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Moody, un-nerving tale collapses in the final sprint to the end
dbborroughs21 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A recently widowed detective is sucked into the investigation of a series of brutal killings tied to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. As the investigation progresses events seem to be moving things closer to himself.

Graphic murder mystery with a strong supernatural component, is for much of its running time a deeply disturbing film. Its not just that what we witness that is troubling, its that the tone of what we see, the dark pall that hangs over everything is unnerving. Ziyi Zhang's Kristen is an unholy force that will probably bother a good many people. I've seen any number of dark and disturbing films and for a good chunk of this film I was bothered by what I was seeing.

Unfortunately there is a point somewhere in the later part of the film when things stop making sense. For whatever reason its as if the filmmakers didn't know where they were going and instead of trying to work out a suitable ending came up with something that was just sort of there. Honestly I got to the end and had to watch it a couple of times to try and make sense of what I was seeing. I don't think it ever made sense and in the end the spell of the first part of the film was lost.

Worth seeing for the early disturbing part, just be prepared to be disappointed in the end.
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Strong First Half And Then It Drops
gavin694226 March 2013
A recently widowed detective (Dennis Quaid) still grieving over his wife's death discovers a shocking connection between a serial killing spree and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The film starts out strong, with a great atmosphere and some nice gore effects with things like extracted teeth and whatnot. And the film seems to be inspired by "Seven", which is a good thing... and in many ways I feel they captured that film's vibe.

But then, they just started copying it outright (the landlord with the "good tenant", "he pays the rent") and the suspension rig custom-made compared to the strap-on dagger... and the religious themes (four here rather than seven).

And later on still... it turns into a story about a brother's inability to accept his sibling's homosexuality. Why? That is a completely different movie entirely.

I will let viewers fin out on their own what happens in the second half... but be warned that this film has a problem keeping up the intensity, and it is no surprise it went straight to video after major re-shoots and extensive editing.
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Staple horror and thoroughly generic
Danny_G131 August 2009
By-the-numbers gore flick isn't especially bad, but sterile acting and disjointed direction hinder it entirely.

Dennis Quaid (gloriously miscast) is Aidan Breslin, a detective specialising in some teeth identification discipline. He's called to a case whereby teeth alone have been left, and the more the case heats up, he discovers the Horsemen of the Apocalypse are being emulated and murdering victims in 'homage' to them.

The premise is certainly half decent, with a biblical reference always adding spice to horror, such is the visceral underbelly such association can produce. The problem is the production and casting, not to mention plot development.

Horsemen suffers a disjointed structure, with extremely poor characterisation and seam-filled editing causing a stop-start judder to permeate throughout. This isn't helped by the fact that every role is miscast, from the 'doing it for the money' Quaid as troubled Breslin, Ziyi Zhang as troubled Kristen, and Lou Taylor Pucci as troubled Alex.

Every character appears to have personal demons apart from Stingray and Tuck, who both look like actors in the wrong movie.

These foibles aside the horror effects are rather inconsistent - the first body looks plainly like a dummy, and no amount of garish red lighting hides that fact - thereafter they do pick up a bit, but it's a bad start.

And the characterisation, as mentioned, is really poor - the viewer isn't moved to care about anyone, and certain character introductions are clunky and badly handled. The feeble and ineffective acting certainly doesn't aid this.

In summary if you want horror by the numbers with a hint of whodunnit, there are worse than Horsemen. But there are much much better too.
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Doesn't hold a candle to the movies it copied
Maddis13 May 2009
The Horsemen touts itself as another serial killer cat and mouse and admirably attempts to mix in several sub-genres including torture, exotic piercing, plot twists, and even a silence of the lambs (more Primal Fear in execution) style prison exchange. What transpires is unfortunately a lot of set pieces that don't add a lot to the whole. Dennis Quaid has always been fun to watch and has had several noteworthy performances (my fav will always be Savior). Here he struggles to play a hardened detective reminiscent of Al Pacino in Insomnia, his lines are forced, he is simply a poor casting choice for this role. He never reaches believability as the detective, and the dramatic subterfuge of a single dad with 2 kids is laid on so thick, he never sloshes out of the muck long enough to fill either role. The plot is OK, fairly standard shake on a playful serial killer vs cop movie, but the dialog is simply horrible. The lines are terribly cliché' and the actors, while capable, are just waiting for there time to speak, never fully absorbed into the movie. This will likely go to video soon where it may attract an easy to please crowd but ultimately does not hold a candle to any of the movies it copied.

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Warning: Almost contains a spoiler
mr bongo15 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This was one of those "clever" movies that had a twist at the end. The whole point in these films is the twist at the end. The twist in this film was obvious in the extreme but so stupid that you discounted it as being too dumb.

