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Unwarranted criticism directed towards an entertaining & informative show !!!

Author: mohan_i from India
30 March 2009

I have been watching this show ever since it commenced & I don't think I have missed any episodes as I find them very interesting and entertaining, to say nothing about the information that is given out. I have read a lot about the supposed falsehoods that Bear Grylls is perpetrating & have read comments about many people who have criticized the show.

I would like to add my own two pence of opinion here...accepted that he has a camera crew & other people running behind him, but I think the main purpose of this show is to show us how to survive...somebody has written that he puts himself into situations that nobody who actually gets lost would ever do (like climbing down a waterfall, getting soaked in ice cold water etc)...again the assumption here is that IF anybody encounters such a situation, this is how they could save their life...

I have read allegations that he sleeps in motels and not in the shelters that he has himself built...clearly the filming of an episode takes several days, so why on earth would he subject himself to the inconvenience of sleeping out all that time??? hasn't he demonstrated the most effective way to build a shelter and isn't that more than enough for a person who is watching the show to learn a few tricks? There is another complaint that he never is in any real fact being the show's star attraction, he would be fool hardy if he put his life in danger and it makes sense that he takes all precautions...again he is showing us the ropes so why don't people understand that? I commend the fact that he is prudent enough to value his own life (for the sake of his producers, fans, his family & obviously himself)...

As for the comparisons with survivorman, I have not seen the other show...from what I have heard that show is quite informative, though not as entertaining...I feel both of them are doing a good job in their own unique would be unfair to compare them...

Bear Grylls might be making a lot of money with this show, but so what? I don't feel there is anything wrong with using your skills & abilities to earn money...don't we all try to do exactly the same??? The purpose of this show is to provide information about basic survival in various extreme environments in an entertaining manner...I think, on that score, it delivers perfectly...this is evident by the fact that my 10 year old nephew can watch this show in rapt fascination as does my 60 year old father-in-law...

Lastly for all those who criticize the show, though I respect their opinion, I feel they are being too harsh & overlooking the obvious purpose of the show...this is not a test of endurance for Bear grylls and he is not trying to prove anything (check out his background, he has achieved more than most of us will in 10 lifetimes)...he is merely showing ways of survival in a very entertaining manner & let us not be so naive as to think that this could be achieved without a certain amount of manipulation...sit back & enjoy the ride, guys...

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Bear gets it done

Author: Catalist127 from United States
14 August 2007

The basic plot is Bear parachutes himself into a secluded wildlife area and is there until he gets himself out. The camera crew is along for the ride so he is not as secluded as he could be but he is out in the middle of no where with only his wits, a canteen and a flint to get him through.

Behind the scenes, a ton of research is completed on the area of challenge and Bear is the beneficiary. He can speak smartly about the area and gives wonderful bits of information that he works into his commentary.

All in all, a very good show, very enjoyable, some humor, good bits of information.

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Former SAS Soldier Shows You How To Survive In The Wild!

Author: arvie88 ( from Netherlands
16 October 2008

First of all, Bear Grylls is a fantastic charismatic person. Besides that he can rely on his experience in the British SAS.

Now, some of you might not realize how hard it is to even come into the SAS. There is a selection process that has no equal in the world. For Example, you have to go to a mountain and they drop you at the beginning and you will have to figure out where the finish is. It will be a mountain that has paths and you will have to walk instead of climbing...but still it is a very tough route. You got a rucksack full of heavy bricks to carry on your back. And you are supposed to reach the 'finish' in a short time frame. And this isn't even the hard part of the selection. There are even tougher things you gotta do. But i will not talk about it, because i want to say a few things about the show now.

The show has got me hooked since i saw the first episode. It isn't fake like some other reviewer dared to say. The only 'fake' thing is that he is accompanied by a camera crew so he is never in real danger. But i don't mind. This way the show is much more professional and how are you supposed to film yourself while you're trying to climb a mountain?

In every episode you will see Bear eat disgusting things. It's like Fear Factor in the wild. And the faces Bear makes while he eats the revolting things, it's great while you're sitting home watching the show with a back of crisps available to you. Bear is funny in his own original way, and it makes the show complete.

EnjoY the show!

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Turn off your brain and enjoy Bear's adventures

Author: virtualxi
3 May 2009

Like it or not this is reality TV hence this show should be taken for what it is: a man applying survival techniques in a moderately safe (but usually horrible) environment. I am not a fan of reality TV but I can't help but to sympathize with Bear in each episode -a truly charismatic and intelligent man-. He will show ultimate survival techniques for different parts of the world, some of them helpful some of them a little too weird but ALL of them fun to watch. The episodes are filled with excellent trivia about the different places and hilarious situations (from a viewer perspective there is nothing funnier than watching a dude eat bugs). I won't deny that this show is not for everyone but I find it hard to believe that any person remotely adventurous won't enjoy watching this fine piece of entertainment.

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Macgyver really does exist

Author: joliefille411 from United States
20 August 2007

I've only seen the show a few times, but it totally has me hooked. I just can't believe some of the thing's he'll do. My favorite part was Bear wandering about the Amazon when he decides he's hungry. So he makes a bow from branches and vines, whittles a few arrows and shoots a couple of piranhas for dinner! This man is the Macgyver of reality television.

Yeah, the survival advice may not come in handy the next time I take a drive to the supermarket- but it's seriously entertaining to watch what the man can do with only a flint, knife, canteen and a whole lot of research.

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Fear Factor in the bush

Author: dorotka24 from United States
30 July 2008

I watched and enjoyed Survivorman well before Man vs. Wild came along, and expected a similar type of show. The producers apparently anticipated the same reaction from their audience, and decided the show needed to be spiced up a bit.

