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15 Jan. 2011
Whispers and Coups/Brush with Danger!
Julien believes Maurice is plotting an overthrow and the penguins send him through basic training. Burt the elephant discovers a love for painting, and he's remarkably talented.
12 Feb. 2011
The Officer X Factor/Love Hurts
The penguins have a plan to beat the heat, but they'll need Alice out of the way. Private is smitten with the zoo nurse, but the only way he can see her is to get injured.
26 Feb. 2011
Brain Drain/Right Hand Man
The lemur habitat gets a new resident, Clemson, and Julien loves to order him around. Kowalski's attempt to super-charge his brain backfires and now he's dumber than mud.
19 Mar. 2011
Danger Wears a Cape/Operation: Break-Speare
Private finds a stack of comic books and ignores Skipper's request to destroy them. Shakespeare in the park has inspired Private as he struts around quoting from the Bard's works.
19 Mar. 2011
Rat Fink/Kanga Management
The penguins accidentally blow up the koala habitat wall, so Leonard has to bunk up with Joey. A simple plan to have Mort spy on the rats ends up with Julien and Skipper captured.
26 Mar. 2011
King Julien for a Day/Maurice at Peace
King Julien For A Day - Skipper swaps places with King Julien for a day, and things at the zoo fall into disarray. Maurice at Peace - A fax with horrible news arrives at the Zoo: Maurice has only 24 hours left to live. So all the animals decide to make his last day unforgettable and treat him as a king. Even King Julien . How will this day turn out eventually?
2 Apr. 2011
When Private's cuteness factor tests off the charts, the penguins use it to their advantage. King Julien and Skipper switch places for a day, troubling everyone involved.
13 Jun. 2011
Operation: Neighbor Swap
The penguins have had enough of the crazy lemurs! They hack into the zoo habitat schematic and successfully transfer the lemurs to the zoo. Finally, peace is achieved. When Roger replaces the lemurs they begin to realize the lemurs weren't so bad.The penguins journey to the bottom of the Atlantic for 100 year-old preserved herring. Skipper, Private and Kowalski chow down on the feast before Rico claims his share. Rico learns he's dodged a bullet when the others contract a food born illness.
14 Jun. 2011
All Tied Up with a Boa
An accidental zap from the Fresherizer ray turns Skipper into a baby. The gun tumbles into the sewer, and Kowalski, Rico, and Private leave baby Skipper in Julien's care. They are captured by the Rat King, and baby Skipper must escape in order to help them.The zoo animals are in a panic when word reaches them that the boa constrictor has escaped from the Zoo and is heading to them. They do their best to set up a perimeter, but the snake breaks through and captures them all except Julien.
15 Jun. 2011
Rock-a-Bye Birdie
Kowalski's invention turns Skipper into a baby, so the penguins must find a way to change him back. The animals panic when a boa constrictor escapes from the zoo.
16 Jun. 2011
Herring Impaired
Annoyed by the lemurs' constant music, the penguins plan to get them moved to another part of the zoo. The penguins journey to the bottom of the Atlantic for preserved herring.
17 Jun. 2011
A Visit from Uncle Nigel
Private's quirky Uncle Nigel pops in for a quick visit from across the pond. The boys intercept a fax with catastrophic news -- Maurice has only 24 hours to live!
20 Aug. 2011
The Hoboken Surprise
After a sailing trip to the Massachusetts coast goes wrong, the penguins wind up at the Hoboken Zoo, which turns out to be a perfectly pristine paradise...or is it?
9 Sep. 2011
The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole
Dr. Blowhole, uber nemesis of the Penguins, returns to New York with a plan so diabolical it plays like a symphony of evil.
24 Sep. 2011
Pets Peeved/Byte-Sized
The Vesuvius twins adopt Skipper and Julien, then force them to fight each other. Kowalski invents a group of tiny robots, which he says will protect the penguins from harm.
8 Oct. 2011
Operation: Good Deed/When the Chips are Down
The penguins are inspired after witnessing a good deed executed by a zoo patron. So they set out to perform their own good deeds -- penguin's style. Mort struggles to liberate Cheezy Bitz from a zoo vending machine so Private stops to help. But when Mort's tail gets hooked onto a dispensing coil, he and Private are sucked into the machine. Each attempt to escape drastically fails. Their only hope for freedom is to be rescued.
10 Oct. 2011
Time Out/Our Man in Grrfurjiclestan
Kowalski's invention that stops time falls into the worst hands possible. King Julien's. The lemur breaks it trapping the two in a world frozen in time. Instead of being a disaster they realize they can do everything their hearts desire.Agent Buck Rockgut makes a triumphant return. While hunting the Red Squirrel across the globe, bird contacts the penguins with a warning that the squirrel has a brainwashed sleeper agent among them. They battle each other to a standstill to uncover the agent.
10 Oct. 2011
Gut Instinct/I Know Why the Caged Bird Goes Insane
The zoosters think Julien has caused Gladys to slip, cutting off treats she brings them. The rush to judgment condemns the lemur to a swat from the Rump Whomper. Skipper insists Julien is innocent.Kowalski's dream of attending the invention expo have to be put on hold when he's laid up with broken legs. Skipper and the gang go in his place to bring him a full report. The bird goes stir crazy locked away in the hospital, however, and hallucinates that a dangerous Space Squid is invading!
26 Nov. 2011
Arch-Enemy/The Big S.T.A.N.K.
Private has an enemy in the form of Dale the snail. It's because Private smashed the little guy, and keeps smashing him accidentally. Even a public apology ends with Dale getting crushed.Julien becomes enamored of a toilet the penguins have built. He wants to use it as his new throne, only the toilet is actually a stink bomb the penguins built to trap Dr. Blowhole. Julien accidently gets trapped, bound tightly to the bomb, so the penguins must try to stop it from detonating.

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