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(I) (2013)

Plot Keywords

undercover dea
drugs prison
arrest cookout
jumping over a fence running from police
drug trade release from prison
shot through a window double cross
drive by shooting handcuffs
parking garage car accident
bag of money money
attempted murder motorcycle
car truck chase sniper rifle
sniper uzi
gun store organized crime
crime boss battle
gunfight mexico
u.s. mexico border junkyard
blood splatter blood
fish out of water tape recorder
missouri held at gunpoint
revolver ghetto
undercover agent trial
district attorney wrongful arrest
baseball bat party
lawyer shaky cam
slow motion scene violence
prisoner tracking device
cell phone frame up
diner apartment
warehouse factory
mansion businessman
neo noir stepfather stepdaughter relationship
mother daughter relationship family relationships
laptop witness protection
exploding car car crash
surveillance shot through a door
drug bust ak 47
machine gun murder
shot to death shot in the leg
shot in the arm shot in the chest
shot in the back shootout
ambush subtitled scene
suspicion wiretap
truck driver drug smuggling
cocaine cigarette smoking
drug lord gangster
deception manipulation
interracial marriage threat
informant shotgun
pistol lens flare
hit with a baseball bat punched in the face
beating birthday party
character repeating someone else's dialogue character says i love you
sting operation construction worker
ex convict dea agent
u.s. attorney ecstasy the drug
husband wife relationship ex husband ex wife relationship
mother son relationship car chase
foot chase drug dealer
drug cartel one word title
father son relationship inspired by true events
title spoken by character

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