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TV Favorite Wally Cox Plays His Stereotypical Nerdy-But-Likable Character
ccthemovieman-116 April 2008
Wally Cox guest-stars as an economics professor at the college, one whom winds up renting a room at Rick & Wally's fraternity and turning a fun place into one big, long-hours study hall. This is a little far-fetched to believe, even back 57 years ago. No kids would be this well-behaved, although they finally say "enough is enough" and do what they can do make life miserable for him so that he'll leave.

The big difference between this episode and today is what these kids would do. It was harmless back then but, today - they'd probably physically torture the teacher!

Cox, meanwhile, plays his normal role as a nerdy character. He made "Mr. Peepers," a similar type of guy, famous on television from 1952-55. For a man who only lived to be 49, Cox had a long career on television and was a big star and well-liked. In his last years, he was one of the most popular panelists on "Hollywood Squares." His death, of a heart attack and perhaps because of an accident overdose of sedatives, was a shock to millions of people.

It's interesting that in real life, he was anything but the kind of reserved guy he played so often on film. He loved riding motorcycles and hung out a lot with Marlon Brando, who wasn't exactly a nerdy guy, either!
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