Alfred Hitchcock: ...may I tell you a story...

Dick Cavett - Host: Yes.

Alfred Hitchcock: ...about a nice little boy? His father managed to get him into the best school in England. Eton College, you've heard of that?

Dick Cavett - Host: Hmm.

Alfred Hitchcock: Father went to visit him after a week and the boy was scratched and bruised. Terrible state. He said, "What happened?" He said, "They don't like me here, father. They call me a dirty, little Jew." He said, "Don't you fight back. They'll throw you out of the school. Keep away from them." He waits a week, visits the boy again, and he's still badly cut up. He said, "They're still calling you that?" He said, "Yes, father." He said, "You tell them that Jesus Christ was a Jew and that'll stop them." He said, "All right, father." He goes away. The third week, he got two black eyes. He said, "What, they're still calling you that?" He said, "Didn't you tell them what I told you to tell them?" He said, "I tried to, father, but I forgot the gentleman's name."

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