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aabonander31 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I challenge anyone to find a worse show than this one - in the history of television. I am actually dumbfounded that there is at least one exec (and, more astonishing a whole team) at Nick that felt comfortable putting this on the air. I know they are kids but that shouldn't exclude them from meeting even the lowest standards. Mary Kate & Ashley had more talent in their "You Got It Dude" at 9 months than these two tweenie bopping twits (Nat & Alex) can probably ever hope to have. I can't dis on the kids too much - you can't blame them for saying yes to their own show, however ill equipped they may be. I blame the adults involved; the execs at Nick and Viacom for forcing this putrid caricature of a - I can't even bring myself to call it a sitcom. I'm thinking of taking up a class action suit against Nick for impeding my mental health and intellectual development while watching this "show". Now who's with me?

I think Comic Book Guy would appropriately describe this as: Worst Show Ever
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Don't waste your time
thomephan22526 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This show tells of the life of a "rock band" led by Nat and Alex Wolf. In the show, the Naked Brothers Band is the hugest and most popular band while in reality the message boards are filled with hate mail. I can understand little kids liking this show, wishing they meet these kids but if you're older the age of 9 and like them then come on. This show really is annoying and it makes me wonder how these kids got a TV contract and a record deal. There songs are just plain bad. Songs about banana smoothies and "long distance relationships" are not likely to hit Billboard's Hot 100 anytime soon. If you like this show, good for you. I don't care if you think the Naked Brothers Band is the greatest thing ever made. I just feel that Nickelodeon has started to go down hill and this is there all-time low.
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Horrendous show that even the tweens won't eat up.
SuperTacos1927 September 2008
The Naked Brothers Band was a 2005 indie movie that, well, sucked. Nickelodeon was out of their mind and agreed to turn the movie into an equally bad show. The main focus of the show is obviously the band, but you have to wonder how they get a show when the lead singer sounds like he hasn't developed at all and the instrumentalists are mediocre. It really raises an eyebrow when you find out that the drummer and singer are the producer's kids, but anywhom...

Each episode is compromised of some wacky situation the 8-14 year old kids get into. Almost every one of said scenarios ties into the "I won't admit it" relationship between the 11-year-old singer and the high school-aged bassist, the lone female of the group. You have to admit, what they've got going for them is actually pretty sweet and you'll find yourself rooting for them on occasion - but of course, cringe-worthy lines such as "No, I love YOU, Rosalina!" said to a video on a camcorder of said girl ruin it all.

An important question to ask is who IS this show's target audience? The show has crude humor and slapstick for the 4-7 year olds and sitcom situations leaning more towards the 8-11 Hannah Montana crowd, but the show's mildly sexual inappropriateness is too much for both of those age groups. And the show airs on Nickelodeon's TEENick block but it is far too juvenile for said group. Whoever this show is intended for, I highly doubt they would enjoy it, even in an age where bands like the Jonas Brothers are force-fed to young children by the media. The Naked Brothers Band rates as a 2 out of 10.
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Is this anybodies favorite show???
lowe_stephen13 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
There is so much I hate about this show, I'm not sure where to begin. First of all, who the hell names their band "The Naked Brothers Band"? I realize with modern rock going quickly down the drain, bad names (Green Day, My Chemical Romance, you all know what bands I mean) are completely necessary to accompany the bad music, but this band skipped so many generations of crappy music and went straight to, I dunno, probably 2025, at the earliest, both in terms of their music and name. I guess it's okay that the singer sucks, because, y'know, that's all it really takes to be famous nowadays. Alex is possibly the DULLEST drummer of all time. He sits there with droopy eyes and barely lifts his hands as he moves with a constant beat from one drum to another. The bassist can't really ever be heard, so I guess I can't really trash her talent. Anyway, lastly, the guitarist. He is the only halfway decent member of the band, if you can even call him halfway decent. The guitar solo at the end of that really bad song "Catch Up With The End" was okay, but it's not really anything special. Hundreds of guitarists who are intelligent enough to wait until their OLDER to try and become famous musicians can do much, much, better. Also, Nat Wolff=bad songwriter. They say he writes complicated and deep lyrics. Well, WHAT FAMOUS SONGWRITER DOESN'T?!?!?!?! Besides the "complexity" and "deep...ness?" that his songs don't really have, his tunes are also lacking the rock 'n' roll "feel" that even modern rock songs have.

Alright, now that I'm done trashing the "band", I'll continue to the actual topic of this review: the show. I suppose it is just typical of Nickelodeon to pull another sucktacular show like this off. What really sets this show apart, though, is that the actors don't even try to act. And it's not just the acting. Lemme just list you some of the other things that irked me about this show in the first episode alone:

1. Buttface is not a funny word. I went around at school today and actually said it to hundreds of people. You most certainly cannot always count on buttface getting you a laugh or two, so just shut your mouth Mr. Lopez.

2. If a teenage girl thinks your fart noises are funny, you shouldn't be proud of it, so STOP DOING IT!!!

3. Nobody expresses what they think is funny by saying "That's funny." and barely letting out a chuckle to accompany it, Rosalina.

4. Some kid: Hey Nat, we're recording these butt shots for the music video.

Nat: Why?

Some kid: Don't you get it? Catch up with the "end"? As in rear end.

Thank you some kid for explaining the already bad joke to us, especially after making it perfectly obvious what you meant when you accented the word "end" in that previous sentence.

5. If you think something is laugh out loud hilarious, most people wouldn't express it by opening their mouth as wide as possible and having no expression on your face other than that (I'm referring to the part when the German lady starts beating up her husband/grandson, I couldn't tell which). 6. The scene where Alex is running around on the set in a chicken costume is not funny. Why even the adults were feigning hysterical laughter is beyond me.

