Nine (2009) Poster


Plot Keywords

mistress film director
italian child abuse
female stockinged legs vogue magazine
birthday waitress
band catwalk
fountain based on stage musical based on film
based on stage musical manhandling
abandoned bunker candle
love triangle cheating wife
cheating husband motorscooter
casting media frenzy
fur coat screening room
stripper self indulgence
vespa rain
topless female nudity bare breasts
female nudity implied nudity
nudity promiscuity
group of friends pesaro italy
via veneto rome room key
hiding behind a plant driving a car
film class teacher
being followed following someone
teacher student relationship reference to federico fellini
pseudonym train
train station pretending
director's block lipstick imprint
signing a photograph in lipstuck autograph
glamour coastline
sidewalk cafe underwater scene
search for meaning sand
feather boa pianist
piano lingerie
teddy corset
tears crying
loss of mother dead mother
search bare chested male
feathers tambourine
beating exhaustion
nurse rope
swinging on a rope pills
champagne undressing
bar male putting on lipstick
lipstick doctor
sound stage singing photograph
photograph jealousy
circular staircase screenwriter
writing writer
catacomb haunted by the past
catholicism memory
sunglasses eyeliner
eyeglasses leg spreading
sequins confetti
microphone flash camera
camera makeup
spotlight drink
drinking towel
spa beach
underwear chase
pursuit voice over inner thoughts
voice over narration interview
scaffold running
stairway hotel
unfaithfulness nightclub
boy writer's block
liar lie
mirror sex game
vatican phone booth
telephone call italian filmmaking
cigarette lighter cigarette case
year 1926 year 1965
cigarette smoking sliding down a pole
nonlinear timeline crucifix
cross catholic
passion lust
kiss love
sex little boy
striptease sports car
costume designer film camera
suicide attempt fantasy sequence
seduction panties
bra cinema
fashion corporal punishment
chorus line sexuality
prostitute 1920s
flashback imagination
showgirl cardinal the priest
movie star film script
talent agent priest
sexual fantasy medical examination
paparazzi infidelity
physician photographer
luxury hotel reporter
anzio press conference
film studio 1960s
film within a film extramarital affair
legs stockings
pantyhose cinecittà
husband wife relationship screen test
movie set film producer
mother son relationship italy
filmmaking costume
adultery actress
actor based on film
womanizer song
singing singer
rome italy dancing
dancer one word title
number in title

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