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Great show!

Author: caitlinj714 from United States
19 March 2008

I watched the pilot last night, and I liked what I saw. Judy Greer is great as the high school guidance counselor who struggles with the bad memories from her own days at that very same high school.

I love seeing Brooke Burns as Lisa, who is the rival of Judy's character Becky. I don't know the name of the actor who plays Tim, but I think he is cute.

I'm really looking forward to new episodes of this comedy series. Good job Ashton Kutcher!

Right now, the show gets an A from me.


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A fun experience

Author: SoleilScorp from Florida
5 April 2008

I am currently studying to be a teacher. After a hard's day of learning the negatives of the profession, I tuned into "Miss Guided." I was extremely surprised at the wit and humour all around and how much I was lifted. The cast is amazing, I don't think they could've chosen a better Becky Freely than the very talented, Judy Greer. Chris Parnell is a genius in his own right. Kris Polaha is such good eye candy and his character is sweet as well. Sadly, too often the networks are hung up on ratings and cancel quality shows, I can only hope that this network sees what a gem "Miss Guided" truly is. Judy Greer's comedic timing is perfect. The colors are vibrant and exciting. I also LOVE all the 80s references. I also found out that not only the children of the 80s, like myself, but also children of the early 90s get some of the references. I think it's great that one cute show can bring people together like that! And, most importantly, what people need to realize is that this show knows itself. It's not a masterpiece, it never pretends to be, but it is brilliant. I hope there's lots more to come!

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Two of my favorite comedic actresses

Author: BasiliskSt from United States
18 March 2008

Judy Greer and Brooke Burns turn in great comedic performances in the new Ashton Kutcher produced comedy "Miss Guided." The return to high school theme isn't exactly new, but it is funny and well executed. This was an unexpected treat. The visuals offer the physical comedy that Judy Greer does so well. Maybe it's her dance background, but she knows how to move. The dialog is quick with both obvious puns and and sarcastic wit. "Miss Guided" just proves how much of high school stays with us. In the show the high school legacy stays with Judy Greer's character more than most. Regardless of which side of the high school divide you lived through, the show has enough reality to be funny and enough irony to appreciate the other side.

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Judy Greer and Chris Parnell are very good; this show really deserves a chance

Author: bribabylk from United States
5 April 2008

You can't really miss with a comedy about high-school, and this show doesn't disappoint. It somehow does a better job evoking a real high school experience than other shows like "90210" or "Gossip Girl", and that's probably by focusing more on the teachers; "My So-Called Life" was the only show with a high-school milieu as seen from the kids' angle that I think came close to getting it. "Miss Guided" is a light, funny, smart way to spend a half-hour, a definite notch or two above programs of its ilk, something ABC seems to be showing a talent for lately with other efforts like "Carpoolers", "Notes from the Underbelly", "Pushing Daisies", and even though I'm going to get crap for it, yes, "Cavemen". Judy Greer has a deft comic touch and carries the lead well, but Chris Parnell as the assistant principal steals every scene he's in. Sometimes the episodes seem almost to be written more to his strengths than anyone else's. He's to this show what Alec Baldwin is to "30 Rock".

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I enjoy this show

Author: Annie from United States
9 April 2008

This show is fresh, funny and fun to watch. It's refreshing to see something different and creative. So much of TV is the same stuff, but this is a twisted slant on ground well covered. Judy Greer is adorable and kooky. Brook Burns actually does a great job. The love triangle between Becky, Brook and Tim is cute without being mean spirited. That's a hard line to walk, especially in a comedy. They are already showing some different sides of Bruce "Terrytown" Terry, although his psycho-sadistic bent is funny - I swear I had a vice principal just like him in school. Overtime, the characters will develop and become less like caricatures, I'm sure. I'm going to stick with this one and see where it goes - I think it's growing on me.

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It was a fun show to watch.

Author: nateastle from United States
19 January 2009

My wife and I really liked this show. It was a show we could both sit down and enjoy. Parts of it make you remember of how your high school was like and how you did not want to go back. I am sad this show was canceled, I was hoping for a shift from according to Jim and other reality shows that ABC plays.

I am not sure the reasoning behind it, I guess it went the way of other fun shows like arrested development. The network execs didn't want to give it more of a chance to see what it could do. Most shows don't work the first year especially with a writers strike.

The cast was a great cast and did really well together. I thought if it could go a second season then they could really get the show rolling.

