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Peter and Darcy are spending more time together but must hide their relationship from friends and family. Once one of Darcy's friends spots Peter and Darcy together in the park, after blowing her off, she goes straight to Peter's mother. Peter and Darcy will now have to endure a forced separation because Peter's parents have decided to send him away to Boarding School. Marco is on edge after Dylan has left to join a Swiss Hockey team. To keep him preoccupied he starts playing on-line poker and starts winning. Spinner sees the tension in Marco and suggests that they go on a vacation. To earn the money Marco starts playing in a poker game with Jay and his garage buds. After his first win he feels confident but that doesn't last when his next game goes bust and he looses $1100. Since he is in the whole he steals money from his father and plays another game in Spinner and Jimmy's store. Because Marco doesn't know the code for the alarm he and the other guys arrested for trespassing and ...

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