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interesting thriller about a schizophrenic girl witnessing a... murder?
cristin-87 December 2007
It is a pity that the first comment shown about this movie distorts one of the most interesting things about it: the "nice girl" in this story has not a "past" "childhood physic problem", she has schizophrenia, and like thousands of schizophrenic people, she has to live both with her condition and the stigma of being cataloged as "nuts" by everybody if she decides to tell about it. So as every schizophrenic do, she tells no one, she just takes her medication and leads a mostly normal life, a bit afraid of her voices to appear any day again and very afraid of being rejected by others because of such possibility.

From that point, the movie turns into a very interesting movie, if a bit expectable in the outcome, really good in every other aspect. Katheryn Winnick has everything it takes to be a star, she is remarkably beautiful, but she can make you forget about that, and she can make you forget that she is anyone but Nina, tortured by the noises in her head, unable to trust what she sees or believes is true anymore.

A movie worth to see, for many reasons
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Satisfying psychological thriller
cpking79 February 2007
Definitely worth watching.

The leads were very appealing, with clever twists and charming dialogue.

There's a few cheats plotwise, but nothing too glaring.

At first, I thought Kathryn Winnock's accent was Hispanic, but reading her bio, I see it's Canadian and Ukraine. She's very likable, with terrific energy. I wouldn't be surprised to see her or the guy who played Jimmy move on to bigger things.

The supporting actors all did a good job. You can see the effects of a smaller budget in the relative lack of camera moves, but that doesn't really hurt the level of suspense. Very good for TV.
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sol27 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
**SPOILERS** With the help of both her father John Patterson, Chuck Shamata, and close family friend Dr. Strand, Karl Pruner, Nina, Katheryn Winnick, has gotten over her acute schizophrenia and is now a medical technician at Park General Hospital.

One evening millionaire industrialist Michael Cooper, Guy Sprung,is admitted to have a brain scan that Nina is to administrate. The MRI gives Cooper a complete and clean bill of health with nothing, or no tumors, showing up on the two dozen or so X-rays of his brain. Within a week Nina sees in the local newspaper that Mr. Cooper suddenly died of a massive brain tumor! Something just isn't kosher and a determined Nina Patterson is determined to find out what it is!

As Nina tries to come to grips with Cooper's death she starts to lose her grip on reality with her schizophrenia which, with the proper medication, she had under control for years coming back with a vengeance! It's a chance meeting that Nina had at a local coffee shop with this Sunny Bono look-alike computer whiz Jimmy Holland, Nicolas Wright, that turned things around for her for the better. Nina's meeting Jimmy not only started what was to become a beautiful friendship but in fact lead to Nina, as well as Jimmy, solving Mr. Cooper's mysterious death! It also lead to Nina finding out what's the reason behind her reoccurring bouts with schizophrenia.

**SPOILER ALERT** In turns out that Michael Cooper's death was, as Nina always suspected, an act of murder but the reasons for it are so bizarre that even Nina has trouble believing them! Someone high in the neurology department at Park General has set the whole thing, Cooper's murder, up with Nina unwitting being the person to get the blame. Knowing that Nina is a recovering schizophrenic she was the perfect pasty to examine Mr. Cooper knowing that if she disputes the findings of Cooper's MRI, which was doctored by his killer, she'll be dismissed as unreliable due to her reoccurring boats with schizophrenia!

It's when Nina starts to hear and see things, like dogs barking, out of the ordinary that she realizes that her mind is starting to snap and goes into a catatonic state which is exactly what the person behind Coopers murder wants. Cleverly setting Nina up for a long stay at the mental institution things look good for Mr.Cooper's murderer and his partner in crime with the only witness that can put him, and his accomplice, behind bars totally discredited.

It's when Jimmy starts to get to work on his patented Zinger lab-top that everything starts to jell together in not only who's behind Cooper's murder but why he was murdered in the first place! Cooper had money, some 200 million dollars worth, and his killer who's deep in gambling debt to the mob needed it bad. The only way he could get his hand on it, before the mob got their hands on him, was to get close to someone very close to Michael Cooper! ***MAJOR SPOILER*** Someone who'll end up with his millions in the event of his death!

As or the unsuspecting Nina after she outlived her usefulness her conscience and schizophrenia, leading her to be institutionalized or commit suicide, will be enough to shut her up for good. What Michael Cooper's murderers didn't put into their equation was Jimmy Holland who, with the help of his Zinger lab-top, saw through their entire plan and that's what in the end did Cooper's killers both in.
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some good TV thriller potential
SnoopyStyle23 June 2015
Nina Patterson (Katheryn Winnick) hears voices that almost drove her to jump off a building. Four years later, she's a lot better and trying to attend medical school. She works late nights in the hospital MRI unit. Michael Cooper comes in for an MRI. Then her mentor Dr. Bill Strand tells her that Cooper died despite that the scan looked clean to her. She is romantically pursued by the eager programmer Jimmy Holland.

I like the idea of a woman recovering from mental illness running across a murder mystery. I also like Katheryn Winnick and she fits this role well. The problem is that the movie never exceeds the TV production values. It's not as tense as I hope and the final reveal is too convoluted. It needs to clean up the last 10 minutes. This has the potential to be a better than most TV thrillers.
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A gem! I want to see this again, with friends, so we can talk about it!
bryan-zone20 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A pleasant surprise, with just enough suspense to grab you, and believable, fun 'chemistry' between the lead actors. I honestly didn't think Nina would go for Jimmy - he was 'off' in his presentation, but charming just the same. And uncharacteristically loyal.

I thought Jimmy was a 'paid accomplice' at first, destined to tie Nina up in a 'problematic' relationship and provide extra stress in her life. Working for the doctor, or the heiress, and confusing Nina even more. But Jimmy turned out to be a loyal partner as well as lover.

This movie was suspenseful without being gory, romantic without being sexual, technical without being complicated, but it still found a great reception from me.

It could have been longer, and explored more of the romance between Jimmy and Nina, and what became of their lives later on. Did Jimmy find more success? How did their relationship thrive in the future? A sequel? Was this movie just a pilot plot for a 'crime-solving' team?
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