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The Hollywood Reporter
U2 3D takes the well-traveled concert film to exhilarating new heights.
Its dazzling blend of rock magic and 3-D technology just may be ushering in a whole new kind of musical theater.
Not merely a technical landmark -- shot entirely in digital 3D -- but also an aesthetic one, in that it’s the first Imax movie that deserves to be called a work of art.
Baltimore Sun
As the film opens with, predictably, "Vertigo" and its "Hello, Hello" refrain, it's his steady presence and unforced charisma that anchors each performance, allowing Bono to emote for all he's worth.
New York Post
The movie all but proclaims U2 the world's best rock band. Somewhere, Mick Jagger's jaws are grinding.
The title says it all. Compact and exuberant, U2 3D may be no more than a pint-sized concert film with a lustrous surface, but the lensing is so vibrant and the music so buoyant, even nonfans may find their eyes popping and their heads bobbing.
In many ways, watching the movie is BETTER than concertgoing. We can enjoy that buzzy feeling of community without the fist-pumping biker obscuring our view.
You have never seen a concert film like U2 3D, and it may change your expectations for the rest of your rocking years.
Chicago Tribune
The neatest effects in U2 3D are simple ones. The wow/coolness of watching a revered superstar tilt his mic stand toward the camera creates a simple but irresistible feeling of being there in the flesh, with a phalanx of expensive digital 3-D cameras.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The details are astounding. During "Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own," the camera is in so tight that you can see Bono's hand tremble around the mike as he belts out a long, sustained note.

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