"Degrassi: The Next Generation" Don't You Want Me? Part 2 (TV Episode 2007) Poster

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Alex is regretting what she has done especially after she gets a call from Paige at work and they get back together later. Alex is happy she has brought a lot of money into the house but doesn't want Paige to find out that she is stripping. All the plans are fine until Paige shows up at work with flowers causing an inevitable break up. At work Alex figures out that she is not meant to give up her soul and quits. Unfortunately home isn't any better when she finds out her mother has used the money she gave her to free the idiot boyfriend from jail. Alex left her home and reunited with Paige at the dance. Sean's world is turned upside down thinking about what to do if Emma is pregnant and decides that Emma should have the baby but he will still go to the army. This doesn't please Emma at all and we find out later she isn't pregnant. At this point Emma and Sean are just going to try and enjoy the time they have left.

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