During the second half of this movie the only thought in my head was "please don't let this be the twist, please tell me that writers are more imaginative than that, please don't let me have to watch the second half of this movie only to find it was what I guessed after the first 20 minutes".

The moral message of it all is dumb and a bit tired for anyone who has watched enough American films. You could parody this entire movie and make the moral message play out like an episode of southpark.

You could probably have condensed the whole film into an episode of Steven King's short stories and it would have had a much wider impact.

Awful, just awful
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You're paying attention, now.
Ben Larson22 November 2011
Tell me that the movie is like Se7en and I am interested. Tell me that Ziyi Zhang (Memoirs of a Geisha, House of Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 2046) is in it, and I am interested. Tell me that Dennis Quaid, the actor starring in one of my favorite films, The Big Easy, is starring this one, and I am definitely interested.

A combination like that should mean that I am in for a treat of some kind.

Barry Shabaka Henley is always a welcome addition, and he was no disappointment here.

However, the rest of the film was a big disappointment. It was devoid of any real emotion, and the struggle with the kids just distracted from the quest for the killers. It never came close to Se7en.
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7even goes emo
siderite5 July 2009
What is happening to Dennis Quaid? Seriously now, he is playing the role of the distant father more and more and he plays in worse and worse movies. I like the guy! Cast him in something decent!

As for the movie, it kind of sucked. I mean, the mythos behind the killings was shabby, the police-work ridiculous and, worst of all, I could not relate to ANY of the characters except Dennis Quaid's one... part of the time. And the casting just reveals too much.

Bottom line: if you take Seven, you make it a lot less gruesome, you add cardboard policemen and even cardboard villains, you dumb it down considerably, then you get The Horsemen. Gave it a 6 only for Zhang's efforts on speaking English.
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Jumpin jeepers its a movie
alienworlds18 December 2009
This film was something I had high expectations for during the initial half an hour, it had all the requirements of a good movie-good setting-good actors-good originality somehow... At the end of the film (it has a surprise ending) I found myself annoyed with it, like in lieu of creating what I think would be a believable ending, they hired another director to complete it or something, and that person just took the shortest route to achieve exit speed, leaving the film finished but not finished right. I found the ending ridiculous in fact, as in junk, unworthy of the build up of the rest of the film. Maybe just avoid it, go to the bathroom for a few hours or maybe rearrange a bunch of old clothes. That probably would be time better spent.
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A Nutshell Review: The Horsemen
DICK STEEL1 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I was gearing up for a good serial killer movie given the premise of having the four horsemen of the apocalypse, with the trailer piquing my interest from its fair share of unflinching blood and gore. Sad to say though that the distributors preferred to appeal to a wider audience for this, and some scenes were clearly butchered for its language, conversational content as well as snipping off some of the more gory moments of annihilation. I guess even the horsemen themselves are powerless when up against the censors' scissors, which is the more potent weapon here.

Dennis Quaid plays a pained cop Aidan Breslin, who has recently lost his wife and is growing increasingly distant from his kids Alex (Lou Taylor Pucci) and Sean (Liam James), burying himself in and using work as an emotional crutch, never being there for family because work often calls out for his attention. And as the trailers would have pretty much revealed, the serial killer victims are all tortured with meat hooks of sorts, and he's faced with more than 1 killer who model themselves after the biblical Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Sounds like your average detective movie right? I guess a memorable film from the genre like Se7en will only come once in a blue moon. This film by Jonas Akerlund tries to elicit similar moods devoid of humour and is all seriousness in tone, but its plot turned out to be quite flimsy thin, and those who have experienced enough of the genre, would have guessed the culprit for the last act somewhere by the mid-way point. No, it's not Ziyi Zhang (as she is credited), and despite a major billing in the credits, her character Kristen turned out to be spoiled by the trailer already, coupled with the fact that she doesn't have more than 15 minutes worth of screen time in total.

While this is one of her rare villainous outing with dialogue (back in Rush Hour 2 she was struggling with English), I would have supposed that opposition to her character here as a villain was unfounded, given that they should have been more concerned with her sleepwalking through the role, and could have been replaced by any other lesser actresses since at best it's only a supporting role. Dennis Quaid however shows how he ages well into delivering stellar, lead performances, and makes it believable he's a man constantly struggling with a work-life balance.

Ultimately, the message here is how important parents play in nurturing their children, and should be very much involved in their development, rather than thinking that cash would be a sufficient substitute and settle everything. The film does suggest, and probably had a subplot going for it, something like Japan's suicide pact clubs online, something which I thought could have been given an additional focus instead of leaving it open ended at that, just to show the extent of the "apocalypse" as being delivered by its messengers.

