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A horrifying thriller, smart and tightly told, and merciless.
The Hollywood Reporter
Highly watchable, anchored sturdily by Lane's convincing performance.
Lane skillfully sells the tech-heavy script. But after a much-too-early reveal of the murderer's identity, the ''low battery'' signal starts to flash on this film by thriller specialist Gregory Hoblit, director of last year's far superior "Fracture."
I like the idea of a cybercrimes agent cracking cases through superior knowledge of the Internet. Marsh could be a great heroine for a continuing series. But Untraceable essentially forces its audience to identify with those who would be willing accomplices to torture and murder. To understate the point, that's not an audience-friendly approach.
Even worse than its hypocrisy, gratuitous homophobia and cheap proselytizing, the movie is dull.
The film, which has the ingredients for a thoughtful, tense thriller throws away a compelling first half so it can descend into silliness and clichés.
A wan version of the same old tired serial killer story, despite its updated milieu -- cyberspace.
Philadelphia Inquirer
An abhorrent cyberthriller starring a compelling Diane Lane.
Talk about your pious frauds. I've got a better way to show your disgust for Internet scum: Don't see Untraceable.
As plain awful as Untraceable is, possibly the worst thing about it is that it pretends to mean something.
This joyless thriller runs the gamut from unconscionable through unwatchable to unendurable.

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