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Based loosely and playfully on Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility," From Prada to Nada is a predictable but pleasant comedy.
Angel Gracia, whose career has been in European music videos and commercials, imbues his feature directing debut with a televisionlike crispness and disposability.
The regrettably titled From Prada to Nada has more in common with a slapped-together TV movie than a timeless comedy of manners.
For a film ostensibly about the importance of finding a little spice and flavor in your life, From Prada to Nada is surprisingly bland.
Simply put, From Prada To Nada is "Sense And Sensibility For Dummies."
Sells itself as a traditional Hollywood riches-to-rags comedy -- overdressed brat gets taken down a peg, falls in love with a hunky prole, and learns that love is more important than shoes...So why is Hollywood returning the favor by making such dreadful movies for Latino audiences?
Boxoffice Magazine
From Prada to Nada might appeal to tweens but word of mouth won't be nearly as strong as Austen's parlor gossip.
While this is no "Clueless," to be sure, it's also, thankfully, no "Born in East L.A."
The Hollywood Reporter
Features sitcom-style stock characters and situations, not to mention the sort of ethnic stereotypes to be found in TV ads for fast-food Mexican restaurant chains.
Village Voice
Under all the pretty faces and MTV Latino pop, there's something crassly disingenuous about the movie's blatant demographic pandering (hooray for immigration-panic jokes!) and half-assed condemnation of gluttony.

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