Technically, one aspect which irked me, was how low the cropping turned out to be. I have read that there were constant boom mikes spotted in shots, so it could be a bad by-product of having to address that problem, in addition to ensuring that the printed Chinese subtitles are visible for the audience. So there were a lot of heads cut off at the foreheads during shot-reverse-shot conversational pieces, and various other medium to close up shots, that irritated the hell out of me.

Horsemen had an interesting premise working for it, but alas didn't fulfill its potential in having to drop deeper themes for that frantic pace to the finishing line - which comparing to the run time at, we had 20 minutes shorn off here.
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Dark intrigue plenty of religious elements and grisly killings
ma-cortes12 February 2011
This frightening and suspenseful thriller concerns about an unsettling and bitter cop emotionally affected for the death of his devoted wife by cancer , being trapped into a dark and tenebrous environment . It's a stirring and moving story full of twists and turns ; however being pretty claustrophobic . This exciting picture contains thrills, chills, plot twists, action-filled and lots of gore and guts . The movie centers on a Detective named Aidan Breslin (Dennis Quaid) , an expert on forensic Odontology , as his chief (Chelcie Ross) assigns him to investigate a weird chain of murders that bear a rare marks on trees and surrounding. The ominous killings have a rare phrases as ¨ We are nothing ¨ from Exodus 1,5 and ¨Come and see¨ , as he finds out it proceeds from Book of Revelation of the apostle Saint Joan . Meanwhile , Aidan holds a problematic relationship to his oldest son named Alex ( Lou Taylor Pucci) . Investigating a series of murders of strange violence, he discovers a horrifying link between himself , his dark secrets and the suspects that seem to be based on the Biblical prophecies dealing with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death ; resulting to be the leader a horseman riding a white horse. Breslin is helped by a tough inspector ( Henry Collins Jr) and a forensic expert ( Barry Shabaka).

In the picture there are psychological issues , plot twists, emotion, mystery , spooky sets and a little bit of gore. The movie turns out to be a crossover between the religious intrigue from ¨Crimson rivers : Angel of Apocalypse ¨ , the suspension tortures from ¨The cell¨, investigations means of ¨CSI¨, and ¨Seven¨ thriller. From the beginning of the film until the end the suspense and intrigue is unstopped . The creepy images of wide range from the genuinely eerie to the bizarre along with scary and amazing frames . It's predictable but also its predictability is redeemed for some extraordinary surprises and in part by the charismatic acting from the main protagonists . Acceptable performance by Dennis Quaid as unlucky Inspector who distances from his two sons and good support cast formed by Ziyi Zhang, Patrick Fugit , Peter Stormare , Eric Balfour and Paul Dooley , among others . Thrilling musical score fitting to action and tension by Jan Kaczmarek who formerly won an Academy Award for ¨Finding Neverland ¨. The flick is middlingly directed by Jonas Akerlund , a Videoclip-maker in his first and only picture. The movie obtained a bit of success but failed at the box office. Rating : 5,5 . The motion picture will appeal to religious thriller buffs and dark atmosphere enthusiasts.
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Don't come and see: yet more religious nonsense
bonsai-superstar14 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
7.2 on IMDb? Really? It must be a reaction of Middle America to the recent atheist uprising (books by Hitchens, Dawkins, etc.) that there are so many fantastical movies lately. Not satisfied with comic book heroes (Batman, Iron Man, Spiderman, etc.), or flat-out fantasy (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc.), Hollywood has turned to outright religious propaganda (Knowing, Henry Poole Was Here, Taking Chance etc.). I enjoy watching movies as often as possible, so this trend was readily apparent to me. Unfortunately, it doesn't make for a quality movie experience.

I can only imagine the pitch the writer made to the studios: "It's like Saw/Seven mixed with the Davinci Code!". Except with even worse writing:

Quaid: "He made 4 rigs. We got 2 victims".

Detective who looks like Chuck Berry crossed with Willem Dafoe: "Ah, sh*t, so there's 2 more".

Sherlock Holmes, watch out! That's some fine detective work. How about this:

Quaid to Zhang Ziyi: "Well, I should also tell you that...I'm not very good with children."

Ziyi (who is 30 years old and looks at least 25): "I'm not a child."

You don't say! This is only a sweet taste of the delicious dialogue you can expect from...THE HORSEMEN! Further, the foreshadowing is so heavy you can barely see. I don't want to spoil the grand experience of enjoying this cinema for anyone, but from the opening scenes of Quaid dealing with his emo sons (the older one is admittedly not bad in this movie), ain't no Sixth Sense, let's put it that way.

Not really sure who this is supposed to appeal to: either parents of Columbine-type nutjobs who can be reassured that their poor parenting skills are understandable because they're explained IN THE BIBLE or misunderstood youth who feel neglected by Mommy and Daddy, so it's okay if they act out a Marilyn Manson video. Regardless, it's the viewer who pays the price.

