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  • Taylor Mendon is a Hollywood scriptwriter on a minor rebound from drugs and booze. He's writing for a mirthless sit-com and betting on the horses behind his wife's back when her sister calls needing help: Taylor's 20-year-old niece Amanda has become a hooker in Las Vegas. He promises to find her, bring her back, and pay for her stay at an expensive rehab center. Once in Nevada, Taylor starts gambling in earnest using money loaned him by the casino. He also finds Amanda, a cheerful prostitute, uninterested in reform. Can Taylor win back his borrowings, keep his wife from discovering his habit, and help Amanda find redemption? Or is life different from a sit-com?

  • A television producer with a penchant for drinking and gambling is sent to Las Vegas to convince his troubled niece to enter rehab.


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  • Working as a Television writer for a low-rated sit com called "Those McAllister's", Taylor Peters (Matthew Broderick) has developed a few vices like drinking, drug abuse and compulsive gambling which have previously damaged his career to the extent that he takes sessions with an analyst only so his wife Lorraine (Maura Tierney) can feel he is taking the cure. Adding to this stressful home life is the discovery that their 20-year old niece Amanda (Brittany Snow) has run away from home to Las Vegas to work as a prostitute. Although he writes a good comic scene for his lead actor Ed Begley, Jr., Taylor still has the need to run off to the track to play the horses, his only vice but when his wife discovers it and threatens him with divorce Taylor agrees to go to Amanda and try to get her into a rehab community in Malibu. Taylor goes to Las Vegas and locates Amanda and realizes that even though she is involved in a dangerous profession she has accumulated wealth and retained a relatively refined attitude about life. During his rescue Taylor's drinking and drug addiction returns and his relationship with his wife crumbles but he learns a large lesson about life and bonds with Amanda entreating her to make some positive choice about her own life.

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