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A very real and unique story
Sean Daniel3 February 2011
I am no expert on this genre, but I'd have to say that "From Prada to Nada" is a notch above most of the romantic comedies that are out there This is a witty and realistic romantic comedy waiting for you. I was glad I had a chance to see this film earlier because I'm certain there will be a lot of "naysayers" out there that will dissuade others from seeing it, but to me, this seems like a perfect film for discussion with a circle of good friends.

Unlike other films coming from the genre, this film not only has witty dialog and cleverness without being too sentimental but it takes on the subject of the Hispanic society with just the right touch.

The actors involved, of course, have a lot to do with the making of a good film and overall, the actors are perfect for their roles, each one of them bringing a dose of reality to the screen.

Not everyone is going to get this film but in my opinion, "From Prada to Nada" is a highly enjoyable movie that surprisingly has something for everyone.
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A warm funny movie
buzzbruin29 January 2011
I knew very little about this film I liked the title, and so the wife and I went to see it on a lark. I knew none of the actors nor anything about the director and it added to my pleasure because I saw it open-minded and my opinion was not affected by users or media critics, This was a realistic comedy in the rom-com sense. Unlike the usual Rom-Com Hollywood crap (staring jenniferAniston, this had romance but emphasized relationships and family values.It deals with education ambition and obstacles for bettering their lives, Everyone seemed real and life like. I cared a great deal about all of the people involved and what happens to them. Every actor in it were superb. They felt like real people. It had some gentle humor regarding immigrants coming to America and the main start was when 2 young women had to return to the barrio and learn how it is to be part of the working class. I loved it see it!!
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Romance/drama , like it says is what you'll get
I rarely come on IMDb to review movies but after watching this and seeing the poor ratings for this film, I just had to say something. Like the previous reviewer has said, don't let the ratings fool you, if you know what this film is about and do plan on seeing this then except nothing more than a great watch from beginning to end.

The film takes on the subject of spoiled girls living in wealthy-LA and then losing it all and going to live with their relatives on the less "fortunate" side. The Mexican stereotype is kind of overly used, but you start to see they are just a friendly normal neighborhood.

The actors played their parts wonderfully, my personal favorite Camilla Belle did superb. This film inst recommended for everyone but I know most will love it by the time they reach the credits.
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amusing movie
quiereuna_calle29 December 2011
I enjoyed this movie.It may not have the most amazing acting but I can tell the people in it are having fun. I loved the slices of Mexican/American culture. It is a pretty clean comedy compared to most PG- 13 ones. The expanded rating gives the reasons for the PG-13. It is a unique variation of the Jane Austin movie it is based on. I think the parts in Spanish are much more entertaining if you know Spanish. Although you can still enjoy it even if you do not know Spanish. If you know nothing of LA or some Mexican traditions this is probably not the movie for you. I liked it more for the culture and the moral lessons. I would watch this movie again which is a lot to say since most movies fail to entertain me after one sitting.
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Descent portrayal of Multi-cultural Los Angeles finally hits the screens.
sixto-sicilia29 April 2011
This is a perfect example of excellent multi-cultural writing and production. It was perfectly blended to accurately reflect what a bi-cultural family may look like in the U.S. I should know I come from one.

It was beautifully executed, the cultural aspects and innuendos, such as the string of names when introduced, having a dress made exactly like the one in a magazine........ and the "cleansing" at the hospital, were hilarious and accurate. The latter was executed with grace as to not offend any believer. I just loved it.

Its about time that Hollywood opened up their eyes, to a big part of Los Angeles which is not just the West Side.

