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Slows down the chase as we head for a mid-season break
MikeonTV.com14 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The show is back this week with more of the same old same old. But it's exciting folks. Here's why. T-Bag for instance scores some points by keeping the money train on the tracks. Rather than returning to the general prison population with a few more felonies (including murder) he opts to again sever his hand from his body. That's the kind of action that keeps Prison Break in the top of its field. Too bad we can't have that desperation from our star, Michael.

Not matter what the gods have in store for him he still cannot act in a frantic manner without feeling guilt. The only way he can prove to himself that he does still have a pulse is to repent his sins. A little clichéd but nonetheless an effective way to separate his character from the likes of his ruthless escape-mates who are either dead or without limbs. I think we will see another Michael transformation when he realizes his special lady Sarah has been axed by Special Agent Kellerman.

But again the brain of the boy-Michael comes through as his selflessness for a would be reward abuser, garnishes the group of good ex-cons the correct co-ordinates to a trip to freedom. Well done. But I'm still confused about a few timelines. Is Agent Mahone, hours from his catch or is he only seconds? And when can we expect C-Note and the family join the crowd? Also I would love to hear more about Haywire and his trip to Holland.

Nothing was wrong with this episode. The money is back where we want it to be. In a place where it will be exploited in the most fantastic of ways, T-Bag's disturbing mind. Here's to a plane ride to Thailand before the opening credits next week, or at least before the show leaves for 5 months again.
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Crisis of Conscience
Claudio Carvalho20 October 2008
In Tribune, T-Bag cut off his hand to escape from the police. In Maljamar, New Mexico, Michael does not have enough money to buy a case of fishing reel oil and a GPS, and he robs the GPS. He has a crisis of conscience and confesses his sins to a priest in a church. In Trinidad, Colorado, Aldo tells Lincoln how the interests of the corporation are manipulating the government in a huge conspiracy. When the agent of Bill Kim tries to kill them, Lincoln fights with him and Jane saves Lincoln killing the infiltrated man. T-Bag locates Geary with a GPS in the bag of money in a fancy hotel and he kills him. Kellerman abducts and tortures Sarain a motel room trying to find what her father gave to her; later Bill orders him to kill her. Bill releases Mahone and threatens his son and with Shales case; he accidentally deciphers the code hidden in the name Bolshoi Booze. Michael attempts to lure the smuggler of immigrants Coyote and his gang delivering sugar and water instead of medical nitroglycerin. However, the test the product, finds the truth but Michael is saved by Sucre.

In this episode, Mahone glancing the upside-down picture and deciphering the code by chance is absolutely exaggerated. Geary deserves his fate, and I believe that for the first time I cheered for T-Bag. The performance of Paul Adelstein in the role of Kellerman is impressive and I am anxious to know the fate of Sara. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Bolshoi Booze"
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