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9 Feb. 2009
Parachuting into the mountains of Turkey, Bear doesn't like the looks of his landing site so he decides to risk drowning in a lake instead. He builds another of his rafts that is more submarine than boat and a rope ladder that is too short for the job. Then it's time to look for food and water.
16 Feb. 2009
Bear is a bit shaken by an encounter with a brown bear in the Carpathian Mountains. So he constructs an alarm system to warn him should a bear wander into his camp while he sleeps. After that even an underwater swim through a cave tunnel doesn't phase him.
23 Feb. 2009
Bear's Ultimate Survival Guide: Part One
From falling into the ice of Siberia, to battling sharks to make it off a desert island in Indonesia and skinning and eating snakes in the mangroves of Panama, Bear offers you a guide to survival for the most dangerous of places.
19 Jan. 2009
Dropped on a mountain plateau, Bear descends to a glacier then squeezes through an ice cave to escape. Unable to handle frigid river rapids he comes upon an abandoned mine and attempts to use it as a short cut though the mountains.
26 Jan. 2009
Only Bear would pole vault down a rocky cliff and over river rapids. But he takes time later on for a dip in the ice cold water of the Snake River and a frozen lake.
2 Feb. 2009
Dominican Republic
Bear builds his most ambitions raft yet to ride across 5 miles of open ocean. Then he attempts some overly ambitious climbs and meets some not to friendly critters; a giant centipede and a tarantula.
2 Jun. 2009
Man vs. Wild: The Will Ferrell Special
Will Farrell suffers along with Bear in the bitter cold of the arctic and participates in Bear's crazy dangerous time saving methods and exotic cuisine.
12 Aug. 2009
Arctic Circle
Bear hunts and kills a reindeer in the Arctic. But before he can eat any of it, it turns into more of a liability than a salvation. And he can't seem to stay out of the ice cold water.
19 Aug. 2009
In Alabama Bear rides river rapids in yet another sinking raft. But it's the wild pig he snares that is almost more than he can handle. Then it off to the swamp where Bear get stuck in the mud before facing a forest fire.
2 Sep. 2009
Bear finds an oasis in the Chihuahuan Desert but not before a near death experience crossing a gorge on a single rope bridge secured only by a make-shift grappling hook. Then it's on to the Rio Grande River if he can make it down a rock face.
23 Sep. 2009
The Inside Story
Bear introduces his crew including his courageous cameraman who follows him everywhere. Bear also describes some of the unexpected challenges he encountered.
26 Aug. 2009
Bear traverses the rocky terrain of Vietnam including river rapids and waterfalls while following a river in Vietnam. Along the way he stares down a cobra, feeds some leaches and pursues his least favorite animal, bats.
9 Sep. 2009
Bear hikes in Alaska as summer approaches and the glacial ice is unstable. He nearly falls into swollen river rapids when his log bridge collapses. Eventually he reaches the coast and tries to paddle out into the shipping lanes on an improvised raft. Of course the raft starts to since so Bear tries to jump on an iceberg hoping to snag a fishing trawler as it goes by.

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