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Yet another convoluted dtv thriller to waste your time.

Author: jocedeg from Canada
17 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

And your time WILL be wasted ! Badly written, without any subtlety or desire to be realistic, this story of a bipolar woman accused of murdering her husband has no basis in reality. Unless you believe bad soap operas are realistic...

After spending 8 years in jail, June is released and goes on to stay at her rich sister's house until she can find a job. With the help of another ex-con, she soon unravels (without a lot of difficulty) the mystery of her husband's murder, making any policeman or layer who worked on her case look like a fool.

Name a cliché, and you'll see it in this clinker.

Acting is terrible: Perry King was never a good actor but the one-dimensional rich guy he plays won't help his career. Thank God he's barely in the movie ! Susan Walters can be sexy, but she has no subtlety playing June's sister. At least Elisa Donovan (June) does an OK job as June, the bipolar ex-con fighting for truth and her estranged child.

Shot on Digital in Canada on a low budget, this movie will bring you nothing you haven't seen before. And when you saw it before, it was better.

Another one you should skip !

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Not that good, even for Lifetime

Author: vchimpanzee
21 July 2009

In Philadelphia, June's husband Tony cheats on her and abuses her (though there's no physical evidence of the latter). One day she has finally had enough and she hits him over the head with a statue. Twice. Then she takes off with their son Sammy; if not for him she could have just left.

The police question June, who doesn't know her husband is dead. June is badgered so much she finally gives in and pleads guilty, fearing she can't convince a jury she didn't do it. At least she only spends eight years in prison; had she been convicted the sentence likely would have been much longer. June's sister Claire and Claire's wealthy husband Jason take Sammy.

When June gets out she is still bipolar but her medication is finally helping. Sammy is in San Francisco, but June keeps in touch. Claire lets June stay in the mansion, and Jason gives her a part-time bookkeeping job at his company. It turns out Jason doesn't think any more of June than most people would; we know the truth, but Jason thinks of her as just an ex-con. And Claire and the landscaper Nick seem to know something about what happened to Tony. June is determined to get answers, so Claire tampers with June's medication, and unfortunate things happen to those who know Tony's situation. Still, June's prison friend Charlie and her cousin Victor help out, and June hires private detective Diane deSalvo.

The mystery is interesting enough, I suppose. Elisa Donovan does a capable enough job. She has beautiful hair, when it looks right. Amazingly, it looks best when she is in jail. Susan Walters has some good scenes (though not THAT good) where she is deliciously evil, but in other scenes she is flat.

I'm not saying it's a bad movie. It's as good as your typical TV-movie mystery, but there's nothing special to make it highly recommended.

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The Shallow and Imbecile Plot is so Absurd that Irritates

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
19 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The bipolar June Baldwin (Elisa Donovan) hits her abusive unfaithful husband Tony (Donovan Reiter) twice with a statue and leaves home with her beloved son Sammy (Steven McPhail); when the police officer arrives, he finds Tony dead with four strikes on his head. June claims innocence but accepts the deal to spend eight years in prison offered by the prosecutor; she leaves her son with her sister Claire (Susan Walters) that is married with the wealthy entrepreneur Jason (Perry King). Eight years later, June leaves the prison cured with the appropriate medication she is using and moves to Claire's manor with the intention of disclosing the truth about the murder of her husband. However the killer is following her steps and is plot to frame her again.

I do not believe that I did not see the soccer game live on TV to see "Framed for Murder" on DVD. The shallow and imbecile plot of this film is so absurd that irritates even considering that is it a TV movie. I will not list the absurd situations of the story to avoid spoilers, but just as examples: (1) it would be unthinkable a mother leaving prison after eight years and her son that is living with her sister traveling in LA in the same date; (b) why June decides to chase the killer eight years after her trial? Further, the association with the terrible acting – I am not going to mention names in respect to the actors and actresses - makes this unbearable flick one of the worst I have recently watched. It would better off watching the game or going to bed earlier. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Conspiração para a Morte" ("Conspiracy for the Death")

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This one sucks the big one.

Author: guil fisher from New York City, NY
3 April 2009

My God, what trash. Badly written and super badly acted. I was saying some of the lines before the so-called actors actually said them. To begin with, the plot was stupid and characters so dumb, not to figure out the truth. Even an idiot could figure this one out. In leading roles, June Baldwin had one expression - duh! She couldn't even talk right. Over acting throughout. Hard to believe how stupid she was in this. Somebody brush her hair. She looks like she went through a wind tunnel. Then there's her ugly sister, played by the inept, one look actress, Susan Walters. Not much in her talent either. No matter they play sisters, they are equally bad in this. Add another loser role for Perry King, who seems to be getting worse and worse each time I see him. The big question is why does he do these empty headed films? Of course he's not the best of actors, but still has his looks. He needs to get into comedies and drawing room stuff to match his wardrobe. I understand he's a nice guy off screen. Somebody give the guy a break and cast him in something suitable.

Kevin Jubinville, a so so actor plays the heavy with not too much expression. And one of my horrors, Sophie Gendron, with her lip enhancement, is fortunately in this for a short time. Three actors save this trite vacant movie; Lisa Langlois as a private eye, Claire Brosseau as the best friend and Jonathan Higgins as the new love interest. These three save the movie in this viewers mind. Without them it would be unbearable to watch.

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