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This dark comedy of addiction, delusion and humor as a weapon marks the feature directing debut of veteran writer Peter Tolan.
Broderick is splendid as the gambler. He knows, as many addicts do, that the addictive personality is very inward, however much acting out might take place.
Broderick has the film's most clever lines, but Snow is quite funny and is convincing as an innocent lured by the promise of easy money.
Finding Amanda isn't bad, and there is some smart, jagged humor.
Much of Finding Amanda doesn't stand up to close scrutiny, but at its best the still-boyish Broderick suggests his most famous character, Ferris Bueller, going through a midlife crisis.
Finding Amanda is a minor movie for Broderick, but considering where it takes him, it's understandable why he took the role.
Chicago Tribune
This debut picture never makes up its mind about what sort of comedy it wants to be. But at least it has one--a mind, that is.
Tolan writes regularly for smart shows like "Rescue Me," but his best instincts deserted him when he set his sights on the big screen for the first time.
The Hollywood Reporter
Even the easygoing Broderick can't inject any lift or charm into the story.
Finding Amanda, unfortunately, is one vast, irritating surface.

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