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Orlando Sentinel
Aniston's work opposite the screen's premiere mild-mannered funnyman shows her at her most engaged and pitch perfect.
Boxoffice Magazine
It's funny, clever, touching and real.
Despite a virtually unplayable premise, The Switch overcomes this handicap to turn itself into a friendly, offbeat romantic comedy.
It would be nice to argue that the good outweighs the bad in The Switch, but it's a wash.
Around the halfway point it starts getting interesting and the people who put it together are at least working in a realm of reasonable intelligence and wit and respect for the audience.
Village Voice
Saddled with the responsibility of carrying the film, Bateman acquits himself admirably by playing it straight, developing a genuinely convincing and affecting chemistry with Robinson and taking his character's repression seriously.
It's subpar sitcom.
An unfunny, manipulative romance about two unlikable people and their prop of a son, the pic mangles the premise of its source material ("Baster," a 1996 short story by Pulitzer-winning novelist Jeffrey Eugenides) in ways that ought to baffle viewers of all sociopolitical stripes.
Marvel at the desperate spectacle of three comic leads-Aniston, Bateman and Watchmen's Patrick Wilson as the original donor-being outperformed by the wide-eyed Robinson, a quiet collector of silences. These stars will never be as young as he is; you wish they'd all stop trying.
Amiable fluff that takes its time learning how to walk, talk, and generally act like the kid-centric rom-com that it is.

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