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  • While on a holiday in Las Vegas, Albert is recognized by an old friend, the head of security at a major casino. Although satisfied that Albert isn't scamming the hotel the owner - Joey Maranzano, son of a famous mafia boss - decides to teach Albert a lesson anyway, taking a baseball bat to his hand. The team decide to get their revenge by stealing $5 million on display behind an aquarium in the hotel lobby. Even if they get away with the theft, Maranzano is ruthless and the real question is whether they can get away with their lives.


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  • Can the gang pull off a con in Vegas - and escape the mafia?

    Albert's on holiday in Vegas, trying as hard as possible to keep a low profile in a town built for gamblers. But he hadn't reckoned on Johnny Maranzano - the son of the late mafia boss Frank Maranzano, whose casino Albert has ripped off and been banned from in the past.

    Johnny's the kind of man to hold a grudge, and when he breaks Albert's fingers, Stacie, Danny, Ash and Billy decide to pay a visit to Albert's attackers and seek revenge.

    This time, the gang are dealing with the mafia and they have their own version of justice. Even if the grifters get the money out of the casino and out of Vegas, with the mafia on their tails it's going to be a tough road-trip back to London. If they make it that far...

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