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Season 1

14 May 1972
The School Room
A teacher is about to retire,very popular with pupils but there is an exception.
21 May 1972
Glad to Be of Help
An MP, skilled in solving problems, finds his expertise begins to fail in the face of a routine interview that slowly turns into a meeting of mounting menace.
4 Jun. 1972
Have a Nice Time at the Zoo, Darling
A man has been watching attractive, thirteen-year-old Ruth. When they meet face-to-face, heart-rending mistakes of the past are revealed - but what of the future?
11 Jun. 1972
The Minder
A daring jailbreak is planned - but does Bender mastermind the escape of his boss out of loyalty, or a more sinister motive?
14 Jul. 1972
The Night of the Stag
Caroline receives a phone call from her lover, Mike, telling her that it is over between them. He is calling from the pub where he is celebrating his stag night. Caroline convinces Mike that they should spend one more night together before his wedding the next morning.
21 Jul. 1972
Old Comrades
A retired army Sergeant receives an unexpected visit from two of his former unit members who seem to have some unfinished business with him.
28 Jul. 1972
The Manipulators
A lecture on Pavlov's Dogs. A room full of women being computer-tested for their typing skills. Two blokes, in a flat above a butchers' shop have been watching the young couple in the flat opposite, and their baby, taping their conversations. The couple's nerves are frayed. "They're getting close to breaking point" says one watcher. "Thanks to you" replies the other, more experienced watcher. As they continue to interfere, something terrible happens. One watcher wants to put a stop to it. His superior feels otherwise. But who, exactly is the manipulator and who is the...
4 Aug. 1972
The Disappearing Man
A tired and worried man fails to see his reflection in a train window. He comes to the conclusion that he is being ignored in life because he is disappearing from the world.
11 Aug. 1972
Firing Squad
A shady security operation exists in London where the proprietor has strict morals.
25 Aug. 1972
Miss Mouse
A hen-pecked husband brings his marriage to a life-changing conclusion one evening after a night out with his wife. Meanwhile their neighbour, Miss Mouse, hears everything via the intercom she uses for babysitting their child.
1 Sep. 1972
The Treat
It was meant to be a great day out for three veterans and the male nurse. But their uneasy friendship soon became savage enmity.
8 Sep. 1972
Bed and Breakfast
The Ashworths arrive at Cartwright's remote country house and place a board outside indicating the place is a hotel. They then demand that Cartwright gives them rooms for the night.
23 Sep. 1972
You Remind Me of Someone
A lorry driver starts to become uneasy about the conversation he is having with his hitch hiker companion Norris and decides it's time for him to leave ..

 Season 1 

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