrong. This does not make this movie bad, it is what makes this movie entertaining. Because every new scene you will be totally amazed how wrong all that stuff is that the protagonists do to survive. They do not need a yeti. In reality they would be dead after one hour.

I do not know where to start. At the beginning you see a historical scene from 1977 where a bunch of guys try to shoot a yeti. Then the pistol freezes(???) and the yeti eats them. Thats all, there is no more connection to the rest of the movie.

Next scenes are making sure that you know the names of five members of a football player team which travels to japan for a match. Do not care that only two of them look like football players. The rest of them looks like math students.

Then the plane crashes i a total unrealistic way. No wings, no tail, but still able to fly a few miles and land savly. For no special reason its seems important for every one to leave the wind protected rest of the plane. There is no fire or any other danger. Then the guys hanging around directly in front of the plane only dressed with jeans and t-shirts. And yes, they survive that for hours in the middle of the himalaya at -4.0 °F.

The best thing is. Everybody who is injured is doomed to die. Even if only his leg is broken. There is no rescue effort for them and even if the team starts a fire, the injured have to sit in the plain and freeze to death. Again with no special reason. For example the injured pilot gets his scene where he tells where to search for the radio, then everybody leaves without a comment and he is free to die alone :).

Later you will see a burned corpse from the plane crash. Which is a bit mystical because the plane did not burn and every other corps is perfectly unburned.

But the best thing what i have ever seen in movies is the unbelievable rabbit chicken scene. They hunt a rabbit. Then they cook and eat a chicken. I do not know that, but is it a problem to buy a rabbit at an American supermarket if you need one for you're movie?

And there is much, much more. Look forward to a movie with riped of arms used as a splint for a broken leg, fire which burns with wet wood, storms which you can not see (everybody is talking about the storm. There is no storm in the whole movie), cannibalism after two days without food, cutting frozen flesh with a piece of glass, having perfect makeup after a plane crash and five days in the woods, burning freezed corpses to ashes with a stick ... i do not know where to stop. There is no scene which is not totally wrong.

Oh by the way ... the yeti looks a bit more realistic then King Kong (1933). (Yes, it is a guy in a halloween costume)

If you are having fun with watching movies just to laugh about how bad they are, then its the perfect movie for you. I have enjoyed it.
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Enjoyable in spite of itself.
Elswet2 March 2009
First off, I'm not here to dog this movie. I find it totally enjoyable in spite of the poor production quality. The acting herein is about as abominable as the monster stalking them, although the monster itself is quite well done...impressively well done, at that. He actually looks kind of other-worldly, like an alien family on vacation landed in the Himalayas and while dad was out taking a ... attending to nature's call, Spot got loose and they just didn't have time to hunt him down. That, or he's the Caucasian brother of the Wishmaster. I haven't decided which.

Actually, this seems to have been filmed somewhere in snow country, yes, but more likely Canada somewhere than China anywhere. The trees and vistas say Canada to me, and it's okay that the set area never takes on the look or feel of uber-coldness one might expect to find in the Himalayas of China. It's a Sci-Fi Channel movie, so we can forgive the lack of location.

Further, apparently (as we have just established) Sci-Fi directors do not travel often, as they are not aware that commercial planes fly above weather like what is featured herein and the subsequent crash actually would not have happened. But as I said, it's a Sci-Fi Channel movie so we must forgive a few things.

The movie is pretty graphic at times, and rotates between "Alive" about the Donner Party, "Predator" about the alien in the woods, and any bad wushu movie where they fly about on wires. The Yeti apparently can leap about like Spiderman...or Super Mario...remember? "Run faster! Jump higher! Live longer!"

Also, the Yeti has missed his teddy bear. He's searched high and low for it, but cannot seem to make a cadaver work. Poor Yeti! You can't help but feel sorry for it. It has survived and evolved thousands of years only to succumb to severe teddy bear loss. He's missed his bear. Or maybe it wants to mate, but that thought is BANISHED! Do ya hear me? Well, it does seem to be an unmated male. REBANISHED!

And it's superhuman. Well, it's not's super-Yeti! But then again, what's normal-Yeti? I don't know, but he has a definite Michael Meyers quality that is completely unsettling. And he's got this fabulous way of cleaning his fur. FABulous Dahlink! It's spotlessly white at times when it SO shouldn't be. He's fastidiously superhu-...super-Yeti.

All in all? This was a lot of fun to watch, has some great kills and a few honest plot elements. In spite of the horribly gravel-like production style, this is actually quite entertaining. I can't help wondering if they're planning on another one?

It rates a 6.0/10 on the M4TV Scale.

It rates a 4.4/10 on the Movie Scale from...

the Fiend :.
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Mostly for laughs
drystyx8 November 2008
This movie is a sci fi run of the mill script about a Yeti killing humans. Some people crash in the jungle. Two people go to rescue them, and a Yeti tries to kill them.

It doesn't take itself too seriously. The actors all do their jobs very well. There's nothing really wrong with the production itself. The script is very tedious and trite. The characters aren't exactly multi dimensional for the most part, but are better than some of what you're used to seeing in modern science fiction.

For some reason, everyone is real young in the story. So much so, that it detracts from the story, and makes it look more like a farce.

Some of the usual stupid bloody gore to make the nerds laugh, and red necks guffaw. Cute girls, rather attractive cast all around.

Probably nothing you'll remember to speak of the next day. But not overly dull or annoying.
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Himalaya barbecue
unbrokenmetal19 April 2010
Mr Yeti and his ugly brother (at least I hope that's not Mrs Yeti) live in a cave in the Himalayan mountains where recently trees (just like in Canada, coincidentally) started growing, not knowing it is far too high up for them. The Yetis eat the occasional stupid explorer or tourist, but since the last ones came around in 1972, they became really hungry. Fortunately, a plane full of bad TV actors crashes nearby, and they are obviously unable to survive (I mean, they start making a tiny fire to save them from the cold while the flames on the crashed plane's wing are still five feet high, see 0:14:39 PAL runtime).

Well, this monster movie has a few (unintended) funny moments, but gory effects make it unsuitable for a younger audience, while it is altogether too annoying for a mature audience, so at the end of the day, it's a cheap flick nobody really needs to watch.
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Please don't call this rubbish a movie
darkside20032 February 2009
I had the misfortune to watch this rubbish on Sky Cinema Max in a cold winter night. I am not a big fan of horror movies, because most of them are just trash. This one is even worse: it is one of the dumbest pieces of crap i've ever seen in my whole life. Horror movie? Yes, there are horrible things in this: the acting, the script and the special effects - Gosh, i laughed at this ludicrous attempt to make a flick for 90 minutes. Actually, had it been a comic movie i would've given it a 5. Don't you even think about renting this unless you want to mock at the producers.

Vote: 2 out of 10 - didn't vote one because it made me laugh all the time ;-)
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