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Great B movie with the beautiful Christine Nguyen

Author: w22nuschler from United States
17 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie starts out with Elyse Lam(Christine Nguyen) at a museum doing a story on the Mummy. The guide tells of the mummy coming to life when his mask is removed. He removes the mask to show the story is just a myth. Two blonde's who were at the museum are shown at home having a love scene. They are both attractive in a slutty way and have nice breasts. Elyse(Nguyen) also has a scene following that where she is at home listening to her tape recorder and rubbing oil on her breasts and arms(nice short scene!). Meanwhile at the museum Dr. Zita reads the magic words to call on a goddesses who give her the power to awake the mummy with a kiss. She has the mummy bring her women and then she makes love to them. She sucks the "Kah" out of them and she becomes younger and more beautiful. They become her slaves. Elyse takes her story about the mummy to her boss Jack and he wants more. She goes to the museum after hours to get more proof. She is caught by the mummy and the women slaves and she's wrapped in mummy cloths. Dr. Zita then hypnotizes Elyse and unwraps her! She is totally nude and looking hot. They all make love to her in a nice foursome. As Dr. Zita comes to take the "Kah" out of her, the goddesses turn the mummy on her because she has gone too far. Meanwhile Jack comes into the museum to find Elyse. Dr. Zita has to give all the women back their "Kah" and Jack finds Elyse naked on a chair. They kiss and leave the museum. The mummy is put back in it's tomb and all is well.

I liked this movie because of Christine Nguyen. She is so pretty and she is a very good actress to be in a "B" movie. She also has four nude scenes. Her body looks great and I give her credit for doing the nudes scenes and having such a great attitude.

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Enthralling and entertaining softcore effort

Author: GL84 from Los Angeles, Ca
3 December 2012

After learning of the healing powers of an ancient Egyptian goddess, a museum employee awakens a murderous mummy to capture others to carry out the specific ceremony, leading a reporter to stop her before she carries out her plans.

A fairly impressive 'Adult' horror film, though this one actually manages a lot more of a true horror feel throughout the running time due to the fact of the mummy running around and the different play with the Egyptian gods. The decision to make the mummy look like a true horror film villain rather than going for the porno route influencing it's appearance is a perfect touch. As well the true porno aspects are a lot more impressive, as the women are unbelievably attractive, the sex is pretty hot and frequent and it's a lot more interesting due to the constant inclusion of the ceremonial rites requiring all the nudity. It's pretty cheap-looking, though, as the Mummy doesn't really do anything beyond abducting them so we don't get any real horror elements beyond it's appearance, but it's still a pretty decent watch.

Rated Unrated/NC-17: Continuous sex scenes, Full Nudity, Mild Violence and Language.

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Low Budget Movie with Big Budget Entertainment Value!

Author: hch91 from Fayetteville, AR
21 February 2010

I recently had the pleasure of watching the Frontline Entertainment feature, THE MUMMY'S KISS: 2ND DYNASTY. The film is written and directed by Donald F. Glut a director that many people might not recognize the name of, but definitely should! Mr. Glut has many titles under his belt, including BLOOD SCARAB, COUNTESS DRACULA'S ORGY OF BLOOD, and DINOSAUR VALLEY GIRLS just to name a few. Now, by the titles of these films, it is pretty obvious that we are not dealing with huge Hollywood produced films here. These are very small productions on very limited budgets. The difference between Mr. Glut's low budget films and other low budget films, though, is that they don't look low budget. THE MUMMY'S KISS: 2ND DYNASTY is a beautifully shot film with some great makeup/special effects. The mummy itself looks great and very gross...just like a 3000 year old mummy should!

This was a very fun movie to watch. The acting was good for the most part, and the story was a lot of fun. The actresses in the film are some of the most beautiful you will see in any film. Please be warned though, the film does contain a lot of sexual situations and nudity. In fact, if I had to find any faults with the film, it might have been that it contains a little too much nudity for a horror film, something I never thought I would say! While obviously shot quick and on a cheap budget, the film did something that some big budget Hollywood films don't do, and that is it kept me entertained the full running time. And really, that is all a good movie is supposed to do. This movie proves it doesn't take a multimillion budget to make a good movie.

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Nice Softcore Flick

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
24 July 2011

Mummy's Kiss, The: 2nd Dynasty (2006)

** (out of 4)

Decent softcore flick has Elyse Lam (Christine Nguyen) going to a museum to see a mummy exhibit, which she plans on writing some articles about. She hears that the mummy could still be alive but laughs this off until many young, beautiful women start going missing. She soon realizes that Dr. Zita has called upon some goddesses to bring the mummy back to life so that she can restore her youth. This sequel to 2003's THE MUMMY'S KISS isn't a masterpiece and no one is going to mistake it from the work of Orson Welles but if you come into a movie like this expecting some art-house stuff then you've certainly only got yourself to blame. For the most part this is a fairly entertaining little movie that knows it's a low-budget movie that is mainly going to appeal to guys so it comes as no shock that writer-director Don Glut goes all out so that those viewers can get plenty of lesbian sex scenes mixed in with the horror elements. The one negative thing I would say is that the horror elements are really underused, which is a shame because the mummy creation actually looks extremely good and would manage to hold a candle next to the best out there. The credits list John Carl Buechler (FRIDAY THE 13TH VII) as working on the film and while there are some gory moments there's nothing like you'd expect to see in a slasher movie. The majority of the running time has various breast-implant women going around either taking their clothes off or licking up and down other women. For the most part the women are quite attractive and those who enjoy these type of low-budget, softcore flick should be entertained. The director uses a lot of slow motion to show off the bodies but this never becomes a gimmick and in fact the cinematography comes across quite nice. Another plus is that this certainly doesn't look like your typical low-budget movie as Glut manages to make it look very professional and I will admit that I was rather shocked to see it looking so good. The real key to the film is Nguyen who comes across incredibly charming. I wouldn't say she gives a good performance but this type of movie doesn't need an Oscar-worthy performance. She's cute, charming and appears to be having a good time (and her nude scenes don't hurt either).

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