The only revelation this movie provides is this: Hollywood has your money and time yet again!
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The Perfect Mood
JarfGartz15 May 2009
I don't know about you, but when I sit down to watch a horror film, I don't expect to be blown away. My expectation is only to be engaged, kept in suspense, and hopefully scared out of my mind (this last one being of the rarest variety).

This movie lived up to my expectations in all the important ways. My curiosity was jump started in the first scene, and the somber, introspective mood of the story line, spiked with horrific scenarios and sickening plot twists, was exactly what I hoped.

The final twist was too easily guessed, of course, but it didn't take away from the finale - a powerfully emotional scene portrayed very convincingly by Dennis Quaid, who brought his usual energy and charisma to the role.

If you're looking for a quality horror flick or suspense thriller, this one is well worth your while!
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A dark horror thriller with great potential that falls somewhat short.
Paul Andrews7 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Horsemen starts as forensic odontoligist detective Aiden Breslin (Dennis Quaid) is called to a crime scene, an old man walking his dog found a bunch of human teeth on a tray & Breslin is called in to identify who they belonged to. Breslin takes note of the message 'Come and See' written around the crime scene, while investigating the teeth the dead body of a woman is found with the same 'Come and See' message written at the scene. Breslin & his partner Stingray (Clifton Collins Jr.) find a dead woman suspended on hooks from a metal frame having been choked on her own blood. Breslin manages to deduct that whoever is committing the crimes are basing themselves on the biblical Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse & what they stand for in religion. Breslin is convinced more bodies will turn up & when they do the case gets even more complicated with all sorts of revelations, meanings & possible motives behind the killings...

Known elsewhere as Horsemen of the Apocalypse this dark horror thriller was directed by Jonas Åkerlund & had a troubled production with extensive re-shoots, one character had to be recast because the original actor was unavailable & a running time that ended up twenty minutes less than it originally was was reeks of massive changes but having said that & all things considered I quite liked Horsemen. I suppose the closest film I could compare Horsemen to is Se7en (1995) in that it's a thriller about detectives unravelling the mystery surrounding brutal & ritualistic serial killings, while not in the same league as Se7en (but what is?) I liked the story, I liked where the story went & I particularly like the motives behind the bizarre killings even though Horsemen does have it's share of problems & frustrations. There are obviously a few plot-holes that probably stemmed from those extensive re-shoots & some of the initially cool ideas from the script lose credibility if you think about them for a moment. How did the killers move those giant metal suspension frames abut without being seen? What happened to the surveillance camera at the hotel? What happened to the girl in the closet Breslin found? Are we supposed to believe that a teenager can puncture a lung with accuracy that a trained surgeon couldn't? Are we meant to believe that a father hasn't been inside his son's bedroom for over three years? There are other points which are maybe not as well defined or explained or as clear as perhaps they could have been, some of the how's & why's are missing to certain aspects. Having said that I liked the way Horsemen built up, I liked the story & even if the twist ending is a bit abrupt I liked the idea behind it even if I found it impossible to feel for the killer's plight, just because you are wronged in some way doesn't mean you can torture & brutally kill anyone you feel like, does it? At about 90 odd minutes long Horsemen starts off very well with a rich & suspenseful murder mystery but then it tends to focus on Breslin's family life which in the context of the twist ending is important but it slow's things down & I started to lose a bit of interest as the focus moved further & further from the killing's.

The film tries to have a relevant message about society, abuse & neglect in particular I suppose which does come across reasonably well. I did like the way Horsemen looked, it's a very slick & stylish looking film using snow covered locations to good effect. There's some gore here, people are seen hanging by fish hooks, a guy slices himself open with an electric saw, there are a few autopsy scenes & there's a dead unborn baby in one bit.

With a supposed $20,000,000 budget this had a very limited theatrical release before being dumped on home video, filmed in Canada originally while the significant re-shoots were filmed in Chicago. The acting is solid all round, Dennis Quiad is good although he does look a little like Harrison Ford.

Horsemen isn't a perfect film by any mans although I can live with the flaw's since there's also plenty of good aspects here too, at least it's not boring & at least it tries to be different even if it's not entirely successful. There's certain enough here to warrant a look, it's not the greatest serial killer thriller ever but there are a lot worse films out there.
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Idiotic, dull, unoriginal and predictable
Gabriel Teixeira30 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A cheap rip-off of 'Se7en', 'Horsemen' (because '4our' would be too obvious) is about a widowed detective (Dennis Quaid) dealing with a serial killing that apparently has to do with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

It is all in there. The macabre killings in order to make a point, the religious modus operandi, even the 'society is evil, we live in a world of crap' underlying message, are just some of the 'similarities'. The revelation of the killer is different, true, but it is such an obvious and idiotic plot twist that it would be better just to copy 'Se7en' again.

