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16 Jan. 2012
Operation: Antarctica
Private's big heart overcomes his instinct to flee as he helps a stranded young leopard seal get from New York back to her home in Antarctica. The rest of the team (plus stowaway King Julien) follow in their submarine to make sure the young seal and Private make it in one piece. Problem is, they should have been looking out for themselves - they end up on the menu at the leopard seal village!
16 Jan. 2012
The Big Move/Endangerous Species
The penguins notice it's been quiet at night.The rest of the animals have been sneaking out to spend time partying in the park! The plan to sneak out then return by morning to avoid getting caught by Alice is put in jeopardy when they run into a traffic jam in the tunnel.The penguins make a new friend in Dode the dodo bird, who they clone back into existence after a pesky bout of extinction. Having grown up with no natural enemies, Dode has no fear and it leads him to daredevilish behavior.
11 Feb. 2012
Loathe at First Sight/The Trouble with Jiggles
Kowalski's obsession with Doris the dolphin drives him to invent a love ray. It works like a charm until Alice falls for a trashcan, Julien falls for Mort, and Skipper orders the ray to be put in reverse. Private gets hit by the reverse ray and instantly loathes Kowalski. Told as a courtroom flashback, Kowalski unwisely revives Jiggles in a small, whipped cream-eating version. The little green cubes multiply on impact, however, and are soon threatening to cover the surface of the earth.
31 Mar. 2012
Alienated/The Most Dangerous Game Night
Marlene plans a game night to help the zoo animals bond but it takes a terrible turn when the snacks run out.
16 Apr. 2012
Feline Fervor
Thanks to am impromptu bouncy game, Julian is launched onto a city bus that drops him off downtown. He is snatched from the street by Gladys who believes he is a stray cat and taken home to live with her other 'cats'.
17 Apr. 2012
King Me
Kowalski uses an invention to switch King Julian's mind with Rico in order to win a contest.
18 Apr. 2012
The Otter Woman
Marlene's fur is bleached when Alice over-chlorinates the otter habitat.
19 Apr. 2012
Action Reaction
Skipper is doused with Inflatium and stress causes him to blow up like a balloon.
20 Apr. 2012
Thumb Drive
After realizing that Maurice's thumbs could prove to be very useful, the penguins recruit him into their team.
22 Apr. 2012
Operation: Big Blue Marble
The penguins are faced with a global battle when their food-making machine belches out a toxic cloud that threatens not just the zoo, not just the city, but the Earth itself!
6 May 2012
Hair Apparent/Love Takes Flightless
The Commissioner's toupee blows off and sticks to Maurice. Julien and Mort chase him, intent on beating the monster stuck to his head. The baboon ladies take Maurice in because they mistakenly think he's a male baboon.Shelly the ostrich gets stuck in cement and Rico can save her. Shelly falls for him hard as a result Rico's heart forever belongs to his doll. Shelly swipes the doll and tries hard to win his heart, but Rico doesn't budge and his doll is accidently hauled off in a truck.
13 May 2012
Smotherly Love/Littlefoot
Marlene wants to see a concert, but she becomes a monster every time she leaves the zoo! A maternal possum moves in with the penguins and smothers them with love.
20 May 2012
Antics on Ice/Showdown on Fairway 18
The other penguins agree to take Private to see "Lunacorns on Ice" to cheer him up. A putter is at the center of controversy when the Amarillo Kid returns to the zoo.
27 May 2012
Street Smarts/Nighty Night Ninja
Watching too many ninja movies has brainwashed Leonard the koala. During the day, as he sleeps, he terrorizes everyone by sleepfighting. Private is left to babysit four adorable ducklings as the rest of the gang tries to crash a monster truck rally.
3 Jun. 2012
A Kipper for Skipper/High Moltage
Skipper agrees gives a day off from training to the first penguin brings him a kipper. The penguins are determined to make opening day a blockbuster movie! The penguins need his powers to knock Alice out.
10 Jun. 2012
Nuts to You/Terror on Madagascar
Fred stumbles onto a jackpot oak tree which is loaded with acorns. Fred and Julien enter a partnership looking for ways to spend on the good life. The Red Squirrel has designs on the loot though and captures the hapless twosome in order to squeeze the acorns out of them. A special delivery has come from Madagascar. A baby Fossa! Everyone is enchanted by the little tyke except King Julien, who sees him as a lemur-devouring predator, and he has the toothmarks on his butt to prove it!
17 Jun. 2012
Mental Hen/Siege the Day
Watching too many ninja movies has brainwashed Leonard the koala. During the day, as he sleeps, he terrorizes everyone by sleepfighting (as opposed to sleepwalking).Private is left to babysit four adorable ducklings as the rest of the gang tries to crash a monster truck rally (unsuccessfully). The ducklings are a rowdy bunch and throw a party, inadvertently attracting party-crashing rats and wasps who attack the party food.
10 Nov. 2012
Marble Jar Head/Good Night and Good Chuck
How in the world is Rico supposed to behave well when King Julien has kidnapped his doll, Miss Perky, with the intention of marrying her?
29 Jul. 2012
P.E.L.T./Private and the Winky Factory
King Julien's archrival, Clemson, returns in another attempt to claim the lemur crown. This time the sneaky lemur has a document that "proves" King Julien is not the legitimate king because he wasn't born in Madagascar.
3 Nov. 2012
Tunnel of Love/Skipper Makes Perfect
When a massive sneeze from Rico causes the underground tunnel system beneath the zoo to rupture, Skipper calls in 4 cute beavers to fix the situation. Ever have one of those rare days when everything you do goes just right? Skipper's having one of those perfect days, and he decides to use the opportunity to settle an old score - he plans to break into the Danish embassy and clear out the disparaging file they have on him.
1 Dec. 2012
Operation: Swap-anzee
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