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  • Ever since she watched Sirico's, her family's Baltimore pizzeria, go up in flames, Catarina 'Reena' Hale (Alicia Witt) has wanted to be an arson investigator. Now having completed her training and passed her 'smoke-eaters' (graduation) test, Reena is certified to work side-by-side with her longtime mentor John Minger (Scott Bakula), whom she met during the investigation of her family's restaurant, and is finally realizing her dream...until her boyfriend and soon-to-be fiance Josh Bolton (John Reardon) is killed in a fire. When the same thing happens to her next boyfriend Hugh (Benjamin Ayres), clues point to the fact that both cases were deliberately set and aimed at exacting revenge against her. Now Reena must use her investigative skills to track down the killer before he does the same thing to her new boyfriend, Bowen 'Bo' Goodnight (Matthew Settle).

  • Blue Smoke is a 2005 novel by American romance novelist Nora Roberts. The novel was adapted for the movie by Ronni Kern.

  • Yes. About 20 minutes from the end of the movie, just after Bo and Gib (Eric Keenleyside) are discussing building a pergola onto the restaurant, Reena has a flashback to when she was 11, watching the restaurant burn down. The camera pans across some of the bystanders and rests for a few seconds on a crowd of five people. Roberts can be seen in the middle of the crowd, her red hair making her a standout.

  • Pastorelli (Chris Fassbender) forces Reena at gunpoint to go up to her bedroom, where she finds the floor covered with gasoline, his intent being that they should die together in flames. He orders her to take off her clothes and lie down on the bed, but she refuses, so he slaps her and pushes her down. She struggles against him as he tries to pull off her clothes. Suddenly, she hears Bo calling her name and is able to knock the gun out of Joey's hand. Joey lights a match and tells Reena, 'It will be beautiful,' just as Bo tackles him from behind. Joey drops the match, the gasoline ignites, and Bo's pant legs catch on fire. Reena helps Bo out into the hall and puts out his burning pants with his coat, while Joey screams for Reena to bome back and stay with him in the flames. The final scene takes place later, after the firemen have put out the fire and Bo is being treated for his burns. John tells Reena that Joey was dead before the firemen could reach him and then hands her a notice red-tagging her house as uninhabitable until repairs can be made. Bo suggests that she come live with him, and they kiss while the rest of the family makes pasta in the kitchen.


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