However, unlike its 'source of inspiration', 'Horsemen' is devoid of thrills and boring to no end. Its message is also terrible and poorly thought, like everything in the film. Full of plot holes too:

The killings are done through suspension rigs which nobody saw coming and going between the murder scenes? And the 'explanation' the vendor gives for not caring who it was sold to!? How did Quaid not notice the white room for so long? And how the **** can the killer's plot change anything at all!?

One scene scene stood out to me. About a medical savant, apparently very intelligent 'but' gay boy killing himself in front of his non-supportive, prejudiced brother (after TORTURING him) to prove some kind of point. That was such an stupid thing, it was maybe the very lowest the movie got.

The cast is as terrible as everything else. Dennis Quaid is unbelievable as the grieving detective, and the way he acts (if you call that acting) when with his sons or anyone else is absurd. Ziyi Zhang, a 30 year old who plays an 18 year old girl, is not only unbelievable as a teenage girl (and that was before I found out her real age) but also as a psychopath who tries to come off as a mix between John Doe and Hannibal Lecter; she is laughable. Quaid's son is as bad, and only Clifton Collins Jr. manages to do a decent job but his character is so irrelevant it makes no difference at all.

I was not too surprised when I saw Michael Bay's name as a producer. Anything he touches tend turn into crap; he is almost magical in that sense.
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A really good thriller (except the ending..its still lame)
Chiyonosake231 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
First of all this is my first review here, and my English is a bit limited, so sorry, if this will contain any grammar errors.

I was thinking on creating an account here since a long time, but i was always lazy to do it. But today i watched this movie, and as usually after I saw a movie, i came here to see what others write about this one. (The reason why i check the site after a movie and not before, is that i don't want to be affected by anything, i want to judge all movies by my own taste and opinion) And i almost laughed. It gave me the final push towards registrating, so thanks for that :D Okay first thing first: this movie had Michael "friggin imbecile" Bay's name on its credit list. Considering that it was awesome! other then that it was still more than OK.

1. Yes the ending was pretty predictable. I know it after 10 minutes too. So? Not like they really wanted to hide it. I think it WAS the POINT, to make clear towards us how much that cop neglects his family.

2. Yes its not as deep and good and dark as Se7en...So what? It deals with a whole other kind of problem, just because this has a Bible-based serial killing theme too, does not mean automatically it is intended to outshine Se7en or anything. It just wanted to be a good 1 hour and 25 minutes thrill-ride with a little brains. In my humble opinion it just did that and the message it wanted to deliver is pretty actual too, even if it was delivered to us in better movies and in better ways, but still. Oh and by the way: If you want every thriller to be just as Se7en or every sci-fi to be just like Alien and etc why don't you just watch those movies over and over again? 3. The acting is bad? hmmm i dunno, Zhang Ziyi's character gave me the creeps and still I felt its erotic side too, just as it was intended. Dennis Quaid looked tired and depressed, just as intended, and his son looked like a messed up smarty-pants emo teen, just as intended. You really believed when you sat down to see this movie it will have Oscar-prize winning acting? Well then i have bad news. It didn't have that. But again it was decent, and believable.

4. For those people who think the scene with the gay dude was bashing on gays: You so missed the point of the whole scene... I laughed so hard on your comments that my stomach hurts. It was intended to show us how bad it is when we do not accept someone, how bad is to discriminate, and to what sadness and tragedy it can lead.

5. The ending was corny, old hat, done a million times and it doesn't even fitted the movie as a whole it was so bad i cried out in anger how can someone finish something really promising so lame. The movie is literally a piece of junk from that moment when the cop wakes up in the theater.

I might overrated this, this is actually a strong 6.5 or 6 out of 10 but i wanted to uplift it a bit after so many people underrated it. Sayonara
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Unpleasant and Predictable
Claudio Carvalho13 March 2010
In a cold Washington, the widower Detective Aidan Breslin (Dennis Quaid) is assigned to investigate a case based on his forensic expertise in teeth. Sooner he finds a series of dreadful murders with the victims in suspension rigs based on the Biblical Revelation 6 – Come and See – and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Famine, Pestilence, Death and War with the involvement of abused teenagers. Meanwhile Aidan never has time to spend with his two sons that are still grieving the loss of their mother.