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Needs work

Author: S.R. Dipaling from Topeka, Kansas, USA
19 April 2008

I was tempted to use as a summary line "More 'Miss" than 'Hit'" or something to that effect,but I felt like that might be a little unfair and inaccurate. I've caught a few shows so far and I feel like it has definite potential. The show,centered around Becky Freeland(Judy Greer),a former student at a particular high school(the name of it escapes me at the moment) who returns to work there as a counselor,only to find herself practically reliving the same angst,agita and insecurity she once believed she conquered there from her past,is a near nod to shows like "PArker Lewis Can't Lose" and a short-lived Meredith Baxter-Birney ABC sitcom whose name I THINK was called "The FAculty" (no to be confused with the arch campy horror hit movie from 1998). Employing both a narrative reminiscent of "Arrested Development" and "PArker Lewis" and yet incorporating a sort of "spread-out" omnipotent treatment of conventional shows,this has enough sharp wit and speed to keep this one light and watchable,but it could use some tightening of characters and their relationships. THe supporting cast features some choices that are "choice"--Chris PArnell as a weak-kneed vice-principle--and some that seem more ornamental--the sexy but somewhat buffaloed Brooke Burns as Becky's once and future rival. THis show needs tweaking,but there's something to like here to be sure.

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The high-wattage charm and charisma of Judy Greer goes a long way to make Miss Guided watchable

Author: liquidcelluloid-1 from
29 December 2008

Network: ABC; Genre: Sitcom; Content Rating: TV-PG (some adult content); Perspective: contemporary (star range: 1 – 4);

Seasons Reviewed: Series (1 season)

The high-wattage charm and charisma of Judy Greer goes a long way in "Miss Guided". Until now Greer has been always the wacky friend, never the leading lady and while this show might not be the romantic comedy movie revenge the talented actress deserves, it is a long-awaited star-turn. Whether the show or the star came first , only creator Caroline Williams and highly publicized producer Ashton Kutcher knows.

Did I mention it was produced by Ashton Kutcher? ABC couldn't stop themselves from beating us over the head with this, and just to help out the new star, Kutcher (sorry, isn't he going by just "Ashton" now?) even guest stars as a laid-back guitar-wearing hippie teacher who all the students love. Now that that's out of the way… Judy Greer stars as Becky Freeley a high school guidance counselor with an unrelentingly cheery, sunny-side-up disposition in the face of disappointing students who don't respect her and all the while being haunted by past humiliations in that very high school. She can't get past that even as a faculty member the politics and feeling of high school remain the same. She's still jealous of the beautiful, popular girl – now an English teacher played by Brooke Burns – and pining for the attention of the shop and Spanish teacher Kristoffer Polaha. Rounding out the faculty, the principal (Earl Billings) just doesn't care, in contrast to the vice-principal (Chris Parnell) who runs his little corner with an iron fist and a silent, ever-present student officer yes-man by his side.

Chris Parnell is without a doubt the funniest thing in the entire show. Actually, his performance and this character is almost in a different universe than the rest of the show. A little bit over-the-top, a little bit cartoonish, dead-on satirical. By contrast, everything around it is so bland. Inoffensive but utterly forgettable. Anything that can be identified as "jokes" are as broad as possible, with a spotlight shown on them.

Still, "Miss Guided" is worth a casual glance for the few laughs Parnell can generate and for Greer – if only to show that this unflappably adorable supporting actress, lacking any pretension of ego, can carry a show. It's such a refreshing change of pace from a few years ago when TV was uncomfortable making a woman the butt of the joke ("Less than Perfect"), but now thanks to Tina Fey and Kaitlin Olson characters like Becky Freeley can be humiliated with the best of the guys. Unfortunately, broad humiliation comedy alone isn't enough to carry a series, and that is most of what "Miss Guided" trades in.

* ½ / 4

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review of first episode

Author: pancake_repairman from australia
20 March 2008

watching this i was more often bored than engaged. for a younger audience who hasn't seen all the romantic comedies and teen movies and TV shows of the last ten years this will probably be entertaining, but it's mostly an endless string of clichés. it doesn't have generic setup-punchline sitcom gags at least but the comedy is relatively sporadic and the drama is too shallow and unoriginal to hold my interest. the dorky Becky character is sympathetic but her situation is too one-dimensional and has been done a hundred times before. it's fine for a show to use templates as a foundation but it needs to put some originality on top of them and that's what this show mostly doesn't bother with.

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Author: pensman from United States
28 March 2008

Over the years there have been any number of TV shows about teachers. Either they go for drama or comedy. Some are clever and some are a miss. Miss Guided is as big a miss as you can get. The show features a collection of misfits who should never ever get close to a school. The humor is both cruel and unfunny. Whoever wrote this stuff must be trying to get back at a sarcastic teacher who humiliated him/her while they were a student. If this if his/her response it is a misfire, a mistake, and a misstep. Please, someone cancel this show now and let it fade into oblivion like Jezebel James. If you like humor try Two and a Half Man which takes some humorous pot shots at schools and teachers and everything else.

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