Deadgirl (2008) Poster


Plot Keywords

asylum high school
zombie love zombie master
girl frontal nudity wound
menage a trois pubic hair
teenage girl revolver
sex with foreign object female pubic hair
shell non person
bush physical resemblance
threesome loss of friend
black dog walking dead
escape attempt zombie attack
torture sex slave
object manipulation mercilessness
sex with the undead lip injury
unusual sex acts spreadeagle
mental asylum sex with object
robotic depravity
zombification biting someone's lip
appearance bondage
sexual abuse freedom of choice
coming of age assault
childhood sweetheart friend
biting lip tire iron
abduction moral dilemma
rape high school friends
filling hole dog
objects moving by themselves immortality
gun wounded
lip wound female nudity
undead rising again teen show
zombie female prisoner
baseball bat teenager
bully sex with a zombie
girl nudity virus
bound and gagged biting a penis
zombie slave castration
wound sex physical appearance
hand chopped off struggle
masturbation with a toy fellatio
onanism biting penis
guard dog penis injury
full frontal nudity zombie sexuality
zombie bite abandoned asylum
plastic bag over one's head dry
partial nudity vaginal sex
bare breasts handgun
right to choose male masturbation
hypocrisy undead
necrophilia sex toy
vegetable living dead
wounds nonperson
bitten 17 year old
hand cut off muff
sex object alternative lifestyle
sex dehumanization
animate object pistol
one word title human anatomy
bullet hole sex with a foreign object
bite oral sex
redhead object moves by itself
abductor female full frontal nudity
confrontation rape victim
guilt female frontal nudity
machete zombie violence
zombie sex undead sexuality
individual rights human form
bitten in the lip unconventional masturbation
object of desire masturbation
teenager blindfold
dead body biting
biting during sex brain dead
piece of meat blow job
title spoken by character

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