"Horsemen" has a promising beginning in the style of "Se7en". However, the unpleasant and predictable story is quite pointless and has a disappointing and lame conclusion. Dennis Quaid is too old to have young sons and Ziyi Zhang is too old to perform the role of a young woman; therefore, both are miscast. Further, with so many maladjusted teenagers in the world, the insane idea of this movie might be quite dangerous for disturbed youths. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Os Cavaleiros do Apocalipse" ("The Horsemen of the Apocalypse")
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Come and See..uh, make that, Leave and Forget
thesar-214 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I don't want to give any real spoilers (heck, it practically spoils itself) but 'Horsemen' sadly is an unfinished movie, like an exciting auto chase in the middle of a film and without warning the good guy swerves off an unseen cliff and the film's over.

Speaking of spoilers, all the way through this, about four scenes before something happens, I kept thinking, "Oh, he's this" or "He'll discover this" or "The killer is…" Despite the fact I thought the movie was well shot, the locales made the most of the depressing city it portrays and Quaid did an above-average job, as he almost always does, the movie was very flat, (again) predictable and too clichéd.

We have a recently single parent who's putting his job (law enforcement) in front of his two boys. We have a detective that visits an "oh, I'm smarter than you" criminal in jail for clues to his case. We have torture porn. All of these are very familiar stomping grounds.

Unfortunately, when it's revealed (well fully, all the clues are spewed from minute one) why the bad things are happening, it's so off-center and contradictory (There are no four horsemen! There's thousands! And when the four horsemen come…what?)

I think there was a great movie here, if they had finished it. Perhaps another 2-3 rewrites and it would have been more eerie. Basically the movie's about a detective bent on finding a killer or killers in so-called random murders, with clues left behind, before the next person dies! I can barely write that without laughing. Go watch (or re-watch) 'Seven.'

Side note: I'm surprised I didn't get the phrase "Come and See" before Quaid's character did; I've heard it before listening to one of my favorite songs more than a dozen times: Johnny Cash's 'The Man Comes Around.' I first heard that song during the opening credits of the much better movie: 'Dawn of the Dead' (remake.) Yes, I know the original reference, but I haven't read that verse as many times as I had heard the song.
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Nice try
kosmasp16 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is not the first movie to start on a high note and then gradually fall down, as the expectations were set pretty high from that beginning. And it won't be the last. While the premise is nice and the acting is solid (most of the times, especially the ever reliable Dennis Quaid and considering the genre we're watching here), the whole movie is based on a "surprise" that actually isn't one.

Well it shouldn't be one, although some actually really didn't see the ending coming. But apart from that, it feels like painting by the numbers. If this isn't your first thriller (or one of the first), you will be able to point out, what will happen next most of the times. So while this isn't a bad movie, it really isn't great either.
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lazyaceuk7 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I like Dennis Quaid I really do and I know that actors make films with the best intentions an cannot be held responsible for the final product, but his performance in Horsemen was as mixed up as the film.

As the opening credits unwind during the opening reveal of cult carnage the words 'produced by Michel Bay' did make me shudder but I convinced myself all would be well. The Rock was a good film after all. How wrong I was.

I also read after having watched the film that it had endured extensive re-shoots. I did not need telling but was grateful for the confirmation. The thing is, if this was meant to be a better version that the original, then how bad was the original?

The story about a series of murders being committed in a manner which mirrored the Horsemen from the Book of Revelations is convoluted and patchy. Quaid and his side kick Clifton Collins Jnr. wade through the crimes failing to make any clear headway until one of the victims daughters reveals herself to be one of the Horsemen. The daughter is played by Ziyi Zhang who at no point passes for a teenager even though she does her best to do a sucky thumb performance but seriously a 30 year old playing an 18 year old is a stretch especially for a limited actress like Zhang.

The set pieces for each of the murders are quite well staged but the film is so shabbily edited that there is no fixed reference point within the film for the viewer to empathise with or for.

I read that this film debuted straight to DVD in the UK and US. Says it all really. Use your time better and go wash your hair.
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All the Elements Were There, but...
spiderfingers8620 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie had a great trailer, good actors, and a skeleton of a great story idea; however, when thrown together it just doesn't seem to mesh as well, which is unfortunate because the first 40 minutes of this film are top notch. When things start to come together, it becomes less so.

The story revolves around Breslin (Dennis Quaid) brought onto a case due to his forensic dental expertise about a series of murders that eventually involve the four horsemen of the apocalypse in the book of Revelations. Each death being somehow meaningful to each of the horsemen, Breslin slowly but surely puts the pieces together as each one is made known by his or her color and category.

In the film: War is red, Pestilence is black, Death is green, and famine is white (white being the leader). However, if one were to read the scripture, white is supposed to be pestilence and black famine, though there is no reason given nor even necessary why this was switched. What started to bother me was that as each horseman was revealed, they were all relatively the same age (a bunch of 18-20 year old young adults). This made the film implausible, as they were able to assemble together expensive rigs, possess extensive medical knowledge that confounded the forensic coroner with years of training, own several computers and media equipment, and be untraceable to law enforcement. I could have bought it if they had developed it a bit more.