So we have the host, Bear Grylls, performing all sorts of highly adventurous activities, like swimming upstream, climbing cliffs and trees, eating live animals/insects, and so forth. This makes for great entertainment, but much of what Bear engages in is impractical and even dangerous at best in a survival situation.

Now granted, it would also be impractical to assume that this show should be construed as a survival guide. Bear does, however, give a great deal of information and good advice mixed in with the thrills. I find him to be mostly level-headed and good natured, even when faced with very difficult situations. Despite his hardships, I don't believe I've ever heard him complain once. And that really is as important to survival as anything - having a positive attitude and making the best of one's situation.

His credibility does suffer a bit with the admission that he tends to sleep in hotel rooms or base camps as opposed to in the wild. That certainly keeps him fresh and ready to face new challenges, but perhaps most importantly to speak with authority and excitement in order to keep the audience interested.

It's difficult to sort through the good and bad advice, since the show is as concerned with entertainment as it is with developing survival skills. I suppose one must do whatever it takes to survive, but some things can make one even worse off. In one instance, Bear drinks his own urine without much second though, but in another case he is very careful about determining the source of potential drinking water. And a parasitic infection from frequent consumption of live animals might make hunger seem nothing but a dull ache in comparison.

In all, Man vs. Wild is a good show. It is more of a show about personal challenge for Bear than it is for survival education. "The Bear Grylls Challenge" might have been a better name. At any rate, despite the liberally sprinkled good advice, this show is primarily for entertainment purposes. If you want to learn about more practical, albeit less exciting, application of survival technique, then watch "Survivorman."

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What a great show!

Author: leader-16 from United States
17 September 2008

When i first saw the advertisement for this show i knew that i was going to love it, then 2 years later, I'm watching it every Wensday. Bear is a really good adviser, even though some of the stuff is presented to him, its amazing how he can handle himself out there. I like nature and things like that so its a real treat to see him in other countries and what not. I forget allot of the things that he says that will help, but if i was lost, i think i could manage to live for a while, ha probably not. What a good show. 10 out of 10, this show is a discovery channel original.

If you haven't seen this, SEE IT, it is amazing, good classic discovery TV.

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Good entertainment, but forget what you learn

Author: johnstrash1 from United States
27 August 2010

Out of all the survival shows being made today, this one is by far the least realistic. Many scenes are often staged (as mentioned in the disclaimer before each episode) and the the survival techniques are suspect. Additionally, some things are done purely for the shock value, such as the way he eats live insects, reptiles, fish, etc with his mouth open and so close to the camera. This is NOT a show to watch to learn survival skills. If you go out and do what you've seen here, you will most likely die a painful and embarrassing death. Your obituary will read like that of a teenage kid who died imitating something he saw on Jackass.

However, with that understood, there is something to be said for the entertainment value, provided that you almost watch it as if it were a fictional TV series. The scenery is amazing and Bear Grylls is fun to follow through the different locations. He's got a great personality and can even be amusing at times. And there may even be a good survival tip in there now and again, but you have to be able to distinguish it from the rest of the stuff and realize that it will almost never be as easy as he makes it out to be. Plus I gotta admit, the concept of always taking a knife, a canteen with a pot and a fire starter of some sort as a minimum of equipment for any trip in the wilds seems to be good advice.

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High entertainment value...

Author: grenier-alex from Canada
13 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As mush as i find this show entertaining... i feel kinda riped off when watching it. the show is based around one man Bear Grylls surviving various places in the world. As original as this sounds i find it was a blatant ripoff of Survivorman.

But as Survivorman has the host actually surviving and doing his own camera work, Bears is fallowed by his own camera crew and has admitted to staying in a hotel for a night and not staying outside...also during one episode, he is building a shelter then says that he is happy he is not staying in the shelter that he is building for the night. But watching the show alone one would never know... it creates a good fakes atmosphere of danger around the host.

As fake as the show is, we cannot take away the entertainment value it has, Bear is a excellent host. Armed with his charisma he makes getting lost interesting and fun. Also seeing his make stunts, one example from the show is him climbing a 50 meters cliff to get out of a gorges with no climbing gear, is thrilling.

Lastly as mush as the entertaining... it has main purpose is too teach survival techniques... and this is were is fails the most cause he either uses tools no one would have if they were stranded or fails by doing some stunt instead.

In conclusion this is a fine show if you think of it as a travel/show stunt.. but fails in comparison to other shows wish have mastered what this show tries to be.

Go watch Surviverman is you want real survival tips/ not faked survival or watch this is you want entertainment.

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Author: Absoluteless from United States
6 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This show is almost too good to be true. The Camera work is excellent, indeed it is at times almost too good. It seemed rather odd that he was able to film himself traversing a 100+ foot ridge on a rope from above, while simultaneously showing us angles from below and too the side without revealing the locations of the camera above him. I also found it curious when they filmed him falling into a crevasse from below. Either way, the show sells me on it's authenticity. I assume the camera guys have tents and supplies for themselves, but they also appear to let him get in and out of trouble on his own. This was proved to me when he jumped into freezing water at the base of glacier and almost drowned, slipping back into it a few times before finally being able to pull himself out. However they film it, it's brilliant, fantastic television, and I strongly recommend the show. Be prepared for some truly gruesome scenes though, as Bear will eat ANYTHING, and I d mean that. I nearly tossed my cookies a few times watching this show. Let's just say that any vegans or veggies out there should probably steer clear. But all in all, a truly fascinating program.

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