Beautifully done, I commend all of you. What was that movie with Jennifer Lopez where she's a maid etc...... too stereotypical with a stereotypical ending. This may have had a Hollywood ending, was it was sooooo realistic in its content. Latin Americans are a fun, hard-working bunch! LOL!
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abieliza6 May 2011
If I could describe this movie in one word, it would be "Beautiful". From Prada To Nada was a beautiful, and modern portrayal of Jane Austen's classic "Sense and Sensibility". I love how the writers molded the story and characters of this English novel into today's modern, Latino culture. It was exceptionally done. My advice is that viewers first associate themselves with Jane Austen's novel, before seeing the Latino version. Doing so will allow the viewer to compare, and appreciate the work of the screenwriters. This movie was touching, funny, charming, sweet, and dramatic all rolled into one.

This movie made me proud to be a Latina.
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Lose the Jane Austen expectations and you'll be fine
SnoopyStyle3 September 2013
Ostensibly a modern retelling of Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility", the sisters Nora Dominguez (Camilla Belle) and Mary Dominguez (Alex Vega) are now rich Latinas who grew up rich and ignorant of their culture. When they lose their father and their fortune, they are forced to live with their poor relatives in East L.A.

Jane Austen doesn't always translate completely to modern times. Marriage just doesn't have the same importance as in Jane's times. The culture has changed in 200 years. But if we take the story without the Austen expectations, it works relatively fine.

However not everything is as fine as others. Mary is a little too privileged and ignorant to be likable for my taste. Alex Vega is playing her too much like a stereotype. And the production value is a little bit limited. With good actors available, they needed a more experienced director. Angel Gracia could only give us a made-for-TV level of style. Overall this rom-com is much richer of a story than most. It is definitely better than most of Lifetime or Hallmark romance.
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Research before watching!
neenahhh26 February 2011
I went into the movie theater knowing nothing about the storyline, the actors and the directors. I should have done some research. This movie is about two wealthy sisters who are left penniless after an unfortunate incident. As it stated, "it's a Latin spin on Jane Austen's 'Sense and Sensibility'". I thought that it didn't work.

This is definitely a different kind of romantic comedy. It didn't have that same formula that makes romcoms work! The relationships/chemistry between the characters could have been improved. I felt like Belle's acting wasn't at all top-notch. She was like cardboard. Alexa Vega did a wonderful job, on the other hand!

As for the plot, I didn't like the Hispanic twist that they shoved into it. I simply didn't care for it. They should have removed that from the movie, but then again, if they did, they'd be left with a crappy and unnecessary remake of Ang Lee's 'Sense and Sensibility'.

Although this movie may have its good parts and may have appeal to a particular sort of audience, I just wasn't enthralled by it. This movie isn't for everyone. It wasn't for me. If you're on the edge, do some research first. But I say save your money and rewatch the original movie or 'When Harry Met Sally' instead.
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Not what I expected
pravenwood22 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the trailer on this movie while watching another movie and made a point to see it. I was disappointed in what could have been a great story line turn out to be cheesy.

Possible Spoiler: There were a handful of points in the movie that I found myself asking, what? For instance, I couldn't figure out why the illegitimate brother was able to live in the house and remodel it as opposed to the bank taking it back for bankruptcy debt. Or, how the youngest could still afford college? Or how the oldest had possibly not finished college but had her pick of jobs as an attorney.

I loved the idea although of it being a film about the Hispanic culture and an inside view of the barrio. There was a sense of community and culture in the film that I loved. I think we need more films by Hispanic producers, writers and actors.
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Better than you'd think it would be
fluffchop13 September 2011
This movie has characters all over it, some with ridiculously short skirts and way too high heels. It has elements of a culture completely unrelated to my country, Australia, yet the peoples emotional connections come through clearly. I've known ethnic groups and come from half Italian one myself, enough to be able to recognise the clarity of the writing with respect to the beliefs and customs of these Mexican people living in LA. I have been to LA but didn't go to East LA apart from some fast food stands in Glendale ;) but the murals and artwork, the street appeal of it all is right there in this movie. It's very real and not just pandering to a pc crowd of wannabe humanitarians, it's the real deal. At the same time it's light hearted enough to be a romantic comedy but deep enough to capture some real human emotion. As I said in my title, it's much better than you'd think it will be. Damn girl that dress is short!
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