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A Great Reality Show
ws133369473 April 2007
Bullrun is a reality television show where 12 teams compete in a 4,100 mile road race. The series is hosted by Bill Goldberg, who is a former pro wrestler. The races on Bullrun are competed by 12 different teams in different cars with 2 people per team. Before the races begin, the teams have 2 options on how to get to the finish point. The options are Highway or My Way . The My Way is a route the teams make-up on their own. Most often, the My Way routes are shorter than the Highway routes, but harder to use. Highway is the route the producers of the show have chosen for the race. It is usually easier than the My Way route, but usually takes longer to complete. The only rule is that once you choose the way your team wants to go, you have to stick to it. (Meaning if you choose the My Way route you cant use The Highway route and vice versa.) Each episode also features a challenge designed to test driver skills. At the end of each episode, the team with the slowest overall time is told to hit the road and don't come back.
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A reality show I actually liked.
rocknroll198531 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Spike is known for being a channel for men, however they can't come up with good original shows, save pros vs. joes, and bullrun.

I liked bullrun because it wasn't a popularity contest, it was a contest of skill and an endurance match against each other, including the 2 man teams. What also was a major draw to the show was the cars: The Lotus espirit, the trans am, and the charger. Who wouldn't love watching sleek racers and muscle cars go at it on the road and on the track? And an added bonus was to see how the drivers would react to their car's deteriorating condition as the show wore on. After awhile you could tell who knew how to fix their own particular car, who kept up their car before the show, and who was just sitting on a lot of money to own their car. The outright backstabbing, selfishness, and low blows each gave gave and took made this a real show. They weren't competing for the love of the American audience, they were fighting for first place, pride in their car, and just plain "Me and my car are better than you." Of course, Goldberg topped off the show, because no one wanted to cross him and complaining to him was useless because he could snap you in two with his pecks and tell "get over it, I'm a wrestler." I hope this show comes out on DVD AND spike does another season.
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