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Back to original Glory

Author: hottielife247 from United States
4 November 2006

Once a hit t.v. show, the OC really lost viewers throughout the duration of season 3. People didn't enjoy the story lines, the new characters, and of course the final outcome: the death of Marissa Cooper. I thought the Avengers was a truly fabulous episode. Every bit of it was excellent. It's good that it takes place 5 months after so there isn't much grieving. Except, from Ryan and Julie.

Although the first episode didn't seem very "oc-ish", Josh Schwartz (the creator) said the first four episodes are about Ryan moving on. After that, the OC will go back to the comedy and the dramatic story lines we all know and love.

Even though Marissa Cooper was a main character on the show, the show hasn't failed or died AT ALL. The two new series regulars, Taylor Townsend (Autumn Reeser) and Kaitlin Cooper (Willa Holland), have definitely brought a new dynamic to the show. Taylor is hilarious and Kaitlin is the new generation of the OC at age 15. The cast is still amazing without Marissa (Mischa Barton) and I think viewers should give season 4 a chance. Once you see the first episode, the Avengers, I promise you'll be satisfied.

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A darker look into The O.C.

Author: catalin_din_nord from Romania
1 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, I saw the first episode, and I wasn't too fond of it. First of all, I'm going to start with the promo for the 4th season. The main tag line was something like "The O.C. is hot". Hot? Is that what the screenwriters and promoters of the show could only come up with? I mean, Marrisa died, Ryan is a human mess, Summer is probably insane, Seth is... Seth, what do you do with these facts, if you're a screenwriter ? I'm going to tell you what they did! (without spoilers).

Well, it's a fact: the new OC is darker (not "hot", that's just silly), with Marissa's death and all. That's good, but the guys who thought of this have a weird vision of this "dark" stuff. The constant care the screenwriters have is to make the lives of the characters hell, and that basically means they don't know what they did right in the first two seasons, when their ratings were high. They took the ordinary facts out (going out, having fun, going to Tijuana on vacation and getting OD) that I loved so much and put in a complex tag line.

But the screenwriters weren't up to the job. The previous seasons were predictable, easier to make, but they were fun... a guilty pleasure for me. But now they really have to grow up, like the characters did and start to make the show somewhat original, less predictable.

Now, I'd like to see a torn Ryan, not one who gets beaten for kicks. A selfish little ***** called Caitlin who "steps on corpses" for the "Queen of Newport" title, not one who hangs out with 9th graders. A torn Summer, not a suddenly Eco-friendly-kind-of-hippie one. A sobbing Cohen family, not the same happy bunch. A darker, vengeful Julie Cooper. It's just plain silly seeing her redecorating after her daughter died.

And I gave it a five because I loved the previous seasons. I'm very disappointed and I hope they do something about it. If the ratings go further down, the show is going to get canceled.

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sure sucks without Mischa

Author: RavenGlamDVDCollector from South Africa
1 November 2016

Okay, so hindsight is always 20/20, but even if I here in 2016 didn't know the show was doomed, it would have been obvious to me. Season 4's premiere episode shows that the sparkle is gone, yes, just realized the unintended pun, the real Princess Sparkle was written out of the story, and the show suffers for it. Must say, Willa Holland is a more than adequate replacement, but you know what? We could have had both Mischa and Willa as it was in Season 3. As it is now, the ghost of Marissa Cooper not only haunts Summer's bedroom, but she casts a shadow over the rest of the show. All of a sudden they look watered down, Seth, who cares, Ryan, Fight Clubbing Ryan, hooh boy take that one with a whole punch of salt, Summer, well okay, still hope there, but as for Sandy and Kirsten, they're fading fast. And you can just smile when you look at JuJu and think of Amanda, her NIKITA incarnation. Obviously Dr. Roberts has an eye on the young Kaitlyn, who wouldn't, wow, that poolside bikini sequence, the chick is so hot she's ultra-cool. Me give the episode a low rating after that wondrous inclusion? No way. She is more than able to fill in the vacant spot left by the departure of Mischa Barton. The problem lies with the other lot. Had Willa Ford not been in the cast, value of this episode: next to nothing. But, of course, the cute kitten keeps the interest level going.

There's a reason though why there are less episodes in this season. And that reason is the title of this review.

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The Avengers (#4.1)

Author: ComedyFan2010 from Canada
27 September 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

5 months after what happened Ryan lives on his own, doesn't even talk to Cohen's and is part of some sort of fight club. Julie is all sad and spends all her energy on redecorating the house. She also finds where Volchek is and gives the information to Ryan instead of police. Summer is now very much into environment.

Sad episode. Ryan is annoying, it is amazing how he can be so selfish and do such a thing to people who are supposed to be his family. Oh and I hope he doesn't get to Volchek. I still like him more than Ryan.

Kaitlin as just pretty annoying in the episode. Can't really say I like her. Summer, I would be happy if she continued caring about environment and animals but I am sure they are handling it as just some silly thing only crazy people care about and Summer will get over it. And chickens actually do fly....just not long distance.

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this show is the best out there

Author: mikenelson_7 from Canada
14 October 2006

alright k so I've seen seasons 1 and 2 and they were amazing and then i saw season three and i was thought it was good but it had a bit to many flashback scenes and some of the plots were a little off... but it was still better than most of the stuff you see on TV now-a-days. but! I've seen previews, clips, and heard songs from season four and it looks amazing... and just like i predicted "the OC" is going to make a come back and be sweet again!!!! so everyone check this show out its amazing and season four will not be a let down at all, and there will definitely be a season five!!!! this season will contain comedy, drama, and of course romance.... just like it should!!!

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