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2 May 2008
Bear hazards the treacherous rapids and terrain surrounding the Zambezi river not wanting to risk still water for fear of crocodiles. But the bush contains it's own dangers.
9 May 2008
Bear is dropped off the Skeleton Coast in Namibia. After a day and night on the beach he heads inland across 60 miles of desert in a search for water. Meeting up with a group of San Bushmen he hunts porcupine.
16 May 2008
Jungle Swamp
Bear traverses a swamp and jungle in the Sumatra rain forest. Naturally he chose the rainy season but he finally manages to find some good eating.
23 May 2008
Bear explores a tiny deserted island near Sumatra. Despite the idyllic appearance, Bear struggles to find food and especially water. Unable to find adequate water, he builds a raft to escape.
30 May 2008
Dropped in the wilderness, Bear searches for the Trans-Siberian Railroad in the bitter cold of Siberia.
6 Jun. 2008
Land of Ice
Bear is air lifted into the treacherous Sanyan mountains in Siberia. Bear meets the Tuvans; yak herder descended from Genghis Khan who have lived there for 20,000 years, and learns some survival techniques from these cold climate experts.
12 Jan. 2008
Despite his warnings about safety Bear takes some questionable risks in the Belize rain forest. He swings on a vine over a gorge, crosses a narrow log bridge above raging river rapids near a convergence of waterfalls and confronts a boa constrictor. But Bear finally builds a raft that doesn't sink.
6 Aug. 2008
Baja Desert
In Baja Bear tries his hand at snare hunting. But what will he do when he catches a skunk. The bees and rattlesnakes aren't too friendly either.
17 Sep. 2008
Bear's Essentials
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27 Aug. 2008
The Deep South
Bear bumps into alligators, snakes, catfish and a nutria or two in a Louisiana swamp. But that's OK because they're might good eating.
3 Sep. 2008
Dropped off the Irish coast, Bear endeavors to scale the rock cliffs. That accomplished, he has more trouble once he clears the cliffs. But the occasional sheep helps.
10 Sep. 2008
South Dakota
Bear tackles not one but three nasty environments; the Black Hills, the Bad Lands and the Great Plains.

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