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  • An aging Brooklyn mob boss summons his nephew Robert Monte, a Wall Street whiz kid who has been shielded from the "Family" business. The Don solicits a promise that if anything happens to him, Robert will steer his wiseguy crew legit so that they will not spend the rest of their lives in jail. Robert surrenders a reluctant promise. When his uncle dies suddenly, Robert transforms the mob social club into a real estate office and struggles to navigate the mob crew into legitimate careers. Meanwhile, a gorgeous FBI agent named Julie Capp works feverishly to build RICO indictments against Robert and his crew who just can't help reverting to their old-school hoodlum ways. In the scramble, Robert and Julie find themselves fiercely attracted to one another. Will these star crossed lovers find romance? Will Robert succeed in steering his crew legit? Will Julie's RICO indictments fall?

    - Written by Denis Hamil
  • FBI Agent Julie Capp (Kelly Overton) is told that she could be the head of her department if she is able to bring criminal charges against Robert Monte, the nephew of a recently deceased mafioso. Assisted by her male, and rather patronizing partner, she places Robert under surveillance, and finds to her dismay that he is rather intent on rehabilitating his gangsters, and opening a real estate agency, Verona Investment Properties (V.I.P. Real Estate). Efforts are underway to sensitize the mobsters, while Robert must raise $12 million to pay off a debt. Things become very complicated after Julie finds herself getting attracted to Robert; his men decide to have their way when he is away; rival mobsters try to kill him - and last but not the least - she will not only find that she has been betrayed - but her very own movements are under surveillance also.

    - Written by rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)
  • In Brooklyn, mob lord don Montello has a say in everything, even episcopal candidatures. The FBI has doubts if a case can be made, but the boss hands the opportunity to his pet, ambitious young agent Julie Capp, likely to get her promoted when he is next year. In fact the don's team is too old to compete, unable to pay their territory's $10,000,000 'lease' and hence doomed to perish in a gang war. To prevent that, Montello calls back his bright favorite nephew Robert 'Bobby' Monte, a Walls Street genius, making him promise to see the money is raised within a year after Montello's death, which follows soon, by introducing his mobsters to more lucrative, legal business, such as real estate.

    - Written by KGF Vissers
  • Sparks and bullets fly when a Wall Street yuppie must steer a Brooklyn mob crew legit before a beautiful FBI agent can build RICO indictments against them.

    - Written by Denis Hamill


An aging Brooklyn mob boss summons his nephew Robert Monte, a Wall Street whiz kid who has been shielded from the Family business...

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