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6 Dec. 2008
MooBeard the Cow Pirate
Captain MooBeard and his first mate, Sailor Bird, are out to find treasure on the Island of Hookamookapookalap. When the evil ninja ducky Dark Blade of Fire steals their map, they must race to finish and claim what is rightfully theirs!
13 Dec. 2008
Ivan the Unbearable
After failing to read the warning label on a box of Troll Cookies, the cursed Viking Ivan gets a case of the hiccups that threaten his entire village. Ivan must make his way to Troll Co. to find a remedy, but first, he must get pass the formidable guard.
7 Dec. 2008
The Finster Finster Show!
Meet Finster and Finster. They're two brothers with a passion for television and sibling rivalry. When Mrs. Finster tears them away from the TV to take a trip to the supermarket, they devise a plan to drag the television with them-the only snag in the plan being that their precious TV is then stolen by angry chickens, ready for battle.
7 Dec. 2008
Adventure Time
Finn and his trusty dog, Jake, have their peaceful day interrupted when they discover that Princess Bubblegum has been kidnapped by the Evil Ice King! They immediately come to her aid. What time is it? Adventure time!
7 Dec. 2008
Mind the Kitty
What promises to be the world's easiest babysitting job turns into a nightmare as Duck the duck, Punky the turtle, and Lemurman the lemur are locked out of the house by a psychotic kitten named Tabby, who's intent on making the evening a (painful) memory they'll never forget!
20 Dec. 2008
HORNSWIGGLE was produced as part of Fred Seibert's "Random Cartoons" series for Nickelodeon. HORNSWIGGLE is a rhinoceros who longs for fun and adventure. In the pilot, he decides to become the sidekick of the jungle hero Zan-Tar. Despite a restraining order, Hornswiggle tries his best to assist his favorite jungle hero - ultimately sending him to the jungle hospital.
6 Dec. 2008
Solomon Fix
Solomon Fix is a cheerful teddy bear, out to do good and win the heart of his boy owner, Ned. The only problem is Ned wants nothing to do with him. When Solomon sees a troll sneaking into Ned's bedroom, will he save the day, or be banished to the world of teddy bears again?
6 Dec. 2008
The Two Witch Sisters
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13 Dec. 2008
Shy little Peggy is afraid to ride her new horse, while Tiffany, her cute-looking but rough-playing doll has another thing in mind. Together, Peggy and Tiffany take off on a wild ride. Along the way, Peggy learns what it's like to cut loose, and Tiffany runs into a lot of walls.
13 Dec. 2008
In a struggle to get the last babana on the tree, Bone and Roccos try to outwit one another to get it. Problems occur when some nasty flies decide they want the babana for themselves!

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