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as the first viewer to leave a comment, let me say: skip this movie!
FieCrier20 October 2008
I missed the significance of the title, is it mange or mangia or something else?

Well, anyway the movie is pretty poor. One group of friends hits a guy with a car and prematurely decides he's dead and that they'll hide him in the woods: horror cliché. The other group is already at their destination, a house in the woods I think a pair of them wanted to turn into a bed and breakfast? There's a book, "Liber les Mortes" in the attic, which they translate as "raising the dead." Eventually, the friends start getting picked off one by one by a guy with a machete. For them, the question is whether the guy they thought they killed is killing them, or if it's someone else. For the viewer, the question is why we rented this crap.
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