The real flaw for me was that I saw the ending coming. They put way too much time and development into a particular storyline for it not to eventually lead somewhere, and it turns out I was right. That was a bit of a downer. But I loved the acting in the film, kudos to Ziyi Zhang for showing us that she can play a creepy villain, and the rest of the horsemen did their job well. I did feel Quaid was a tad too much and a little goofy with his "bad cop" approach.

The film is enjoyable though not memorable. It has elements of Se7en in it, but it just didn't quite reach it's greatness. Maybe if they had hired the same director.
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Please, make it stop
David Hammond6 September 2009
An earlier reviewer said his friend thought this was the worst movie he'd ever seen. My friend turned to me after watching this on HBO On Demand and said literally the same thing to me. I wish I could give this film less than a '1'. I've seen a lot of Michael Bey productions, and true to form it is a total mess. Dave Callaham should really rethink this screen writing thing. He's no good at it and his sense of story and dialog are an insult to anyone over six years old, make that four years old; I know some six year olds who could put together a better story than this. I'm actually a fan of Dennis Quaid, can't imagine what got him into this project. Maybe he was drugged and forced to do it. And of course none of this would have been possible without the steady hand and crystal vision of Jonas Akerlund, holding the wheel as he sailed this turkey right into the rocks. I guess directing the Madonna and Metallica videos won't qualify you to direct features. I'm so sorry to have wasted 90 minutes on this.
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A Bad Michael Bay Production? Shocking!
MoronUnited25 July 2009
Considering there were very few interesting movies at the video store last night, I decided to go with one that I hadn't heard about, Horsemen A Dennis Quaid film that flew under the radar? Well that seems to be the case considering it had an incredibly small theatrical release and now it appears Lionsgate is just dumping hordes of the movies at video stores in hopes of salvaging the production costs. So I get home and boot up the DVD and begin only to find something so horrific that I almost broke the DVD right then and there. It's a Michael Bay production. Dammit.

I am being honest here when I say that I gave the movie a chance. I didn't automatically assume it would be crap even though it was more than likely, but instead went into it hoping for the best. The movie stars an aging Dennis Quaid who is an Indianapolis homicide detective who falls into a brutal case involving many different homicides all linked by the words "Come and See" written all over the walls surrounding the bodies. Ah, but this is not all as Dennis Quaid is also having problems with his children after a recent family tragedy What a shockingly original twist in a shockingly original plot! Gag me. As a Dennis Quaid fan, it pains me to see him in such an awful role. The script he is given is so clichéd and uninteresting that it is unbelievable this ever made it to production.

Even though Michael Bay only produced Horsemen, his trademark screw-ups can be found slapped across every square inch of the film. The major problem Michael Bay films always has are human characters and emotions. The humans always have the depth and charisma of pieces of cardboard and always act like robots striving for emotional moments instead of real people acting, well, in a real fashion. It's all so fake and ridiculous that it's hard to take anything seriously, this in addition to how the script must have been written by a brain-dead squirrel. But my favorite aspect is the editing, which is simply astounding. There are montage sequences that utilize fading to black in every sequence, and almost all of the other scenes fade to black as well. If they were going for a dramatic and edgy feel, it failed miserably since all it leads to is a headache.

Oh wait, I lied. My favorite part of the film is not the brilliant editing techniques, oh no, it's the incredible plot twists that I hinted at before. There were multiple times in the movie where I literally yelled "PLOT TWIST!" at the screen hoping that if my voice was loud enough, it could fly across the country and kick Michael Bay in the ass. Seriously, the twists were so ridiculous and uninteresting that none of them held and tension or were effective in any way. The ending is about as satisfying as sucking liquid feces through a straw, but I won't spoil it since I'll let viewers take it all in for themselves.

After the film was over, the person I watched the movie with turned to me and stated that it was truly the absolute worst movie he had ever seen in his life. This is the same person I watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with, mind you. Horsemen may not be worse than Transformers 2, but it really is a black hole of entertainment. It's about as much fun to watch as it is to have your poopchute Super-glued shut, and I would be hard pressed to make anybody suffer through this waste of time, let alone have to pay to see it. Michael Bay, can you please start using toilet paper instead of wiping your ass with film reels? It's expensive and it makes humanity cry.
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sergepesic19 July 2010
From time time I bravely attempt to expose myself to contemporary Hollywood drivel. Needless to say, most of the time it is a frustrating and mind-boggling experience. This time it is much more stunning then usual. The script is an exercise in unimaginative stupidity. All of the" creative" energy was spent on coming up with the most gruesome murder, without any connection with reality or even logic. It seems that scripts are written in some board room, where money grabbing idiots decide what the average teenager addicted to video games might possibly enjoy. If you ever read a single book in your life you are out of luck. " Horsemen" will make you seriously consider smashing your TV-screen. Renting this inane garbage could be very expensive.
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Bad Parents Make For A Bad World....
SausagePourVous27 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund debuted some three-four years ago with the movie Spun.It had a great cast(Mickey Rourke,John Leguizamo,Peter Stormare,Brittany Murphy and more),good energy and editing,but it was just posturing.It was completely hollow and lacked any form of real human emotions. The second time around,Åkerlund seems to understand that less is more and with the help of only one big star,the absence of flashy cinematography and a script that might be a bit predictable,but in the end is very unsettling and disturbing,he has created a horror thriller that(though in the serial killer genre its pretty impossible to avoid All cliché's.)chocks,chills and very much stands on its own two feet.The Horsemen is no masterpiece,though.Its just 90 minutes intense,brutal and honest entertaining.

