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8 Jan. 2007
Do You Have Love for New York?
Unlucky at love Tiffany Pollard aka: New York, tries her hand at love again. This time with the help of her mom! 20 men, five are sent home.
15 Jan. 2007
The Mangeant
New York does a Beauty Pageant for the remaining 15 guys and gets help from 3 real Pageant beauties: 2003's Ms Michigan, Ms Minnesota and Ms Alaska and from radio personality,'Big Boy' as the emcee hosting this 'Mangeant'.
22 Jan. 2007
Big Ballers
The boys have to prove their earning potential in a contest. N.Y. has none other than the famous Omarosa to help her out. Pootie has a metal breakdown and leaves the show, Mr.Boston gives NY a lap dance and 12 Pack swallows a live bee.
What's Up Dog
The 9 remaining boys compete against each other in who can build a better dog-house for N.Y.'s doggy,'Majesty'. And then it's off to church the next morning with N.Y.'s mom. 2 more boys are going home tonight.
10 Jan. 2007
Who's Got Game?
7 men are left for New York. To compete for a solo date with her, they must play basketball and see "who's got game" To help N.Y. with this , is L.A. Spark's Guard Tamara Moore, who plays one on one with the boys. One guy goes home tonight.
Momma Said Knock You Out
6 guys remain. To win a date with N.Y., they must baby-sit 13 little girls. The losers must cook dinner for Mama N.Y. Then it's to the gym for some boxing matches: Whiteboy vs Real, 12Pack vs Tango & Mr.Boston vs Chance. One guy goes home.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
New York & her mom decide to do a background check on the remaining 5 guys so they invite the guy's ex-girlfriends for dinner to get the "skeletons in the closet" out in the open. Based on that, mom gets to decide who next dates N.Y.
Gettin' Hot in the Desert
New York takes the 4 remaining men on 2 separate overnight double dates to Palm Springs: Real & Tango to a Golf Course and Chance & Whiteboy on a Hot-Air Balloon Ride. One goes home tonight.
Momma's Boys
3 men left and N.Y. must send one home tonight. But before that happens, she meets the guys individual momma's one on one. N.Y.'s mom makes Chance a offer he can't refuse.
Clip Show
Catch up with New York before the finale and watch even more bonus scenes not aired on TV
The Final Adios
After the last elimination, New York tells her final 2 men to pack their bags because they're goin' to Playa Car, Mexico for an exotic getaway!
15 Apr. 2007
The Reunion
It's the first ever I Love New York Reunion Show. All the guys are back (except the ones in jail, recovery, or therapy).
8 Oct. 2007
Let's Do It Again
After being dumped three times, by two men, New York is looking for love again. In Episode 1 twenty men enter the house and personalities clash right away. Sister Patterson has a group of her own choices and has strong opinions about the other guys, she labels one man a "freak" and screams at a little person. New York must eliminate five of them after a dramatic night of alcohol and tension. Do we have a new Romance in the house? Is one guy being too flashy with his money?
15 Oct. 2007
Flowers from Fishburne
Now down to 15 men, New York invites the guys to a pond where they must prove their love by swimming to her and presenting her with a gift. The guys who make the best impressions will receive dates with New York. When the guys find out that one of their housemates is "re-gifting", they proceed to tell NY about it. In true New York fashion, she lets the poor guy have it. Will he be one of the three to be eliminated, or will he squirm his way out of the mouth of danger? Meanwhile, a huge controversy arises when one suitor intercepts another man's flowers for NY, and ...
22 Oct. 2007
The Stolen Date
New York has 12 men to show her love and by the end of the show goes through a tension filled elimination. New York's therapist has told her that she needs to stop depending on men for money, so she decides to have the guys present her with marketing plans that would build up her own empire. After a couple duds and one great presentation, New York takes one man from the winning team out on a solo date and the other two out on a double. Drama begins when a manipulative teammate lies to the other men and steals New York for the night. Who will get the date with New York...
29 Oct. 2007
Nobody Likes a Snitch
Everybody hates a snitch and there is one among the guys that the others hate with a passion. 2 guys are being sent home tonight for different reasons. Plus there's a "spitting" incident that brings N.Y. some very bad flashbacks.
5 Nov. 2007
Blood Oath Gone Bad
8 men left. 2 are going home tonight. But N.Y. has a surprise. She is bringing back one of the men that she had sent home already. N.Y. brings in "Lori" a Spiritual Adviser to help her with a "Blood Oath".
12 Nov. 2007
Mr. Boston helps the remaining guys cook N.Y. a 'Love Dish' in a challenge round. N.Y. films a guest-starring cameo on "Nip/Tuck" Season 5, Episode 6:'Damien Sands'. 6 Guys left, 1 goes home tonight.
19 Nov. 2007
I Still Have Love for New York
N.Y. brings the exes of the 6 remaining guys and she brings her own exes, 'Chance' & 'Real', to help her in finding 'dirt' on the guys. Disgusted, one guy leaves tonight on his own call.
26 Nov. 2007
Mind Games
N.Y. brings in Handwriting Expert/Psych Technician, Bart Baggett to help her analyze compatibility with her and the remaining guys. Winner gets a solo date with her. She also brings her therapist for another test.
3 Dec. 2007
Meet the Parents
Four guys left. Four sets of parents come to the house to meet N.Y. and her mom. N.Y. cooks dinner for all before eliminating one more guy and sending him home with his parents.
10 Dec. 2007
Miami Thrice
3 men left, one will go home tonight. N.Y. will have one-on-one dates with each one to finally see if there's a connection or not. All this will be done in lovely Miami, Florida.
17 Dec. 2007
Rasta Finale
In a recap of the whole Season 2 of "I Love New York", deleted, extended and unseen scenes are all shown in this special episode before the real finale is shown.
2 Oct. 2007
Casting Special
Get a first look at the new batch of men who will be competing for New York's heart in the brand new season of I Love New York 2!

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