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Brilliantly Narrated, Visually Stunning, Great performances!
sowljur3 February 2009
I've seen some really good Malayalam movies in the recent years but so far, this maybe the best. Kaiyoppu is incredibly captivating and rich in interesting and colorful characters.

Firstly, there's Mammootty himself and I will admit if any other actor had played Balachandran it might not be the movie it is, Mammootty is simply amazing, you forget who he is within the first five minutes. There are no punch dialogs like Prajapathi but you care about Balachandran a simpleton but an intellectual and as the narration progresses you want things to turn out OK for him as much as his friends do.

To sum it up the acting is strong, the narrative is compelling enough and its semi-documentary style direction by Renjith is consistent and provides clarity and pace with a brilliant background score.

I cannot say it enough: This is one of the best to come out of Malayalam in the recent years. Watch it, and you'll see.
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Fine example of Malayalam Cinema
arjunraju19 January 2007
As I write this review i am sitting here with the excitement of having viewed two great films in one day.One is Hotel Rwanda and the other Kaiyoppu.People, this is one fine piece of work and i highly recommend you see it soon. The film tells the story of a writer, rather a wannabe writer,Balachandran who has written a manuscript that becomes the talk among literary circles.The problem is that he is a few pages away from completing it when he is struck with writer's block.Enter Shivdas,A small time publisher who upon reading the manuscript,is so excited by it that he hounds him to complete it.As the story progresses we join Balachandran as he attempts to finish his work.Several characters enter the foray, in the form of an old flame,the lodge owner,a sick child and Balachandran's uncle.By the end you find yourself rooting for the characters and actually hoping that everything turns out well.

Mammooty excels once again and the other actors especially the guy playing Firoz Babu are commendable.The dialog is wonderful and quite a many were received with a hand by the audience.The script is beautifully written and some scenes have stunning visuals.The picturisation of the only song,jalte Hain Jiske liye, an old Hindi song, is beautifully done.

This film is gonna sit well with all types of audience and i am sure it will be well received by all.I cant wait to get familiar with director Renjith's other work.
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