The story evolves around detective Aidan Breslin(For once Dennis Quaid is not on auto-pilot and delivers a solid performance.He also looks 12 years younger than in Vantage Point.Can someone say Plastic Surgery...?),who ever since his wife's death has been consumed by his job and doesn't spend much quality time with his two sons,Alex and Sean.(ALL mentioned happens in the first 25 minutes,really not spoiling so much.)One day he gets called to a crime scene where he sees the words "Come And See" written in white paint on four trees and in the middle there's a plate with human teeth.Teeth thats been pulled out while the victim was still alive and conscious.

Soon enough,Breslin and his partner Stingray(Clifton Collins Jr. from Traffic looking bored out of his mind.And what's with that seventies porn mustache on his lip?You kidding me?)arrive to the scene of what seems to been an unusual sadistic and organized ritual murder.The victim was a mother of two biological children and one adopted daughter named Kristen(cute 30-year old Ziyi Zhang from "Crouching tiger..."who looks 18 tops.And it's disturbing that a girl adopted by American parents talks like Kim Jong-Il from Team America.Herro,Arec Bardwin...).During a walk with Breslin,Kristen reveals a horrible secret that is presented in such a way,that it really gets the hearts pumping,both the audiences and Breslins.Soon,by cheer coincidence,he finds out that the brutal murder just was the first of many.The unidentified suspects have studied the Bible a little too hard and see themselves as The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse;War,Pestilence,Famin and Death.So it looks like it's one down and three to go.But whom?And from the viewers point of view more intriguing;Why....? When we learn that Kristens father(Peter Stormare,he's unfortunately just in two scenes)have molested her for years,things get really interesting....

In many ways The Horsemen is a standard(Bloodier,better and with a darker tone,yes,but still kinda)serial killer thriller.And please... don't ask yourself how a guy can put meat hooks in his arms and back and string himself up 20 feet high in the air...I don't know man,it's a movie! But its when the movie is over and you take a breather and you think about what you just saw....That's when you realize this film wasn't so much about the physical torment and pain we humans cause each other(in this movie it's a lot!),as much as it tells us what can happen when we get mentally damaged.When we get abandoned.When we get manipulated,get misunderstood,get lost.And no one cares or takes time to see the desperate and obvious cry for help and attention.That's how i interpreted it,I could be wrong(that's a joke,I'm never wrong).

In The end,The Horsemen isn't that complicated.It makes it's point very clear and very effective,much thanks to Åkerlunds uncomplicated and unsettling storytelling.Collins Jr.'s acting however,for some reason brings The Bold And The Beautiful to mind.but the rest of the cast does a really good job(Young"thumb-sucker"Lou Taylor Pucci is going places...)so you almost(only almost)forget his dead,soulless eyes and blank expression. So yeah,I recommend this one strongly.That is if you, I'm not gonna compare it to 7even or anything.Like i said,it stands on it's own two feet just fine. I give it 7.7/10
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Goes offtrack in the later half, and the villain pretty much admits it too
Lawson27 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The Horsemen didn't get a wide release in the US despite having one here. I figured out the reason halfway into the movie: Zhang Ziyi ("Ziyi Zhang" just looks stupid). Despite having second billing, she actually doesn't have all that much screen time. While she does give a good performance, her casting seemed predominantly for wide-releasing the movie in Asia, and I have to admit I was curious enough that she was part of the reason I wanted to watch the movie.

The story's quite engrossing to start. Movies based on Biblical references seem to be all the rage this year. The problem is that the parallel to the Four Horsemen kinda goes offtrack later into the movie, and the villain pretty much admits it too. It then becomes nothing more than an ordinary thriller. The twist isn't all that twisty either, and there are a couple of loopholes to be found.

But I still enjoyed the movie, if only for the performances. Dennis Quaid always provides solid gravitas, and Zhang Ziyi does a good psycho as usual.
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