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One of the Ultimate RTS games of THIS time!

Author: reephamike-1 from United Kingdom
13 December 2006

For the past few years the gaming industry have been trying to make world war 2 games as authentic and thrilling as possible.

A lot of World War 2 game fans have played Medal of Honor, Call of Duty and others likewise in First Person Shooter so you can experience the thrills and chills of the war, running and ducking for cover from MG42s, flanking German Tiger Tanks, suppressing fire on the enemy and best of all, fighting along side with comrades. However Company of Heros takes you out of First Person Shooter and takes you to an overview of your men, there you command them where to go and what to do.

This is the next step in computer intelligence where your troops takes cover in the nearest ditch, debri and trench that comes available to them. When you are launching assaults against the enemy you can devise strategies to fight the enemy like how you have done in the FPS games.

Company of Heros is a RTS game that will have a title in the history of the games industry as one of the most beautiful, cleverest and thrilling games of all times.

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Certainly one of the best RTS games of all time.

Author: Spounge from United States
9 March 2008

This game is excellent. To me, not even the mighty Starcraft holds a candle to CoH's greatness. Now that may be the extreme amounts of pepsi and coca-cola talking. Or even the lack of sleep. But damn it, that's how I feel right now about this game.

Company of Heroes is just too damn fun. In the single player campaign you are the commander of the either Able or Fox company. Your mission is to fight key battles and win back France and crush the Nazi forces while doing so.

Now in this game you don't have to really worry about collecting resources. How you get resources is you capture points dotted around the map. Each containing a certain resource and just how much you will get. Whether it be large or small. You must defend these points if you want to mass a large amount of wealth to build armies and bases.

Speaking of which. You must use infantry squads to great effect if you are to succeed in battle. Engineers are your main go-to guys if you want something built. You need tank traps? You got it. Land mines? Sure thing. Barracks? Alright. There are also riflemen squads. These regular troopers are probably your backbone of your infantry force. They are reliable and are able to do some things that engineers can do given that you are in commanding the right expertise. More on that later. There are other unit types such as the sneaky sniper and the machine gun crew, who just love to turn enemies into swiss cheese.

If you need to support your troops well then vehicles you will need. We got the ever reliable M4 Sherman and the Half Track transport to get your troops safely across the field of battle. And several more to choose from.

The fight never stops once first contact has been made with the enemy. You must fight tooth and nail to gain territory and weaken the enemy before you finish him off. obviously, strategy is important. You can't just bum rush a MG42 crew hiding out in a building with 5 squads of infantry. Doesn't always work that way. And if it does work that way, well it shouldn't. You could opt to sneak up on the building and drop a grenade in there depending on whether you are pin down or not. You could also shoot them out with a sniper.

Command is highly valued. You have 3 commands to take up. But you can only choose one. Each with its own pros and cons. There is Infantry, Airborne, and Armor. I prefer either the Airborne or the Armor. While the infantry can bring in random battle groups to your base and supply you with Army Rangers. The Airborne will let you drop troops, anti armor crews, and supplies in your field of view and you can also level incoming enemy waves using P51 Mustang strafing runs or bombers. Its up to you. I favor the Armor command since I have seen the awesome power that is the calliope. This thing is basically rockets hooked up to a Sherman. You need to clear of path? This is a good way to do it. Also you are allowed the Allies Pershing Tank. This thing was designed to put holes in German armor.

Oh and remember, the Axis have 3 commands of their own. They are just as devastating with the likes of the V2 rocket, the 88's, and the fearsome Tiger Ace.

Anyone who is a fan of RTS games get this game if you haven't already. Move it soldier.

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One Of the Best (if not the best) Real-Time Strategy Game Ever!

Author: filmismagic from New Zealand
17 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I bought this game a year ago. I have been hearing great reviews of this game. That critics gave it more than 90%. I tried it and this is a masterpiece! I did not at first have great interest in RTS PC games any more after playing "Rise Of Nations" and "Age Of Empires" etc, because I guess they just got boring. Yet, when I read a PC Gamer magazine, and found reviews of it to be great. I bought it, hoping I would enjoy it. And, after playing it for 9 months I still love it! This game is about invasion of Normandy in World War 2. You play 15 levels in campaign as Americans, including D-Day, Saint lo and Chambois. But there is also skirmish, and there you can play as Germans as well, but you cannot play any map locations that are from campaign.Also what is fun is that it is a half-simulation game. Soldiers can pick up abandoned weapons. Soldiers don't just build buildings, but even sand bags, mines, barbed wire and tank traps. What is also good is that you can zoom in and out real closely and change camera angle from over 1000 locations. The final and probably best bit of this is that terrain is destructible and combat is intense and a quite realistic.

I would recommend it to everyone, not just fans of this genre. It is a very fun game and entertaining. But to enjoy it the most you have to play it on a very fast PC and have a good graphic card.

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The Most Realistic RTS game ever!

Author: vgamepuppy from United States
5 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just got this game when i got my new graphics card. I have to say though I was impressed. I've never really played an RTS that feels so alive and real. The second I finished the first battle I just had to say wow. Every battle offline or online is intense and realistic. Even if your not playing with another player it does actually feel like you are. In fact the AI is so impressive that when i played my troops took cover so many times that a battle with 2 tanks and 5 men went on for 5 minutes. It just feels like you really are a general in WWII. Though some minor issues can make a difference you will always want to come back for more.

I don't want to say that this game can be played by all ages. There are plenty of uses of F*** and S***.SPOILER! This game can be very bloody and graphic at times. Many dead bodies and body parts are shown after tanks shoot their cannons. On the first fight at Omaha Beach the men who are shot often fall down and hold there stomach or wherever they are shot. It can be disturbing to the younger age and I don't recommend it. I still had a lot of fun playing though because there are so many different ways to strategize during fights. I highly recommend this for ages 14 and up due to the intense amount of blood and realistic, graphic, bloody, violence. I also have to comment on the language. I highly recommend this game and I hope you enjoy it to!

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