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Hilarious Fluff!
marika lourenco16 April 2007
I love it. Even if everyone is an actor and even Ms New York is there just for camera time ...its pure fun! I bet she really would like to find love so why not give this a shot ? It worked for Ryan and Trista on the BACHELOR. This is a wilder version of that show. I loved watching each week- I really looked forward to the show. I enjoyed her hilarious commentary about the men as well as watching her hilarious interaction with the men. The men themselves were so funny. I can imagine a spin-off with 12 pack and Heat - two of the men- who became friends and party kings, touring all the clubs and bars in the Northeast...basically just partying and picking up women, getting drunk. That's about all their whole shtick. Anyway, I have to say this was a very funny concept and the personalities were SO OVER THE TOP that you could NOT get through an episode without cracking up!
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i love new york
danitagrunnels8 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
i think that new york is a big fake, i mean her whole guidelines of this show is stupid. i enjoyed flavor fl av more better, she acts like a slut, and a hoe put together. her mother is out of this world, i think she is the devils daughter. i mean what does she think she is doing these men already have girls and i believe once you have been with her you will be to ashamed to go back to your girl. she is nasty, spoiled and a big fat fake.the show is very interesting to watch, how much money is she getting to do this awful show, and whats up with her mother,i thought her and new york did not get along, but now it seems as though she is just as fake as her crazy daughter.and where is the so called husband, he is no where to be found,i would not to be with them either.
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New York Is Crazy
crazy_lady018 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw the season premiere of "I Love New York" and it was crazy... a lot like the Flavor of Love. New York is crazy and her mother is even crazier. Anytime you put New York and her mother together, you can guarantee it's going to be an explosion of entertainment. The guys they had on the show are pretty interesting as well. Most of them were either "undercover" brothers, ghetto, lame, or crazy. It will be interesting to see who she picks. If her mother has anything to do with it she's gonna make her pick the lamest one. Actually, I am kind of embarrassed to say that I watched this show, but it's like a train-wreck... I didn't want to see it, but sadly, I just couldn't turn away.
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I Love New York
nene1629 January 2007
It's about time she got her own show. But after seeing the first episode I'm confused, is it her show or her mom's show. Her mom definitely puts more than her two sense in. I think Chance is gonna be the female version on NY. He is gonna be the life of the show. I'm gonna be tuned in as long as he is on it. New York did pick some hot guys though. There is a wide variety of guys with mixed races. It may not be as good as FOL but it will come in a close second. The only thing that might stop viewers from watching it is her mother. She is in the way and trying to steal the spotlight. She needs to remember that the show is I love NEW YORK not I love New York's mother. I think Chance was right when he said "I'm in love with her daughter not her"
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Love it!
bioeve402810 March 2007
This show is so funny! Its a show about a drama queen looking for her submissive Prince. With New York's (AKA Tiffany Pollard) Quotes (I'm fabulous, watch you step and raise up) and her dramatic nature it's what can I say....FAAAABULOUS! I started watching Flavor of Love and I knew New York was the hit of the show. You either love her or hate her. Either way shes unforgettable. She may be a drama queen but let's face it; normal would be boring. New York is Reality TV. New York's mother is the icing on the cake. She speaks her mind and finishes off her opponent before they even know what hits them. It's great entertainment! I can't wait to see what New York does next!
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Not as Bad as 'Flavor of Love', but just as degrading
lambiepie-220 January 2007
"I Love New York" is another entry by VH-1 (MTV Networks) showing the entertaining side of dating a shrill, obnoxious, woman. It must have been an easy decision to take the most wildest, Ebonics speaking, craziest contestant - and her mother - and give them a show on this network. Many will argue, "this is a show". True, it's not as bad as it's previous show, "Flavor of Love" - but it's just as bad.

It reminds me of a skit from the 90's show "In Living Color" where Keenan Ivory Wayans was imitating the boxer Mike Tyson on "The Love Connection" dating show and he picked "Robin Givens" for a date. Mike talked of how the date was okay, but how the obnoxious mother kept butting in. This show reminds me of that.

The men are chosen and given names to degrade themselves and the woman that they are dating more - (I would think an intelligent man looking to date an intelligent woman would NOT allow her - and her mother - to give you a name that is so ghetto, you'll embarrass yourself every time you appear on TV.) but these are professional reality actors, so why bother.

It escapes me to discover what is so entertaining about all of this. The fact that this is as fake as her newly implanted additions? 15 Minutes of fame and hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad time for the network? (Well, you can't hate them for trying to make a buck.) Maybe the wonder is - who would want to be with this woman past an hour? Or wonder if she and her mother's next show would be on the WWF! Any way you slice it, it's a train wreck you've seen countless times before so by now the shock value is down to nil.

No twist or turn will make this a more interesting train wreck, or any different from any of the others. Appeals to the lowest common denominator and for those calling an "end" to reality shows, this is just another nail in the coffin as to why they should end, immediately.
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IrockGswift27 January 2007
I can't believe I've sat and watched this show for an hour and a half. Of course this is a female version of "The Flavor of Love" with New York finding true romance. But why does her mother has to be involved in New York's decision-making? Is it because she was right about Flavor Flav not picking her for a second time and from then on trusted her mother's solid opinions? The show is silly and disgraceful to all the men who appeared on the show. Again just like "The Flavor of Love " these men are all suppose to be interested in New York. But unlike Flavor Flav New York ridicules these men's character and behavior especially the ones she don't approve of. In comparison to Flavor Flav New York is more self-centered and not as affectionate and giving as Flav. Also with the help of her mother being so opinionated doesn't make it even better. In closing the show is not original and majority of the men seem gay and confused. Watching this show is a total waste of time.
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Who's Fake And Who Wasn't
itsonleemestupid4 February 2007
I personally know Romance from Vh1 (Ricky). And He was the realest guy on the show, I know who's fake, He told me and I'm not saying because I was told in trust, but all I know is, Someone wasn't Lying, thats all. Take it form there. I kind of lost all respect for NY for the way she dissed my boy, but its cool. Its TV, he most likely deserves better than her anyways. Basically if you like honest people being treated like pieces of dirt, watch I love Ny, but if you don't, then don't do it, she is very cruel, I used to like her b4 the show, but she made Ricky look crazy, and he isn't, hes normal just like me and you, that is, whatever your opinion on normal is, yea he is sensitive, but they only captured that in the show. 12 pack your a fraud man, when you go home to your girl, I hope your happy.
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I Hate New York!
Seth Landers13 July 2015
I remember watching this show when I was 13 or 14 and just being disgusted by it. These shows are just an excuse for the host to make out with a bunch of random people. The only good thing about it was Mr. Boston, he's the McLovin of reality TV!

