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3 Dec. 2009
Evil... and His Brother Ziggy
When a Deputy Sheriff is found murdered on sovereign tribal lands, the LAPD is called in to investigate as a neutral third party between the tribal police and the county Sheriff. The Deputy in question, John Hawes, was well-known but maybe not so well-liked. Tribal police say nearly everyone wanted him dead. Reese and Crews are certain that a new casino and the riches that flow from it are central to the murder. Meanwhile, Charlie continues to meet Mickey Rayborn but doesn't make much headway on the conspirators who framed him. Rachel Seybolt is starting to demand ...
10 Dec. 2009
Canyon Flowers
Crews and Reese investigate the murder of Frank Dunlop who was found buried upright up to his neck. He was a driver who delivered meals to shut-ins and they start to check those addresses. When they get to the Paxton residence, they find two people, who turn out to be siblings, but also the children of the infamous Johnny Haslett who was a known multiple murderer. Charlie again meets Micky Rayburn who tells him FBI Agent Bodner is tied to Roman Nabikov. Meanwhile, Ted Early is arrested when police find a gun and bag of cocaine in the back seat of his car.
4 Feb. 2009
Some weeks have passed since Charlie was shot at the front door of his house. He's recovered from his wounds but his memory - and the identity of the person who shot him - is a blank. He and Reese are assigned to investigate the shooting death of a former NASA astronaut who was forced to land his airplane on a residential street. They learn that the man was about to sell his company and use the proceeds to pay for one last trip into space. The man's son had a very low level position in the company and his partner, also a former astronaut, would be out of a job if the ...
11 Feb. 2009
Mirror Ball
Reese and Crews investigate the murder of the lead singer of a rock cover band. The man was obviously suffocated with a piece of clear plastic leaving a strange death mask at the scene. The band had developed quite a following and regularly packed the venue where they played. They soon learn that the dead man had only been with the group for a year and that the other three musicians had fired his predecessor. In a strange world of groupies, imitators and wannabes, the detectives sift through the evidence. Photographs taken at various concerts provide the necessary ...
18 Feb. 2009
I Heart Mom
Crews and Reese investigate the murder of a man found sitting in the attic of a roofless house. What they learn is that the man was a con artist who would scam individuals into major home repairs, such as replacing a new roof, and then walk away with their money. As they start to sift through the various people he has scammed, they find that one, a kindly old lady who was bilked out of all of her savings, is the only one who had actually withdrawn her complaint against him. While they don't suspect her of murder, they do take an interest in her son who, it turns out, ...
25 Feb. 2009
Hit Me Baby
With Dani Reese away working on a joint LAPD-FBI team, Charlie Crews recruits his friend Officer Bobby Stark to investigate the murder of Jerome Rafts. The dead man was by all accounts a derivatives trader but according to Ted Early, that market imploded some time ago so the man, who lived a lavish lifestyle, must have had another source of income. He also spent most of his time with paid escorts leading the police to focus on his most recent favorite, a girl named Alexa who, like Rafts, had an interest in pigeons. Turns out that Rafts and Alexa also shared the same ...
11 Mar. 2009
Shelf Life
With Dani still away on the joint LAPD-FBI task force, Charlie and his close friend Officer Bobby Stark investigate the stabbing death of a man jogging on a pier. Surveillance video doesn't reveal much but a motel key in the victim's pocket leads them to his three friends. All four of them are soldiers on leave and recently served in Iraq. Charlie is puzzled by the fact that they aren't wearing their dog tags and soon realizes that are moonlighting as security officers. Turns out they may have a very special interest in the man to whom they are providing security. ...
18 Mar. 2009
3 Women
Charlie tries to figure out the photo that shows Reese meeting Raybourne a few days before his apparent death. He then gets assigned a new partner, Jane Seever, who is nothing like Reese. They catch an ex-con fleeing a murder scene. The victim was a young woman with whom the man, John, had been writing letters when he was in prison. The man claims the girl was dead when he got there. They started dating when he got out. John confesses that he had been writing to another woman as well, but stopped doing it when he got out. The woman had become upset. At FBI, Reese is ...
25 Mar. 2009
5 Quarts
A coroner is found dead on the morgue floor - exsanguinated. The big problem is that if an employee is guilty, all cases may be thrown in doubt. FBI orders Reese to investigate Crews. A psychic predicts that someone close to him dies soon.
1 Apr. 2009
Initiative 38
An LA councilwoman is found shot in their family's outdoor jacuzzi. She was working to get Initiative 38, a comprehensive ban on handguns, passed. Was the murder committed by gun-nuts or is there more to the case than seems at first?
8 Apr. 2009
Roman Nevikov kidnaps Dani Reese and contacts Charlie with his ransom demand: he want Charlie to bring him Mickey Rayborn. With the LAPD brass looking for Charlie as well, he's not spending much time at the office. He wonders if Rayborn is alive but Ted Earley can't find any financial activity by Rayborn. Where and how, Charlie asks himself, could someone live without money? The answer to that question gives him the solution to Rayborn's disappearance. Charlie also learns, finally, why his friend and business partner Jason Seybolt was targeted by the crooked cops and ...

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