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Season 6

21 Aug. 2013
Second Nature: The Biomimicry Evolution
Second Nature: The Biomimicry Evolution explores biomimicry (from bios, meaning life, and mimesis, meaning to imitate), a new discipline that studies nature's best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve industrial problems. Set in the wilds of South Africa, the film follows biologist, author, and Time magazine Hero of the Environment Janine Benyus and her team as they illustrate how organisms in the natural world can teach us how to be more efficient and sustainable in our designs and processes. Nature provides the models: solar cells copied from...
28 Aug. 2013
Truck Farm
Using green roof technology and heirloom seeds, filmmaker Ian Cheney plants a vegetable garden on the only land he's got in the heart of New York City: his Granddad's old pickup.
4 Sep. 2013
Brower Youth Awards 2012
Who's responsible for creative green victories such as saving over 89,000 gallons of water, campaigning for food justice and educating thousands of students about sustainability? Six young people under age 23.
11 Sep. 2013
Hope in a Changing Climate
This film demonstrates how to rehabilitate large-scale damaged ecosystems, to fundamentally improve the lives of people who have been trapped in poverty for generations and to sequester carbon naturally.
18 Sep. 2013
Anna, Emma and the Condors
A portrait of a family living an intentional life - working together to save and reintroduce the Californian condors back into the wild.
25 Sep. 2013
Dying Green
Living green is something many of us strive for in today's world, but did you know that you can die green as well?
2 Oct. 2013
It's not just Old MacDonald on the farm anymore. All across the U.S. there is a growing movement of educated young people who are leaving cities to take up an agrarian life.
9 Oct. 2013
Brower Youth Awards 2011
Meet six extraordinary young people who were recognized in 2011 for their outstanding activism and achievements in the fields of environmental and social justice advocacy.
16 Oct. 2013
The Next, Best West
With 3 stories from around the American West, we explore how the conventional concept of progress has influenced the exploitation of our natural resources and how our understanding of progress is coming full circle.
23 Oct. 2013
Moveshake: Stories of Gregg Treinish and Alison Gannett
Meet climate change activist and professional skier, Alison Gannett, and founder of Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, Gregg Treinish.
30 Oct. 2013
Carbon for Water
At dawn, nine-year-old Anzelma walks for miles in search of firewood. Many in her village have died from drinking dirty water, and firewood is a valuable commodity, used to boil water to make it safe. Anzelma's small body bends under the heavy loads of wood balanced on her head, but she won't stop. She knows her long journeys into the forest are crucial for her family's survival. Unsafe water claims more lives than war. In Kenya, water insecurity is a life-threatening reality, and the population is expected to leap from 40 million to 60 million in the next twenty ...
6 Nov. 2013
Return Flight: Restoring the Bald Eagle to the Channel Islands
RETURN FLIGHT chronicles how a dedicated team of biologists have been working tirelessly for decades to bring the bald eagle back to the Channel Islands in the face of extensive DDT contamination, leading to some amazing results.
13 Nov. 2013
American Outrage
Two feisty Western Shoshone sisters have endured 5 terrifying livestock roundups by armed federal marshals where more than 1000 of their horses and cattle were confiscated-for grazing on the open range outside their private ranch.

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