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Reactivating the Fortress of Solitude
Claudio Carvalho24 April 2008
In Oakland, California, the friends Lamar Johnson and Yance see something falling down from the space on a railroad yard and Johnson gets close and is possessed by the dangerous phantom Baern. Along six weeks, he travels through the USA in a straight line of destruction to Kansas, feeding of radioactive energy and seeking Kal-El. Meanwhile Clark is visited by Raya, who tells him about Jor-El and his legacy on Earth.

In this great episode, the short and important participation of the gorgeous Raya helps Clark to reactivate the Fortress of Solitude and the importance of the training scheduled for him by Jor-El. This character deserved a longer participation in the show and gave me the sensation of sorry for losing her so early. Lana shows that she deserves Lex and they are made for each other with her unethical behavior. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Inimigo Feroz" ("Fierce Enemy")
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Introducing the Phantom Bow Wow, er, Baern
Rcwilkinson1238 October 2007
Clark must encounter the second Phantom Zone escapee, and find how to re-activate the Fortress of Solitude in order to continue his training, in Season 6's sixth episode.

A phantom crash-lands on railroad tracks in Oakland, and uses a boy's body (Bow Wow) as his vessel. From there, he travels in a straight line across the country searching to get revenge on Kal-El. In addition, Clark learns that his father's Phantom Zone construction assistant Raya is indeed alive after also escaping through the Zone gateway. Rays helps Clark learn more about his past and helps Clark in his duel with Baern.

This episode is intriguing because it features the rapper/actor Bow Wow as a villain, and features a great performance by Pascale Hutton as Raya. Too long her performance in the show was so short-lived.
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