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19 Jun. 2007
The Human Torpedo
Lockie Leonard and his family arrive in their new town, Angelus. Lockie meets and get to know the locals, including Egg, a weird kid from the bogan tribe, and Vicki Streeton, the first girl he's ever met who causes him to forget how to speak. If it weren't for the great waves in Angelus, life would be looking pretty scary.
20 Jun. 2007
Stormy Mondays
Lockie's first day of high school runs exactly to plan... not! After quickly making an enemy, Lockie is an immediate target for all kinds of treatment at school.
21 Jun. 2007
Lockie Chickens Out
Mum decides it's time Lockie learns about his changing body. Meanwhile, Lockie continues to be a target and nearly loses the only friend he has.
26 Jun. 2007
To Cheat or Not to Cheat
When Lockie mouths off in maths class, Mum is called into the office. As usual, Mum blames herself and Lockie wonders if it would be easier for Mum if he was born a girl. Lockie and Egg stare temptation in the face when they find the answers to Old Squasher's mathematics test. Meanwhile, Sarge embarks on a war on sarcasm... that should be successful.
27 Jun. 2007
Lockie questions why his dad Sarge insists on being so "different". It's hard enough fitting into a new town without Sarge drawing attention to the family -- like insisting the thing they need is a pet sheep named Cyril.
28 Jun. 2007
A Water Feature
Lockie's hormones cruise into town and create chaos, causing him to make a fool of himself in front of Vicki Streeton. All up, puberty is looking to be a bumpy ride for Lockie. Philip gains a new perspective on his problem when his grandparents visit.
3 Jul. 2007
Match of the Day
After five weeks in Angelus, Lockie is still an outsider -- how could this happen? Desperate to be one of the gang, Lockie takes up football.
4 Jul. 2007
The Details
Lockie Leonard is officially a teenager. But, hold on -- do things feel any different? Everything does! Vicki Streeton kisses Lockie, promising to sort out "The Details" later.
5 Jul. 2007
Weird Genes
After his disaster with Vicki, Lockie hibernates in his room for days. His family has had enough -- poor Phillip has even broken into a rash.
10 Jul. 2007
Suffering from Easter holidays boredom, Lockie decides it's time to teach Egg how to swim. But the boys get more then they bargained for when they discover the river is polluted.
11 Jul. 2007
X Marks the Dot
Thanks to Phillip, breaking news about Lockie and Dot is spreading across Angelus like wildfire. Lockie is mortified.
12 Jul. 2007
Dog Days
Lockie and Egg prepare for their public meeting to help save the river. At first, Lockie's committed to the cause... until Dot asks him to surf, that is.
17 Jul. 2007
It's Not You, It's Me
Lockie has some problems. First, he's decided to break up with Dot. It's just figuring out how that's tricky. Fortunately, Captain Chicken is on hand to help with his and Egg's efforts to stop the river polution. Meanwhile, Mum is acting weird, staring for hours at the TV.
18 Jul. 2007
Pure Poetry
Just when life is finally uncomplicated, Lockie falls for Vicki Streeton all over again... and it's driving him to distraction. Mum and Sarge try to instill in Lockie the value of poetry. Lockie starts the Angelus High Board Riders Association but is challenged for top spot by Boof.
19 Jul. 2007
The Ladder of Love
Lockie and Vicki are back on. And unlike before, Lockie takes the public attention in his stride.
24 Jul. 2007
When dancing-challenged Lockie realises he's expected to bust some moves at the upcoming blue light disco, he takes his insecurities out on Phillip. Phillip is kept busy on a top secret assignment, "Project Lisa".
25 Jul. 2007
Swamp Rat
Lockie is invited to go water-skiing with Vicki and her parents, and assures Vicki he's a good skier. In reality he has never skied before. Rev Egg's job is on the line when he is evaluated by assessors from the church. After having his heart broke, Phillip preoccupies himself in trying to create better tasting green jelly babies.
26 Jul. 2007
Face the Fear
After a misunderstanding with Vicki, Lockie is thrust into a looming altercation with an older bogan. Lockie's mum must also face her fears when she is asked my Mrs Egg to pose for a sculpture -- in the nude.
31 Jul. 2007
Lockie Takes the Cake
Lockie is stressed out. Out of the 365 days in the year, why did Vicky and Phillip have to be born on the same one? Desperate for money to buy two presents, Lockie and Egg try their hand at busking. Mum gets a new bread machine. Bead Boy helps make Vicky's birthday party truly unforgettable.
1 Aug. 2007
The Clock's Tickin'
Lockie and a bunch of kids from school are off to John East's Camp Find Yourself. The clock's ticking for Egg as he faces a difficult decision about his future. Lockie's relationship with Vicky is put to the test.
2 Aug. 2007
Zig Zag Hill
When Mum has one of her "polka dot days", Lockie is forced to be mature and responsible by doing the housework. The mounting pressure releases in his attempt to conquer Angelus's unskatable zig zag hill. Meanwhile, Freda is on her last legs (again) and Egg is stressed about rumours that Dot likes him
7 Aug. 2007
Angels and Monsters
Between mum being in hospital and his continued bed-wetting, Phillip needs cheering up, so Lockie enters them in the Annual Angelus Fishing Competition.
8 Aug. 2007
Boredom Busters
Lockie and the family become the focus of small-town charity, much to Lockie's chagrin. Lockie enters the cross-country and places a disappointing first. Cyril goes missing.
9 Aug. 2007
Barry Goes Pop
Nan's cooking causes some hot air to rise in the Leonard house. Lockie and Phillip have concerns about nan and pop's ability to look after Sarge's beloved children. Vicki sabotages her father's re-election campaign. Egg awaits his mother's return and Phillips makes a shocking discovery about nan. Pop.
14 Aug. 2007
The Domino Effect
Lockie ponders the notion of the domino effect: how one small event can trigger a series of other smaller events, leading to big, potentially life-changing results. Phillip turns to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui to get what he really wants. Egg is faced with his parents changing relationship and Vicki hopes to get her father to let Colin come back home.
15 Aug. 2007
Joy... To the World
It's the last day of school and Vicki drops a bombshell: she won't be coming back to Angelus High next year. In fact, she's leaving Angelus altogether to go to boarding school. The Leonard family awaits Mum's return from hospital in time for Christmas, Phillip's nightmare nears an end, and volunteers lineup to help Rev Egg put on his Christmas Rock Opera.

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