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29 Sep. 2008
Find Your Happy Place
Detectives Reese and Crews investigate what is obviously a serial killer. On the first day, they find three steamer trunks - appropriately numbered 1, 2 and 3 - with each containing the body of a recently deceased individual. The autopsies confirm that all three were alive when they went into the trunks and subsequently suffocated in their enclosed environment. They know they have a bigger problem on their hands when a store owner tells them he recently sold 10 identical trunks to one person. The squad gets a new Lieutenant, a transplanted New Yorker. Charlie Crews ...
3 Oct. 2008
Everything... All the Time
Charlie and Dani investigate the murder of Max Horta who is found tied to a chair at the deep end of a drained out swimming pool. The autopsy reveals that the man was beaten to death and the scene has all the signs of a gang killing. They trace his murder to a phone call he received immediately prior to his death and find the culprits are a group of high school friends led by Patrick Bridger who seems to be ready to go to any lengths to be leader of the pack. Jack Reese starts to harass and threaten Ted Early but Charlie puts a stop to it. Charlie has an interesting ...
6 Oct. 2008
The Business of Miracles
Crews and Reese investigate the apparent murder of Dr. Auerbach, a cancer researcher who is found frozen solid in his laboratory. The immediate focus of their investigation is Betsy, the head of an animal rights group who sent threatening letters to the man. Their suspicion grows when they learn she may have had another reason for wanting the man dead. In the ongoing investigation into his own false conviction, Charlie has Rachel Seybolt safely tucked away in a hospital but she refuses to speak. Dani also accuses her father of sending an innocent man to prison. ...
10 Oct. 2008
Not for Nothing
Crews and Reese investigate the murder of a university student who was killed during a social science experiment. In the sociology study, 20 students are divided into two groups, prison guards and prisoners and they are to play their roles for 5 days. In the closed environment of the simulated prison, it is evident that the killer is one of the students. What they learn however is that the professor in charge of the study hasn't quite followed the protocol for this type of experiment. Charlie also learns that the professor has been looking into his own background as ...
17 Oct. 2008
A man is found dead inside a crushed car at a junk yard, while Crews continues to investigate Jack Reese.
24 Oct. 2008
Did You Feel That?
Following a major earthquake in Los Angeles, the detectives find themselves looking for an escaped prisoner they put away last year. Their main concern is that the escapee, Arthur Tins, is more likely to be a victim because the man whose child he killed was released on parole three months ago. Tins has learned a lot in prison however and takes care of the situation himself. At home, meanwhile, Ted Earley has an accident and calls on someone to help him.
5 Nov. 2008
Charlie and Dani investigate the murder of Hannah Ronson who was found sitting at her dining room table stabbed to death. She had only been in Los Angeles for a few months and was obviously quite well off. They trace her to the LWA, the Lottery Winners Anonymous, a support group for people who have trouble coping with their large lottery wins. Several of the members had a relationship with Hannah and all live an odd lifestyle given their wealth. Turns out Hannah had a secret of her own. In his own case, Rachel Seybolt moves in with Charlie and Ted Earley; Dani's ...
12 Nov. 2008
Black Friday
On the busiest shopping day in the USA - the Friday after Thanksgiving - Charlie and Dani investigate the death of man in America's largest shopping mall. Before they can remove the body however, it disappears. While searching the mall, they find two teenage siblings who, it turns out, have been living there for over a year. Their discovery ties directly to the murder and a lucrative scam some of the mall employees have going on. Meanwhile, Capt. Tidwell finally manages to get Dani to go out on a date with him, but things don't quite go as planned.
19 Nov. 2008
Badge Bunny
Crews and Reese investigate the murder of Kendall Shay, a police groupie also referred to as a badge bunny. The woman was found in a sleazy part of town near the body of a known drug dealer. The woman liked dating cops and had recently had a argument with her boyfriend, himself divorced from another one-time badge bunny. Meanwhile, Ted Earley gets a surprise visitor while teaching his class and Crews catches up with one of the cops who may have framed him.
17 Dec. 2008
Crews and Reese investigate the execution style killing of three men, two of whom are suspected of being Russian mobsters. The third victim doesn't fit the pattern however and the police start to look at missing persons reports. They identify him as Paul, a Russian engineer and conclude the three victims were building something. Gangster Roman Nevikov claims not to know them but they are convinced the three worked for Nevikov. Dani decides to write the Lieutenants exam but also starts drinking again. Meanwhile, Charlie shoots an intruder in his house who turns out to ...

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