This New York woman is obnoxious, narcissistic, and believes that everything must revolve around her. Therefore, we should like the show. I'm sorry, I am not buying into this. I wasn't fan or Rock of Love or Flavor of Love, so I guess I'm not the demographic target audience.

What else can I say this? This is a bad spin-off that misses the mark when it comes to romance. I don't know what so many of these contestants find so attractive about her. She puts on more makeup then a fashion model and she is so obsessed with attempting to be hottest thing since Halle Berry. Don't destroy your brain cells by watching this garbage, avoid at all costs!
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I love New York
minetraw20 April 2007
Tiffany girlfriend I feel it for you. I thought after what you had been through that i would not have been able to see you go through that again,but i will watch you and stop being so Malicious, you need to consider other people's feelings for a change. Holla at me girl! Tell your mama i love her attitude. sometimes crazy but i can understand my mom is like that as well. I do not think that you should regret not picking chance. He was not for you and he should have jumped and beat the crap out of Tango for dumping you like that. I mean i love Tango and i understood why it happened but i still wanted to see you guys together.
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New York Is my Dream Woman
msp_juliob1 May 2007
Is to be with New York (Tiffany Pollard) ever since I saw this girl I knew she was a hardcore bitch. The hardcore bitch that can set me straight in my life. She's not some girl that'll dish it, but she can take it. You better be ready once she dishes it, cause you ain't getting no small little dish New York will give you the entire damn buffet. Guys, I'm sharing with you something that holds meaning to me. New York is my everything and I would appreciate it if you all voted for me to be on I love New York 2.

Thank You, Julio

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Ghetto Lovin NY Trash!
dunbare1 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Another beyond stupid reality show that for some reason I just keep watching! I never saw the flavor of luv, but i'm guessing this is the female version. All I know is this character New York had a big giant loogie spit onto her! I think I may have seen a clip of that on CNN!

The whole synopsis of this show is for New York, a beyond ghetto fabulous idiot who was dumped twice by flava flav, to find a man who is going to "have luv for NY" A group of very strange men come to sweep miss thang off her cheap looking stiletto's!

First NY has her partners, one her seriously bitchy mother and the other gay assistant Chamo who is in homosexual heaven with all these borderline gay men walking around trying to win NY love( they are most likely there to get some camera time). First anyone who actually believes any of these men are really there to fall in love is stupid. The only one who may possibly be genuine is the whiter than Powder Mr. Boston. Let me just say him in that dental floss looking man thong shaking his pasty white junk in the "Mangeant" was CREEPY! Ewww !! This is good for a laugh and just a big mess of a reality show.

The cast is just a jumbled potpourri dish of weird, stupid and just unexplainable! The men must come up with some clever little name that describes themselves and you can only imagine what they think of!

I do not remember them all but some of these fine distinguished gentlemen are memorable.......for a laugh.

1. The names some of these guys choose are just gross Pootie? Wood? I think Scabies, Rash and Crabs would suit them better!!

2. Mother.....as in NY actual mother is just a over the top psycho! She is mean and protective of her daughter as any loving mother would be, but whats with the mega bitch? Does this woman honestly believe her child will find true love in ANY of these band of stupid?

3. Romance is the super sissy. He cried, he lied he possibly did inappropriate things to NY helpless small dog. Where is PETA when you need them! Stop this man!I don't know I think this guy should hook up with Chamo!!!

4. Mr. Boston is the pale, nerdy computer tech looking guy who apparently has 'balls'. He stood up to a "thug" and wore a man thong, I don't think this guy needs NY's love I think he just needs female body warmth.

5. NY only seems to like the stupidest and ill mannered men of the bunch (....believe me these men are already NOTHING to brag about) One named Chance actually called himself an aspiring rapper! Who isn't these days! I think even Aaron Carter had a rap song!

NY of course has a weave, stilettos, tight cleavage enhancing tops, fake eyelashes and as one contestant put it "junk in the trunk". Overall this is not a show anyone would admit to watching which is puzzling as to why some of these lame loser men participated. If NY is looking for love she certainly found it and it is obviously herself.
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I Love New York Season 3????
ILoveNewYork2313 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The latest Rumor going around is that Vh1 is starting casting calls for I Love New York 3 mid 2008. So does this mean Budah or Tailor made dumped New York or does this mean New York dumped the winner?

I know Flavor of Love is coming up to it's 3rd season, so now with a Flavor of Love 3 and a I love New York 3.....will there ever be a true winner???

I've also heard a few rumors that Chance WILL be brought back for the 3rd Season of I Love New York!!!! I have also heard rumors that New York will be Specially featured on Flavor of Love 3.

Hopefully this was not too much of a spoiler for the ending of I Love New York 2....I'm just stating the latest rumor.
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