I've been spending quite a bit of time reading the user reviews for Nickelodeon's other tour de crap, Drake And Josh, and am quite honestly appalled at how many good reviews it get, but I sincerely hope that no more than 1% (including the cast & crew themselves) become a fan of this show, because there is not one good part.

Very, very, very bad. 1/10
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Piece of ****!
kvinnesllandr9 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I can't get over how terrible this is. I saw it with my youngest brother three days ago, and I had to go into the bathroom and literally throw up. I think it was a combination of the flu triggered by the sheer awfulness of this crap.

The songs are asinine, the kids even more moronic, if possible, and the condescending tone projected at the audience, like some inside joke of the producers, mocks the very psyche of the viewer.

The verdict: If you like shows that cause suicidal depression and indigestion, this is the show for you. If you love your life, don't. A veritable turd of a show.
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I don't know which is worse, watching this show or having a brain hemorrhage!
TheLittleSongbird4 April 2011
I try not to be nasty when I write reviews, but my utter hatred of The Naked Brothers Band clouds my better judgement. It is not only one of my least favourite shows ever, it is my least favourite show of all time period. The production values for one thing are really cheap. The fashions look as though they belong in the 70s or 80s and they are really bad fashions at that, while the sets are tacky and cheap and the photography and camera angles are rushed and shoddy.

Even the music is poor in my opinion. The theme tune is just fast in tempo and loud in volume, with nothing really to make it memorable, whereas the accompanying music is half-heartedly performed, unoriginal and dull. But it is the writing, characters and stories that sink The Naked Brothers Band. Starting with the writing, not only is it for me never funny but also it is written with no heart or energy.

The stories are poorly paced and predictable with unimaginative situations. Not only that, the show often has the feel of a really bad reality show. And I hate all the characters, every single one of them. In my mind, none of them are likable, instead they are loud, annoying, clichéd and little more than bland stereotypes. Even their names make me want to punch the wall in frustration.

The direction is often lazy too, while the acting is poor with no chemistry whatsoever between the actors, no sense of comic timing and poorly judged delivery of the lines. Overall, an awful show and one of my least favourite shows ever. If I were you, I would skip this and watch something like Sonny with a Chance instead. 1/10 Bethany Cox
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This is a reality show?
MairegChernet6 June 2008
I was reading the comments written by IMDb users for this tittle, and one user wrote that we should let kids be the judges, since it's a kids show. So I thought I am the perfect judge for the show since I happen to be close to being a kid. And here is my verdict. THIS SHOW SUCKS. Sometimes I find myself questioning the authenticity of this show. Is this truly a reality show based on real people and a real band Or is nickelodeon running out of good shows and just putting any crap on? The actors attempts to make the show real is just beyond belief and desperate. The characters are all annoying. Especially the little naughty one who has a crush on his babysitter(I don't know or care to know his name). This is by far one of the worst shows on Nick. And don't take my word for it. I have little cousins of ages 7 and 10 and they can't stand this show either. Horrible, irritating, unrealistic and far from authentic.

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Horrible !!!
Danielle7 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
After my friend was obsessing over how much she loves Nat and the show, I decided to watch the "Awards/Horoscopes" episode on TV.

I was a bit shocked at how bad this was. There was terrible acting and unrealistic, with a bad storyline. It seemed as though the episode was filmed and thrown together in 2 days by 8 year olds. I didn't like the idea of the cameras being shown either.

The storyline was bad, since they were all scared about their horoscopes then all of a sudden out of nowhere they are at the awards and they win? Sure, I think Nat Wolf is sorta cute, but he is seriously one of those people who can't sing. I would not recommend watching this show.

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Absolutely terrible..
horsefiend2 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know how people can compare this piece of tripe to the Monkees or the Partridge Family. Both of those shows were fun, silly programs geared towards kids where the music was actually decent. The NBB is an annoying show showcasing some obnoxious kids with NO musical talent. The songs are ridiculous, and the show is vapid. How come everything out there for children today has to be stupid to be entertaining? People wonder why children grow up to have such low cultural standards, is it any surprise with the junk we fill their heads with from toddler hood to teenage years? I think Polly Draper meant for NBB to be another pre-fabricated tween music group, with the show as the "after thought" - but she missed the boat by a mile with this one. Usually kid's groups are well groomed for talent, but I guess when your own kids are making up the just assume the talent is there.
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I threw up after the first episode.
gaio_blade17 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
If i could rate this any lower than a 1, I would have. This show is horrible! Here's a few reasons:

1. The guitarist (Qaasim is his name I think) is a Jimi Hendrix impersonator, and a horrible one at that. In the first video, he even had the afro!

2. Rosalina's name isn't even Rosalina in real life! It's Allie (unless it's for Rose-ALLIE-na).

3. The music is horrible. They're all wannabes, and Nat's singing is a combination of the Beatles and Michael Jackson. OK apart, but a bad combo.

4. WHAT MORON THINKS THAT THEIR LINES AREN'T COMPLETELY SCRIPTED?!?!?! I understand that it's supposed to be like their lives are completely documented by stalker cameramen, but they can at least try to be natural about it. In one of the three episodes I've seen, Nat tries to be amazed at Alex's ability to cry on cue (which isn't even real; he uses eye drops). It's like he's having a freakin' panic attack! A hint for people over the age of five: DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW. You will want to blow up your TV's if you do, no lie.

Allow me to add a few things here. First off all, to all you people who say "If you hate the show, why watch it?", think of it this way. Some people realize that the first and/or pilot episode is sometimes bad, and they give it another chance. I saw 3 episodes and have not watched it since. So there. Second, I hate the show, but I do understand that little kids like it. Just answer one question: Why is it on TeenNick?
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